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XpressGrass has a 3-part philosophy: reliable shipping, 100% quality guaranteed, and discounts for loyal customers. Discretion is also a top factor for the company.

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All shipments are responsibly packed in vacuum sealed bags in nondescript packages. Nobody will be suspicious of what is being delivered to your doorstep.

Navigating the website is not only easy but also enjoyable. You can easily learn about shipping and payment policies then browse the online store to find the perfect product for you. Also be sure to explore the XpressGrass Blog. Here you’ll find frequent posts about the cannabis industry and might even learn a thing or two.

XpressGrass Company Information

There is not much information about XpressGrass online. Their about page says nothing and none of their social media profiles exist when you click the icons. When running them through TrustPilot, BBB and a variety of scam sites, nothing. The strangest thing is that Reddit has very few mention of them either. There is a brief mention of them in this thread, however.

Suspicious list of XpressGrass products on Reddit
Suspicious that most mentions of XpressGrass are photos like these, posted from same account.

The best way to get in touch with XpressGrass is via email at xpressgrass@gmail.com. There is also a chat option directly on the website, but you will only receive a response during company operating hours. Follow XpressGrass on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up-to-date on promotions and deals.

XpressGrass Promotions and Coupon Codes

If you want a lot of weed for an amazing price, now is the time to shop with XpressGrass. The current promotion is one ounce of weed for just $99. If you want to smoke your weed as soon as you open the package, consider this week’s special. You can purchase pre-rolled joints for just $4 a pop.

The promotions, coupons, and weekly specials are constantly changing. If you sign up for a membership you’ll be notified of new discounts and get a heads-up about upcoming promotions. You’ll also have first access to sales so you never have to worry about your favorite products running out of stock.


One of the top growing companies in BC is PREEMO. Its leading product is the canned cannabis, which keeps the buds as fresh and potent as possible. XpressGrass carries several strains of PREEMO weed, including Master Kush Ultra and Violator Kush.

There are constantly new arrivals and typically there are between twelve and fifteen different strains on hand. If you’re not sure which strain to try start with the six flower sample pack.

Hindu Kush is one of the strains that you can purchase for just $99 an ounce. That’s 28 grams for under $100. You can’t beat that price no matter which online dispensary you shop with.

It is a pure indica from the Middle East that has a sweet earthy taste when smoked. If you think once ounce will be too much, you can purchase one gram for $10 to try it out first.

If you’re hoping to buy pre-rolled weed, you’re in luck. Not every strain sold buy this online dispensary comes with pre-rolled joints, but many do. Right now you can buy joints of 24K, Death Bubba, Holy Grail, Walter White, and LAX.

Pure Extracts

The popularity of cannabis extracts is increasingly growing. XpressGrass has responded to this buy selling a variety of pure extracts including shatter, live resin, phoenix tears, and clear distillate. If you’re hoping to purchase shatter you have ten different options to choose from.

The strains rotate depending on what’s in stock, but right now you can find shatter in the form of Strawberry Cheesecake, Girl Scout Cookies, and many more.

Just wanting something with insanely high THC? Consider purchasing the Live Resin from Compassional Concentrates. It is pure pressed cannabis – typically used for health purposes – that has THC between 70-80%. It creates an unparalleled high and even help with different conditions and discomforts.


Of course XpressGrass also carries a variety of CBD tinctures. They sell a range of products from cat treats to tinctures. They also carry some vape pen cartridge refills. The top brands you’ll find are CBD Move and Sovrin Extracts.


If you prefer to chow down on your weed rather than smoke it, check out the edibles page on XpressGrass. You can find everything from sour gummies to cannabis-infused peanut butter. Stick to your Canadian heritage and purchase cannabis-infused maple syrup for your morning pancakes.

Vapor Pens and Accessories

Interesting in vaping? XpressGrass has plenty of vaping options, including disposable shatter pens, THC extract pens, and vape kits with assorted flavors. If you want to try a different flavor, there are plenty of refill options available. Try out watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, grape, Sour Diesel, or Blue Dream flavors.

While you’re shopping around for buds and extracts, you might as well top off your shopping cart with some essential smoking accessories. This online dispensary sells papers of all kinds, grinders, and glass pipes. Roll a blunt with the High Hemp Organic Wrap in grape or mango flavor.

Shipping and Delivery

Once your payment is received your order will be delivery within one business day. XpressGrass ships to anywhere in Canada, but where you live can affect the delivery time.

Typically you’ll receive your package between two and three business days. Since the company uses Canada Post XpressPost you’ll be guaranteed a replacement if your package is lost or stolen.

XpressGrass Payment Methods

Compared to online cannabis dispensary, the pricing at XpressGrass is one of the most reasonable. One gram of bud costs an average of $10, but you’re better off purchasing a larger quantity to get a greater discount. Shatter extracts cost $35 per gram (keep in mind this is more expensive due to its high concentration).

The only payment method accepted by XpressGrass is Interac e-Transfer. This is easy enough in Canada since just about every bank accepts e-transfers. As long as you have the recipient’s email or phone number you can send the money and receive your order within two or three days.