Top Shelf British Columbia Review + Coupon Code

A lot of online dispensaries claim to carry “top shelf” bud, but many of them can’t be trusted. That’s not the case for Top Shelf BC. This dispensary specializes in high-quality cannabis products sourced straight from British Columbia.

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If you’re interested in learning more about what Top Shelf BC has to offer, click on the link above to check out the site. Or just keep reading to get all the need-to-know details regarding coupon codes and promos, products offered, and more.

Top Shelf BC Online Dispensary Information

Top Shelf BC has over 15 years of experience in the industry. This says a lot, especially when you compare this source to other dispensaries that have only been around for a year or 2. Best of all, TSBC has always been focused on delivering top-shelf products – hence the name.

According to the dispensary itself, they are “customer-focused and strive to make your experience of buying weed online as streamlined as possible.” The site is easy to navigate, and the wide range of products makes the cannabis shopping experience fun.

The Top Shelf BC site even has a Weed Education section with regular blog posts to keep you in the loop on all things Canadian cannabis.

Does Top Shelf BC have a good reputation?

Before you buy any weed products online, it’s important to look into the dispensary’s online reputation. In the case of Top Shelf BC, most past and current customers only have good things to say. However, there are some mixed reviews, especially when it comes to pricing.

Take this Reddit thread as an example. 

Top Shelf BC reviews on Reddit

One thing I noticed is that the dispensary is very active on Reddit. They do a great job when it comes to responding to their customers. Even though this thread was from about a year ago, you can see that TSBC responded instantly to the comments, dishing out the 20% discount.

Top Shelf BC reviewers are also pretty active on TrustPilot. You can check out all the TrustPilot reviews here. The dispensary rates at 4 out of 5 stars with mostly positive reviews, but there are a few negative ones as well, like these:

While one customer says the order was never received (this is not the norm), another raves about the product quality and customer service.

All in all, I’d say that yes, Top Shelf BC has a solid reputation among mail-order marijuana fans in Canada.

Top Shelf BC Coupon Codes and Promotions

You can get a quick 20% off your first order at Top Shelf BC by subscribing to their newsletter.

All you need to do is input your email at the bottom of the homepage, then you’ll receive the 20% coupon code via email. Just keep in mind that this coupon can not be used for items that are already on sale.

Top Shelf BC has another sweet Mix & Match Deal for buying multiple ounces at once. Here’s a quick breakdown of the discounts based on the number of ounces purchased:

  • Get 15% off 2-3 ounces
  • Get 20% off 4 ounces
  • Get 25% off 5 ounces
  • Get 30% off 6 ounces
  • Get 35% off 7+ ounces

You don’t need a coupon code for this deal. If you add 2+ ounces to your shopping cart, the discount will automatically be applied when you check out.

Top Shelf BC Products

I’d say that the products are the main reason to shop at Top Shelf BC. While most of their flowers are top-shelf quality, you can easily find cheap ounces for $69 as well. They also offer concentrates, edibles, mushrooms, and a handful of CBD oil products.

Feel free to check out some of their popular products below. For the full list of products, start browsing directly on the Top Shelf BC online store by clicking here.

Cannabis Flower

The cannabis flowers are the main priority at TSBC. They offer a great variety of indicas, sativas, hybrids, and even shake and trim.

The best part of all is that there’s a strain for you no matter your budget. Whether you’re looking for something cheap, mid-range, or high-end and crafty, you can’t go wrong with one of these products:

Critique (Budget Strain)

If you want something cheap, Critique is an excellent choice. It’s just $69 for a full ounce, and this AA hybrid is great if you want an even balance of indica and sativa.

Death Bubba (Midrange Strain)

Death Bubba is another popular strain at Top Shelf, especially if you’re looking for something with a middle-of-the-road price tag. It’s an AAA+ indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels ranging between 25-27%.

Platinum Rockstar (Craft Cannabis Strain)

The AAAA strain Platinum Rockstar is a top pick if you’re willing to spend $200 for an ounce. It’s another indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you feeling stress-free and uplifted. 

Cheap Ounces

If you’re looking to save a loonie or two, you’ll definitely want to check out the “Cheap Weed” page. Most of these strains sell for around $69-$79 per ounce or $265-$285 per quarter pound.


Top Shelf BC makes it super easy to buy edibles online. They usually have 20 or so products to choose from, ranging from sour THC gummies to CBD gummies called Jelly Bombs.

Here’s a quick list of the most popular edibles offered at TSBC right now:

  • Shipwreck Edibles Gummy Bears Variety Pack (150mg THC)
  • Laughing Monkey Assorted Candy (200mg THC)
  • Twisted Extracts CBD Jelly Bomb (80mg CBD)


Similar to the Top Shelf BC edibles, this dispensary carries ~20 concentrated products at any given time. Within the product list, you can find shatter, budder, live resin, vape pens, and hash. Here are a few of the top concentrated cannabis picks right now:

Everest Extracts Shatter (1g)

The Everest Extracts Shatter comes in a variety of different flavors and strains. Buying 1g will set you back $30, but you can get hefty discounts the more you buy.

Honey Extracts Distillate Carts (1ml)

Pure distillate oil is all the rage these days. So it makes sense that the distillate cartridges from Honey Extracts is a top-selling product at Top Shelf. Similar to the shatter, there’s a variety of different flavors ranging from Chemdawg to Girlscout Cookies.

High Voltage Extracts Live Resin (1g)

Live resin is a potent, terpene-rich concentrate that comes with a lot of different benefits. This particular resin from High Voltage Extracts is used for both medical and recreational purposes.


Magic Mushrooms only recently became available to purchase online in Canada, but that hasn’t stopped TSBC from selling a long list of mushrooms. They make it easy to order mushrooms and have them delivered directly to your doorstep.

Shipping & Delivery

All the shipping and delivery details at TSBC are fairly standard. There is a $20 flat shipping rate for express shipping. If your order is over $99 after discounts, shipping is free to anywhere in Canada.

As soon as the dispensary receives your e-transfer, they’ll begin processing your order. In most cases, the order will be shipped same day, but if not, it will be shipped out the following business day. Once shipped, Xpresspost (Canada Post) takes anywhere between 1-3 business days depending on the final destination. 

Payment Options

Top Shelf BC is only accepting Interac e-transfers right now. After placing your order, you’ll receive payment instructions via email for sending the transfer. The dispensary will hold your order for 48 hours, so you have 2 days to send through your payment details.

There you have it – the complete Top Shelf BC online dispensary review! As far as I can see, this site has no flaws. It’s a great choice whether you want cheap $69 ounces or high-end craft cannabis.