THC Delivery Review

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, choosing the right online weed dispensary can be difficult. This THC Delivery review explains why it’s one of the best option out there. The BC based company has team members with over 100 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry. They work with over 50 local growers in British Columbia but deliver to Canadians around the country.

THC Delivery Online Dispensary Review

THC Delivery is a legit weed dispensary prides itself on being “certified BC’s best online cannabis delivery” service. The company values quality and variety of product, trustworthiness, speedy and reliable delivery, and privacy of its customers. Reviews from users show appreciation for the rewards program offered by THCD. In exchange for shopping and browsing the site you can receive discounts on future purchases when you sign up.

The website is simple to navigate and user friendly; you’ll find the perfect product at the click of a button. As far as their cannabis products go, THC Delivery carries flowers, concentrates, CBD oils, and even pet and skincare products. If you’re not sure what strain to purchase, the weed dispensary offers variety packs with a little bit of everything. Since legalization edibles have been unavailable but the company is hopeful to start selling them again within the year.

THC Delivery Coupon Code

There is no THC Delivery coupon at this time but they are offering free shipping on orders over $220.


THCD carries around 50 strains of bud at one time, but the strains change based on availability from growers. Since the company prides itself on its variety of products, you’ll find everything from high THC to high CBD strains. One of the top contenders and a personal favorite is Blueberry Blast. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Blue Dream and Johnny Haze. The aroma is a mixture of blueberries and musk and has a sweet earthy taste.

Top Selling Strains

Other top selling strains are Bentley OG and Sour Girl Cookies. The purely indica Bentley OG has a THC content of about 23% and gives off a nice body buzz. Sour Girl Cookies is another crowd pleaser for its unique flavor. The pungent blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel creates an uplifting high that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.


THC Delivery offers a variety of concentrates, including shatter, hash, THC capsules, and live resin. Now that shatter is becoming more and more popular, the dispensary has made an effort to sell some of their most popular strains in shatter form. If this is your cup of tea, consider buying Girl Scout Cookie, White Widow, or Gorilla Glue #4 shatter. You can even invest in the variety pack to see what you like best.

The top selling form of concentrated weed from THCD is their BC hash. Customers have given it a score of 5 stars – and not just because of the speedy shipping. Reviews say that it is easy to work with, pungent, and has long-lasting effects. One gram will set you back just $8, while one ounce costs $180. If you’re looking for some insanely high THC levels, check out Death Bubba Budder. Budder can be used for dabbing, smoking, vaping, or eating and this particular one has 28% THC.

CBD Oils

While THC is what creates that sought-after high, CBD has many medicinal benefits. THC Delivery sells everything from CBD capsules to CBD bath bombs. You can even purchase a face serum containing CBD for younger and smoother skin. The most popular CBD product at THCD is the tincture. This highly concentrated oil comes in a variety of flavors including peppermint, grapefruit, and vanilla. It has the potential to treat ailments like inflammation, indigestion, asthma, and even depression.

Pricing and Payment

THC Delivery is among one of the more affordable weed dispensaries in Canada. To give you an idea, one of the top selling strains – Bentley OG – costs $9.50 per gram. It might not be the cheapest weed around town, but keep in mind the quality and ease of purchasing from the comforts of home. Shatter concentrates cost around $45 per gram (more expensive since it is so highly concentrated) and CBD capsules cost $7 a pop.

This dispensary makes payment options easy and efficient. At checkout you’ll be prompted to pay by electronic money transfer through your bank. THCD is working on simplifying the process even further and will soon offer more payment options. You might even be able to pay with Paypal or credit card in the near future.

Contacting THC Delivery

Getting in touch with THCD is easy, but you most likely won’t need to. Since the website is easy to navigate and the ordering process is simple, chances are you can do it on your own. If you do need to contact them for some reason, send an email to During operating hours (9am – 5pm PST) there is also a live chat option directly on the website.

Product Shipment and Delivery

The positive reviews for this weed dispensary typically rave about the speedy shipment. If you order before 2pm PST, you’ll be smoking your cannabis just 2 or 3 days later. To ensure that your product arrives safely and promptly, THCD encourages customers to pay a small fee for product insurance. This will cover any shipments that are lost and stolen in transit in the unlikely event that this happens.

With their quality of product, fair pricing, and efficient delivery system you can’t go wrong when you choose this online weed dispensary. When Canadians use THC Delivery they get the best of the best when it comes to cannabis products.

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