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Canadian and looking to hop on the weed train? You’ll appreciate this Stash Club review. Now that it’s legal, more and more Canadians are giving cannabis a try. Accessing recreational and medicinal marijuana is easier than ever; it can even be done online. This Stash Club review will give you an idea of what online dispensary you should be using to order your Canadian cannabis products.

Stash Club Online Dispensary Information

Stash Club online dispensary believes in providing Canadians across the country with premium cannabis. As long as you are at least 19 and live in the country, you can place an order. The ordering process is easy; you just need to create an account, add items to your cart, and follow the payment instructions when you’re ready to checkout.

Stash Club promises to keep high standards by only delivering BC’s finest weed to customers. Once you join the club you’ll be treated like a part of the family; the team at this online dispensary will do whatever it takes to make you happy. If you’re looking for quality BC bud, friendly customer service, and speedy and discreet shipping Stash Club is for you.

Stash Club Coupon Codes and Sales

For the best deals on weed, first check out the sale items. These are constantly changing with new deals being added everyday. Certain strains are offered for as little as $4 per gram. Stash Club offers significant discounts on flowers, concentrates, and edibles. You won’t need a coupon code when you add a sale item to your cart; the discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

Not only can you order discounted products from the Stash Club online dispensary, you can also get free weed and other perks when you become a member. New members who place an order will receive a free joint, 10% off the first purchase, and rewards points to redeem later on.

Cannabis Flowers

The top selling product offered by Stash Club is cannabis flowers, and not just because they are extremely affordable. This dispensary only sources its bud from the top BC producers and then the team assesses each strain to make sure it is up to par. You can choose among a selection of sativa, indica, hybrid, and pre-rolled joints.

Space Queen (Sativa)

Right now there are over 350 customer reviews for Space Queen, and just about everyone has something good to say. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a 5-star rating for its earthy citrusy taste and euphoric effects. With THC levels hovering around 15% you’ll experience a weightless high that is perfect for relieving stress. One gram of Space Queen is $12.50.

Purple God (Indica)

This indica-dominant hybrid gets most of its potent effects from its God Bud parent. The flavors transform from citrus to grape as you smoke it and the purple buds are dense. Purple God can be smoked day or night; it won’t leave you glued to the couch and immobile like some strains. Some smokers even feel more energetic and productive after a joint of this. Try it out for $13 per gram or $77 for 7 grams.

Blue Guava (Hybrid)

If you want to experience both a mind and body high, order a few grams of Blue Guava. Your body will feel relaxed and even tingly, while your mind will experience creativity like never before. Medical users love this strain for its pain relieving abilities. It is also used for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. You can enjoy the sweet fruity taste for $11 per gram.


There might seem like an overwhelming amount of extracts offered by Stash Club, but the site is organized in a way that makes the shopping process simple. This online dispensary has every kind of concentrated cannabis imaginable; you can purchase vape pens, shatter, live resin, budder, hash, kief, distillate, and more.

Blue Grapes Shatter

The Blue Grapes shatter offered by Liquid Gold Products is a potent indica hybrid. It is a cross between Blue God and Grape Kush that ultimately leads to deep relaxation. Its 70:30 indica dominance makes it ideal for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. One gram of Blue Grapes is $50 – keep in mind it is more expensive than bud since it is highly concentrated.

Cinderella 99 Kief

Cinderella 99 has been a popular strain in the cannabis world since it originated in the 90’s. It creates a potent cerebral high that boosts energy and mood. You can use it during the day to lift your mood and or give yourself the pick-me-up you need. The kief is much more potent than Cinderella 99 flowers, so go easy on this at first. Try it out for $17 per gram.

Cannabis Edibles

Stash Club has edibles for everyone, no matter if you prefer CBD capsules or chocolatey THC brownies. This dispensary sells sweet candies, baked goods, oral mists, potent tinctures, and cooking oils. Here are the most popular edibles at Stash Club. We couldn’t review Stash Club and not mention edibles.

Dark Cocoa and Ginger Cannabar

If chocolate is what you’re craving, the Dark Cocoa and Ginger Cannabar is the treat for you. This candy bar comes with 150mg THC – there are fifteen portions with 15mg each. It is made with premium 64% cocoa dark chocolate and real pieces of candied ginger. A piece or two will leave you feeling mellow and mentally-uplifted. One bar is just $19.50.

Indica 50mg Organic Liquid Gold Capsules

The indica capsules by Liquid Gold are perfect for people wanting to consume their weed but don’t need a candy bar to do it. These capsules contain organic coconut oil and cannabis extract. Each one has 50mg THC and can help treat everything from insomnia to menstrual cramps. A bottle containing 10 capsules costs $50, but you can also purchase the 25mg capsules for $30 per bottle.

Mini OG Cookies

These mini cookies pack a powerful punch. They are baked using a method that preserves as many cannabinoids as possible when the weed is converted into butter. Each mini cookie contains 72mg THC and 12.5mg CBD. Start with just one to see how your body reacts and gauge your tolerance.


More and more people are benefiting from using cannabis in topical form. In the past the thought of slathering cannabis-infused cream on your skin might have seemed strange. But now it is common and can even help with skin and muscle conditions like acne, rosacea, arthritis, and sunburns.

Buddha Body Pain Cream

This topical body cream is an effective treatment for muscle pain and skin irritation. One container is infused with 200mg THC and it is 100% fair trade and organic. All you need to do is rub a small amount on the area of discomfort and you should feel relief almost instantly. It can help with inflammation, muscle pain, bruising, eczema, dermatitis, and even arthritis.

Payment Options

Once you are ready to check out you’ll be prompted with instructions on how to pay for your order. Stash Club accepts Interac e-Transfers as payment, so all you need is their email and the exact dollar amount you wish to send. Anyone who is a member of a Canadian bank or credit union can send and receive money via e-Transfers.

Shipping Policies

Once your payment is processed your package will be on its way within 24 hours. If you place your order before 11am PST on a business day, chances are your package will be sent that same day. Any order placed on a weekend or holiday will be sent out by the end of the following business day.

Since Stash Club is located in British Columbia, anyone ordering from eastern Canada might have to wait longer for a package to arrive. If you live in or near BC you should not have to wait more than 3-4 days. Residents in the eastern provinces should be patient and expect a wait time of 6-7 days.

Contact Information for Stash Club

How could we do a review of Stash Club without including contact details? Every inquiry to Stash Club is responded to within 48 hours. You can send an email to or speak directly to a customer service rep by calling 1(855)420-9088. Be sure to call during operating hours: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm Pacific Time.

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