Speed Greens Coupon Code + Review

Speed Greens is an offers a large variety of mail order products. This is a must when shopping for weed online, along with positive customer reviews. The current Speed Greens coupon code is a generous 20%.

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Visit their website by clicking above and it becomes clear that they are passionate about cannabis and take pride in their business. It’s no surprise they offer quality weed products and service.

Speed Greens Online Dispensary Information

The Speed Greens website has no information about where they are located or who runs it. We could not find any contact information besides an email form and a helpful live chat box. This is all pretty standard though.

The Speed Greens has a presence on most major social media networks. These include Twitter,, Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn. They are quite active on Twitter, last tweet only a few days ago at the time of publishing.

The best way to contact Speed Greens customer service is through their contact form. Another way is through their social media accounts if you please.

Does Speed Greens have a good reputation?

Doing a quick search through Trustpilot and a few other reputation websites, Speed Greens has a great reputation. Most online dispensaries don’t have a Trustpilot profile, if they do there aren’t many reviews.

Speed Greens has 60+ reviews and 4/5 stars on Trustpilot.

SpeedGreens has a great reputation on Trustpilot.com.
SpeedGreens is trusted on Trustpilot.

Like all other dispensaries, Reddit is the place to find the most conversation. Click here to read everything posted about Speed Greens.

The most recent thread is the one below, 16 hours old and lots of comments.

Is SpeedGreens a good online dispensary?
Speed Greens got this situation sorted fast and the customer is satisfied.

The most recent complaint thread is that the site seems sluggish.

Loaded fine for us, a few other reviews said it was slow.

Conversation about the most potent weed people have ever smoked, the OP claims it is Bruce Banner from Speed Greens.

Convo about the most potent stuff possible, OP mentions Speed Greens

According to online user generated reviews, Speed Greens is very trustworthy.

Speed Greens Coupon Codes and Promotions

New customers at Speed Greens receive 20% off their first purchase of weed. Be sure to use the coupon code NEW20 when placing your order. They have one of the best welcome offers online in Canada.

There’s nothing better than free cannabis, and Speed Greens knows it. This is why they are constantly handing out freebies on top of the 20% off discount.

Customers who spend over $200 online receive $25 off using coupon code FREEBIE25. Your best option is to stock up on cannabis by ordering at least $200 worth of products each time you place an order.

Free-shipping is available from Speed Greens on all orders over $149.

Speed Greens Products

They have vowed to offer a variety of the best cannabis strains online, all at the best prices. Check out some of their popular products here, or start browsing directly on the Speed Greens online store by clicking here.

Can’t find something? Reach out to customer service, they’re always online.


Speed Greens cannabis ranges from AA sativas to AAAA+ indicas. You’ll have no trouble finding weed online to smoke, no matter if you prefer heavy indicas or energizing sativas. Some of the all-time favorite strains among Speed Greens customers are Cherry Bomb AAAA, Death Bubba AA, and Sunkiss CBD AAA+.

Death Bubba AA (Indica)

Death Bubba AA is a top pick if you’re looking for a heavy indica that has the potential to relax the mind and body. This strain has always been known for its strong flavors and even stronger THC levels; the THC content typically falls between 22% and 27% when lab-tested by Super Greens.

A wave of relaxation will take over your body almost immediately after taking a hit of Death Bubba. This is what makes the heavy-indica perfect for insomnia patients, as well as anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Cherry Bomb AAAA (Sativa)

Not everyone loves the hard-hitting indicas, which is where the Cherry Bomb sativa strain comes into play. This AAAA-grade strain is the ideal choice for anyone looking for something energizing and uplifting. It contains between 17% and 22% THC and it’s best known best for its cerebral high.

Cherry Bomb is suitable for daytime smoking because you won’t feel groggy or couch-locked in any way. Medical patients suffering from glaucoma, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders love Cherry Bomb for everyday use and recreational smokers choose this strain for a quick pick-me-up.

Sunkiss CBD AAA+ (Sativa)

Both the Cherry Bomb and Death Bubba strains above are considered to be high in THC. This isn’t ideal for everyone, especially medical smokers who aren’t into getting high. Sunkiss CBD is the solution; this AAA+ strain is high in CBD and low in THC, so it has essentially no chance of creating a high effect.

Sunkiss CBD is perfect for treating pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. PTSD patients are even using it to find relief from past trauma. This is the perfect mood-enhancing cannabis strain whether you’re using it for medical or recreational reasons.


The list of best concentrates offered by Speed Greens is a long one. They carry nearly every type of concentrate on the market, including shatter, budder, hash, resin, distillates, and oils.

Expect to pay more for a concentrated product than you would for traditional marijuana flowers since concentrated cannabis has a much higher potency.

Sky Extracts Distillates Cartridges

If you’re into vaping, you’ll love the potent distillate cartridges created by Sky Extracts. The company’s distillate cartridges come in a variety of strains, ranging from Super Lemon Haze Sativa to Death Bubba Indica. They even offer distillate that contains a 1:1 CBD to THC content, and one that contains only CBD.

Afghani Bubble Hash (AAAA)

Not everyone is into buying hash online at any prices. If you are, there’s nothing that quite compares to Speed Greens Afghani Bubble Hash. This heavy indica is an ideal choice if you need something powerful to wipe away pain, put you to sleep, or increase your appetite. It has sedating effects, and this is exactly what some cannabis-users need.


You can also buy CBD oil at Speed Greens for fair prices. Cannabidiol is becoming all the rage, especially among.

Canadians who aren’t interested in getting high. CBD is for you if you still want to take advantage of cannabis-related health benefits but don’t want to get high.

Speed Greens understands well that the main point of using cannabis isn’t always to get high, and this is why the dispensary offers a variety of CBD products.

Sky Extracts CBD Tinctures

Sky Extracts has created a variety of tincture products, like the one that contains only CBD and no THC. Medical patients love this product, and the same goes for the 1:1 CBD and THC tincture.

Each Sky Extracts tincture contains organic hemp seed oil and healing vitamin E oil. Convenience is the main perk of tincture use for cannabis; just place a few drops of this concoction on your tongue or add it to your favorite drink.

Herbivores CBD Candy Variety Pack

Herbivores is one of the most well-known producers of edibles in Canada. Their CBD candy variety pack ha fair prices and is an all-time favorite among CBD users. You get a little bit of everything with this sweet treat variety pack, but the best part is that one pack contains 225 mg CBD in a variety of gummy flavors.


We’ve already covered a few CBD-infused edibles, but Speed Greens has edibles of all kinds. You’ll love the Canna Co. Fudge Brownie if you’re looking for a THC treat to get you high but you’re not into smoking. This potent chocolate edible contains a whopping 200 mg THC, so try not to eat the entire thing in one sitting.

The Ed n’ Bills Sour Worms is another popular edible cannabis choice offered by Speed Greens. Like the Canna Co. brownie, this treat contains a hefty dose of 200 mg THC, making it the ideal THC-infused edible snack to share with your friends.

Shipping & Delivery

The fact that shipping is free with every $149+ purchase is a major perk of choosing SpeedGreens instead of another online dispensary.

You’ll have to pay a $15 flat rate shipping fee for Canada Post if you don’t spend at least $149. So try to build up your shopping cart if you want to waive that fee. Canada Post XpressPost ships all packages, no matter if you receive free shipping or not.

Delivery time depends on your location in Canada. Eastern Canadians can expect to experience longer delivery times than Westerners since the Speed Greens products are shipped from BC.

It’s highly recommended that you choose “Signature Required” when checking out; this ensures that your package is guaranteed and insured by Canada Post Xpresspost. Feel free to speak to their customer service if you wish to know more.

Payment Options

Speed Greens currently only accepts Interac e-Transfers for order payment, just like 90% of online dispensaries in Canada. This is fairly simple, though, so even if you’ve never used Interac before, please don’t worry.

Speed Greens customer service will walk you through the entire order process to ensure that your products arrive in a timely manner. Here’s what you need to know about Speed Greens e-Transfers:

“On the Checkout Confirmation page, you will see instructions on sending an Interac E-transfer. You will then get an email from Speed Greens that contains Interac E-transfer instructions… Please note that we will need to verify your age and that you have a Canadian shipping address in order to process your order.”