Stress Free Delivery Review

Stress Free Delivery – SFD for short – is one of the only online dispensaries located in Montreal, Quebec.  The majority of dispensaries in Canada are based in BC since this is where most of the weed is grown.

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Canadians living in eastern provinces will experience much quicker delivery times when they order from SFD instead of a BC-based online dispensary.

But SFD isn’t just for east-coasters. Anyone in Canada can order cannabis from this dispensary. The fast, easy, and “stress-free” ordering process allows buds, edibles, and concentrates to be on your doorstep in a matter of days. All you need to do is show proof of age, shop for your products online, place a secure payment, and wait patiently for Canada Post delivery.

The name Stress Free Delivery says it all; this dispensary truly wants your weed ordering experience to be stress and hassle-free. No matter what products you wish to order, SFD believes that you should have easy affordable access to marijuana.

Stress Free Delivery Coupon Codes & Deals

SFD welcomes you to the family by giving first-time customers 10% off on their order. Just be sure to use the Stress Free Delivery coupon code “first10” during checkout. Any promotions will always be displayed on the homepage of the website along with the required coupon codes. If you add sale items to your shopping cart, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Stress Free Delivery Company Information

When visiting the Stress Free Delivery website, the about us page is on the top bar. There you’ll find out that they’re based in Montreal, Quebec.  They also have a Twitter profile but it hasn’t been active since 2018.

Stress Free Delivery claims to be available 24/7 via email.

You can also send an inquiry directly on their website by visiting the Contact page. Prefer to send an email from your account? Send your comments, questions, and concerns to Shipping information and payment details are at the bottom of this review.

Does Stress Free Delivery have a good reputation?

Besides the website itself, not much mention of online. This a good thing, most happy customers say little, it’s the one who feel cheated that make all the noise. 

A quick search of TrustPilot and BBB bring up nothing.

As always, the best place to find unbiased user reviews about online dispensaries is Reddit.

Read what Reddit says about Stress Free Delivery.

Stress Free Delivery reputation on Reddit

Stress Free Delivery has a good reputation on Reddit.

Stress Free Delivery is trusted by users online. Not much discussion about the dispensary  besides Reddit but it’s positive feedback from multiple different users.

Shopping at Stress Free Delivery

The shopping experience at SFD is straightforward Their products are in several categories that include marijuana, CBD, concentrates, edibles and more.


When shopping for marijuana flowers at SFD, you’ll see that they are divided into three categories: hybrid, indica, and sativa. This makes shopping for your ideal strain type easy, and you can also set filters based on price and popularity.

For each strain, SFD provides a thorough description of the high effects. The picture also gives you a good idea of the bud quality. Choosing can seem like a challenge since there are typically around 30-35 on hand at any given time. New customers should give these popular strains a try first.

Pineapple Express

It is no surprise that sativa-dominant hybrid Pineapple Express is a best-seller. This strain became instantly famous after the comedy with James Franco and Seth Rogen hit the box office in 2008. It continued to stay popular, however, for its tropical flavors and powerful high.

It can even be used during the daytime since it doesn’t have couch-locking tendencies. Try smoking some Pineapple Express at your next social gathering; it would allow you to get deep and introspective with your closest friends. Get an eight for $35 or an ounce for $200.

Montreal’s Own M39

If you’re ordering from a Montreal-based dispensary, you should definitely try a strain that is native to Montreal. Customers who have tried Montreal’s Own M39 say that although it isn’t the greatest weed in the world, it’s definitely the best bang for your buck.

This strain has been in high-demand among SFD customers since it is just $130 for an ounce right now. Embrace French-Canadian culture by rolling up a joint of MOM39. If you don’t want a full ounce, you can get a quarter for $40 or a ½ ounce for $65.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that is named for its strong flavors of blue cheese. If you aren’t a fan of blue cheese, don’t let this turn you off from trying it. The berry aromas subdue the cheesy taste, and the combination is unique to say the least. Due to its indica dominance, you can expect to feel a heavy body high. You can get an eighth of Blue Cheese for $30.

Weed Concentrates

When exploring the concentrates available at SFD, you might start feeling a bit overwhelmed. There is an insane amount to choose from, and the page shows 74 results. It is a bit difficult to navigate the page since you can’t separate the concentrates based on category (e.g. shatter, hash, distillate).

However, you can still easily scroll down the page to find the right product. You can also set filters to show you results based on popularity, price, or new arrivals. Based on popularity among, here are the most popular concentrates at SFD.

5 Gram Shatter Pack

The best way to try out some different strains of shatter is by purchasing the 5 gram shatter pack. This is a limited time offer that allows you to try out one gram of 5 different shatter strains (so 5 grams total). Right now SFD is offering this for $130, which is a killer price. Typically one gram of shatter costs around $35.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks definitely aren’t for the faint of heart. These potent buds have been dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief, so expect to either raid the fridge or stay glued to the couch. They call it the “strongest bud in the galaxy” for a reason. If you think you can handle the power of the moon rock, SFD sells it for $50 for 2 grams.

RSO THC Oil Capsules

Some would say that THC capsules fall under the edibles category. Since these THC oil capsules are extremely concentrated we’ll label it as a concentrate. Each of these pills packs a powerful punch with 40mg THC and is comprised of coconut oil and RSO cannabis oil. Definitely start with one and give it some time to let it work its magic. Right now you can get 10 capsules for $35.

Weed Edibles

So many online cannabis dispensaries offer amazing edible weed options, and Stress Free Delivery is no exception. You can now enjoy your weed in the form of a cookie, gummy, lolly, or even a powdered drink mix. No matter if you prefer sativa, indica, THC or CBD, you’ll find something to chow down on. Start off by ordering one of these popular SFD edibles.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Move aside, Girl Scouts. We no longer need your Peanut Butter Patties now that SFD is around. This dispensary offers delicious peanut butter cookies that will literally melt in your mouth. And unlike a Girl Scout cookie, this one contains about 100mg THC. The ginger cookie is also a great choice; each cookie is sold individually and costs $7.

Blue Raspberry Lollipop

Ever since edibles started hitting the weed market, cannabis-infused lollipops have been a major crowd pleaser. Not only are they low in calories and high in flavor, they are easy to consume anywhere. The blue raspberry flavor at SFD is the most popular, but you can also get the red dragon fruit. Each lolly costs $7.

Organic Mint Tea

Who says that edibles need to be packed with sugar? Sure, cannabis-infused products are in the form of cookies and candies, but there are also other options. Try out the organic mint tea for a healthy way to get your THC/CBD fix. Each tea packet contains 80mg THC and 6mg CBD and costs $6. 

Stress Free Delivery Payment Options

This review of Stress Free Delivery wouldn’t be complete without talking about their payment options. Just like most of the online weed dispensaries in Canada, Stress Free Delivery accepts payments in the form of Interac e-Transfers. Not only is it easy, it also just takes a few minutes for your transfer to process. SFD always ensures that the name on your account matches the name provided on the order. If it doesn’t match, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Once you place your order, you’ll receive an email from SFD explaining where to send the payment. Once your payment has gone through, SFD will send your package within one business day. Orders processed on weekends or holidays will be sent out the following business day.

Stress Free Delivery Shipping Policies

Customers who spend at least $200 will receive free express shipping anywhere in Canada. Having trouble spending this much on weed? You’ll need to pay a flat shipping fee of $15. Every order is sent via Canada Post XpressPost, so you can expect your package to arrive within 5 business days at the most.

Since Stress Free Delivery is located in Montreal, eastern Canadians are likely to receive their products within two business days. As soon as your package is picked up by Canada Post, you can start tracking your order to keep tabs on its whereabouts.