XpressGrass Review + Coupon Codes

If you’re looking for an online dispensary that values fair pricing and great value, XpressGrass is one to consider. XpressGrass has a 3-part philosophy: reliable shipping, 100% quality guaranteed, and discounts for loyal customers. We can all agree that these 3 factors are important when ordering weed online. 

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If you’re interested in learning more about what XpressGrass has to offer, click on the link above to check out the site. Or just keep reading to get all the need-to-know details regarding coupon codes and promos, products offered, shipping and delivery, and more. 

XpressGrass Online Dispensary Information

Like many online dispensaries these days, XpressGrass is based in Vancouver. All of their products are sourced from British Columbia, which is known for having the best cannabis production in all of Canada. 

Navigating the website is not only easy but also enjoyable. With a wide variety to choose from, XpressGrass makes it simple to find the perfect cannabis product for you. Their shipping and payment policies are straightforward, and there’s even a blog section on the website to help you learn more about the products they carry and the industry as a whole. 

Xpressgrass review & coupon codes

Does XpressGrass have a good reputation?

In terms of online reputation, XpressGrass gets a decent amount of positive feedback from its customers. Not a lot, but enough to deem this dispensary as a trustworthy source. Right now, there are a few mentions of XpressGrass on Reddit. 

Take this Reddit thread as an example: 

This conversation is all about getting ripped off by online dispensaries. According to goddamnmike, ordering from XpressGrass won’t leave you feeling ripped off or unsatisfied; you just have to be OK with waiting a few days for your order to arrive.

Here’s another review on TrustPilot singing the dispensary’s praises: 

Keep in mind this is the only TrustPilot review, but at least it’s a site that can be taken seriously. Just like with the previous Reddit thread, the experience was a good one – just a little slow on delivery time. So as long as you’re willing to wait, it’s safe to say that the reputation is positive overall. 

Taking a look at the XpressGrass Facebook page makes it obvious that the dispensary has a decent social media following. It has a few hundred followers on FB, and the same goes for the dispensary’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

XpressGrass Coupon Codes & Promotions

XpressGrass strongly believes in delivering a mail-order-marijuana model that offers better value and better pricing. That means you’re bound to come across lots of promos and deals that will drop the price of your order significantly. 

The best deal right now is probably the $99/ounce strains. New strains are released every month, and many of them can be purchased for just $99 per ounce. Also, keep an eye out for the Mix & Match bundles, which can help you save whether you’re into edibles, flowers, concentrates, or prerolls. 

One thing to note is that the promotions, coupons, and weekly specials are constantly changing. If you subscribe to the site you’ll be instantly notified of new discounts and get a heads-up about upcoming promotions. You’ll also have first access to sales, so you never have to worry about your favorite products running out of stock.

XpressGrass Products

Possibly the best thing about the XpressGrass product range is the variety. You’re not limited at all when it comes to what you can buy from this dispensary. They carry tons of flower strains, edibles, extracts, vapes, CBD, topicals, and more. 

Feel free to check out some of their popular products below. For the full list of products, start browsing directly on the XpressGrass online store by clicking here.


The flower page constantly features new arrivals, and there are typically between 25 to 30 different products to choose from. If you’re not sure which strain to start with, the 4-flower Build-Your-Own Bundle Deal is an excellent choice.

Here are some of the top-rated strains ranging in price offered by XpressGrass right now: 

Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold cheap ounce at XpressGrass dispensary

Pot of Gold is an indica-sativa hybrid strain. A bag of this stuff mostly consists of popcorn-sized nugs that are great for making budder, oil, hash, kief, or simply rolling it up into a joint. The best thing about PoG is the low price tag; right now, XpressGrass is selling it for just $99/ounce


Chemdawg is a beloved strain that falls in the midrange budget category. This cult-classic indica is currently being sold at XpressGrass for $79/14 grams or $139/ounce. 

Crystal Coma

This sativa strain is great for anyone who wants an energizing lift to unwind and destress. The effects hit hard and fast with this one, leading the mind down wandering paths with calm focus. Because it’s a higher-grade AAAA strain, the cost is slightly high at $156/ounce. 

Cheap Ounces

There is an entire page on the XpressGrass website that is dedicated to the dispensary’s $99 ounces. On top of the $99/ounce deals, you can also find higher-grade strains for $129/ounce and $159/ounce. 


The popularity of cannabis extracts has grown exponentially. XpressGrass has responded to this high demand by selling a variety of concentrates, including shatter, live resin, phoenix tears, and clear distillate. If you’re hoping to purchase shatter, you have 10 different options to choose from.

In addition to the many shatter options, here are some of the top picks for pure extracts: 

  • Dark Side Dabs Honey Oil
  • Jungle Ridge Shatter Mix & Match 3-Pack
  • Kootenay Labs Budder
  • High Voltage Live Resin


Considering the recent CBD craze, it’s no surprise that XpressGrass carries a variety of CBD oils. They sell a range of CBD-infused products, from cat treats to potent tinctures. They also carry CBD gummies and vape pen cartridge refills. 

The top brands you’ll find are CBD Move and Mota, and the best-selling products right now include: 

  • DOSE CBD Tinctures – 1500mg
  • Mota CBD Jellies
  • DOSE CBD Gummies – 150mg
  • KleerX CBD Isolate


If you prefer to chow down on your weed rather than smoke it, check out the XpressGrass edibles page. You can find everything from sour gummies to cannabis-infused coconut oil. Here are some of the top edible products right now according to the dispensary customers: 

  • Medicated Sour Gummy Bears
  • Medicated Hard Candies
  • Twisted Extracts Sativa Jelly Bombs
  • Mota Sour Squares 


XpressGrass has plenty of vaping options, including disposable shatter pens, THC extract pens, and complete vape kits with assorted flavors. If you want to try a different flavor, there are plenty of cartridge refill options available, like watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, grape, Sour Diesel, or Blue Dream.

For vape fans, be sure to check out these most popular products: 

  • Diamond Disposable Vape Pen
  • High Voltage Cartridges
  • HAAZE CO2 Oil Cartridges
  • Straight Goods Distillate Cartridges

Shipping and Delivery

Depending on where you’re ordering from, you could be eligible for same-day delivery. In this case, it’s available to customers ordering from Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. To get same-day delivery, the fee is $9.99, but you can get this waived by adding 3 exclusive items to your cart, which will cost just $19.95.

For all other destinations in Canada, the same rule applies; add 3 exclusive items to your cart at checkout and all shipping fees will be waived. All packages are shipped through Canada Post (either Xpresspost or Expedited) and most arrive within 2-4 business days. 

XpressGrass Payment Methods

Compared to many other online weed dispensaries, the pricing model at XpressGrass is one of the most reasonable. One gram of bud costs an average of $10, but you’re better off purchasing a larger quantity to get a greater discount. 

At the moment, the only payment method accepted by XpressGrass is Interac e-Transfer. This is easy enough in Canada; just about every bank accepts e-Transfers. As long as you have the recipient’s email – in this case, it’s support@xpressgrass.com – you can send the money with no trouble at all.

That sums up the complete XpressGrass online dispensary review. The main takeaway here is that XpressGrass is a trustworthy cannabis source that carries lots of products and believes in fair pricing. You can’t ask for much more than that!