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This Shiva Buzz review will introduce you to a well respected online dispensary. Finding an online dispensary in Canada is not a difficult task. But finding one that is not profit-centric and offers affordable products is another feat entirely. Most dispensaries act as a middle-man; they purchase cannabis from licensed growers and then sell these products to customers at an increased rate.

Not many online dispensaries actually grow and produce their own cannabis. There is one out there that fits this criteria, and therefore can offer the best prices imaginable. Keep reading to learn about why you should order from Shiva Buzz, a cannabis growing company that also acts as its own online dispensary.

Shiva Buzz Online Dispensary Information

Shiva Buzz started off as just a medical growing facility, only providing cannabis to medical patients. But as soon as cannabis legalization passed on October 17th the team began offering their top-quality products to all Canadians around the country. Since they don’t have a middle man and grow their weed themselves, this dispensary can offer the absolute best prices.

The idea behind Shiva Buzz was born based on Shiva, the Hindu god who is believed to be both the creator and the destroyer of the universe. This dispensary creates quality of life for medical patients and destroys pain, just like the Hindu god. Shiva Buzz truly cares about its customers and is not solely focused on profits; their main goal is to provide the best weed at the best prices for everyone to enjoy.

Shiva Buzz Coupon Codes and Specials

This month’s Shiva Buzz coupon code is offering a few unbeatable deals for the holidays. Right now you can get the popular Gorilla Glue #4 strain $8 per gram, $70 for 14 grams, or $130 for an ounce. GG4 is ideal for treating insomnia, pain, and headaches. The other special this month is one free gram of shatter when you purchase at least one ounce of any strain. You don’t need a coupon code for these deals, the discounts will automatically be applied to your shopping cart.

If you sign up for a membership, you’ll occasionally receive emails with different discount coupon codes to apply to your purchase. Only members receive these discounts, so click on the “Membership” tab to register and start saving on your weed.

Marijuana Flowers

Since Shiva Buzz grows its own weed, they have confidence in what they’re offering. Each indica, sativa, or hybrid strain is given the utmost care and attention and is tested for quality before becoming available. The flower menu is constantly changing depending on what has been harvested, so keep any eye out for new arrivals.

Bubba Kush

This indica-dominant hybrid induces extreme relaxation, but won’t leave you feeling completely useless. You can still be functional after smoking some Bubba Kush, you’ll just feel relaxed while you do it. Medically this strain acts as an appetite stimulant, stress reliever, and treatment for pain. The taste is peppery but also sweet, and don’t be surprised if the spiciness causes you to cough. Give it a try for $8.50 per gram or $150 for an ounce.

OG Kush

Chances are cannabis connoisseurs have smoked OG Kush a time or two. There is some debate on the origins of this strain, but there is no question about its potency. It consistently tests around 23% THC with dense buds covered in crystals. Its aroma smells of earth and pine, but smoking it tastes spicy. You can expect to feel energized and uplifted for just $9 a gram or $150 an ounce.

Krazy Glue

Krazy Glue’s parent strains of GG4 and Super Silver Chemdawg Haze give this strain its potent characteristics. It has a fruity, spicy, and earthy taste that combines well with the euphoric and creative high. Medical smokers love it for its ability to treat nausea, pain, and stress. You can purchase one gram of Krazy Glue for $9.

White Castle

This indica-heavy hybrid is a cross between White Widow and Nirvana’s Ice. It has a unique taste of strawberry and uplifting social high effects. You can easily pass a joint of White Castle around with your friends and have some enriching conversations. Feel free to smoke this during the day; you’ll still be able to function normally and might even become more productive. Right now this strain is on sale for $6.50 per gram.


Even though shatter is considered a concentrate, Shiva Buzz has a page for shatter products that separates them from the rest of the concentrates. Customers often shop at this dispensary just for the top-quality shatter. This dispensary typically has three different strains at once (two new arrivals and one sale item), but these are constantly rotating. Right now you can find OG Kush, Rockstar, and Purple Candy shatter.

Purple Candy Shatter

Purple Candy shatter is available at a discounted price right now – just $25 per gram. This is as cheap as it gets; typically online dispensaries sell shatter for $35 – $45 for one gram. You can’t go wrong with the Purple Candy strain. It helps with conditions like ADD/ADHD, nausea, eating disorders, chronic pain, and even cancer related symptoms.

Other Concentrates

In addition to shatter, Shiva Buzz also offers concentrates like hash, kief, 99.9% BHO oil, and resin. There aren’t a ton of options to choose from, but you can be sure that you’re only receiving the most potent concentrates. These products are typically around 4 to 5 times more potent that cannabis flowers, making them slightly more expensive.

Bubble Hash

The hot topic items right now are the Purple Pog and Purple Star bubble hash. Shive Buzz uses reverse osmosis with ice and water to create their bubble hash products. It is always produced in small batches and thoroughly tested to ensure strength and quality. The Purple Pog strain regularly tests around 80% THC and costs just $25 for one gram.


If kief is more your thing, you’re in luck. Right now you can get one whole ounce of kief for $125. Shiva Buzz is carrying three types of kief: God’s Green Crack, Purple Candy, and Purple OG. Each strain tests at about 50% THC and can help with anxiety, depression, appetite loss, and even Crohn’s Disease.


This review of Shiva Buzz has to include their payment options. Similar to most dispensaries, payments to Shiva Buzz are made through Interac e-Transfer. This is not just an easy form of paying but also quick, and your package will be sent shortly after payment is received. As long as you are a member of a Canadian bank or credit union, sending money electronically is possible for anyone. 

Shipping & Delivery

Orders over $200 will receive free shipping anywhere in Canada. If you place a smaller order less than $200, you’ll have to pay a flat shipping fee. Packages are sent via Canada Post Express, so you can expect delivery within 1-3 business days. Since this online dispensary is based out of Kelowna, Canadians in or near BC will usually receive their products within a day.

Contact Information for Shiva Buzz

Needing to get in touch with the team at Shiva Buzz? Just click the “Contact Us” to leave your message. Feel free to ask about products, membership registration, order inquiries, or even just general questions about weed. Shiva Buzz is there to help, and can even point you in the right direction if you are unsure about which product is right for you.

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