Peak 420 Review

Peak 420 is shut down as of the time of this update. RIP Peak420..

Peak420 is located in Vancouver, British Columbia but you can order from anywhere in the country. They pride themselves on only buying from craft growers with quality products.

In their store you’ll be able to order pure CBD oil, find flowers, concentrates, vape, and edibles. You can also purchase essential smoking accessories like grinders and papers.

Peak 420 Coupon Codes

Keep your eye out for the flash deals where you’ll find the best prices on the best weed products. Always browse the items on sale first; at certain times they’ll be marked down as much as 50%. There is also a special promotion right now that if you spend $200 or more you’ll receive a free T-shirt.

Cannabis Flower

The buds that Peak 420 are high in quality and you can actually choose specifically what grade you want: AA, AAA, AAAA, or AAAA+.  They have a variety of indica, sativa, hybrid, and even pre-rolled joints. If you choose AAAA+ you’ll be smoking the highest quality weed in the world. Think about buying Bubba King’s Sour Skunk, El Muerte, or Platinum Kush.

Anyone that favors indica should try out Hindu Kush. It is a pure indica that gives off a sweet yet earthy aroma. If sativa is more your style try out Green Crack. It will give you energy, focus, and mental stimulation; you might even me more productive after a joint of this.

Love smoking, just hate the process of rolling a joint? Check out Peak420’s pre-rolled page. You can purchase one joint, a 5-pack, or an 11-pack of the strain of your choosing. Not everything is available for prerolling, but there is plenty to choose from.


Concentrates are the new trending item on the weed market these days. Peak 420 has shatter, rosin, live resin, distillates, and phoenix tears. Shatter is the most popular of these, and although their collection isn’t overly extensive the quality is impressive. The top-selling shatter Super Lemon Haze by Sovrin Extracts.


If you’ve just now gotten on the weed train now that cannabis has been legalized, try starting with edibles. The Peak 420 website makes it easy to filter what kind of edibles you want. Whether it’s candy, chocolate, beverages, baked goods, or cooking supplies you’ll find it.

Try out the Sunshower Gummy Drops, either double or single strength. The double strength will hit you hard, so be careful indulging in too many of these. If your sweet tooth is only for chocolate, chow down on the Mota Milk Chocolate with 120 mg of weed. You can even buy weed infused olive oil for cooking.

Peak 420 is a big believer in this and sells a variety of health products. From THC tinctures to CBD bath bombs, this company has it. You can even buy healthy treats for your dog or topical products for skin conditions.

Shipping and Delivery Policies

If you order $150 or more in Peak 420 products you will receive free shipping on your order. Since the company is located in Vancouver, if you order more than $75 or more you receive free shipping when you live in the Greater Vancouver area. If you don’t meet that minimum on your order, don’t worry. Shipping is still only a flat rate of $15 no matter where you live in Canada.

Most locations receive deliveries between 2 and 3 days, especially if you live in a big city. If you are a resident of a more remote area, it might take up to 5 days to receive your weed. Even if your package is lost or stolen, it will always be guaranteed. In the unlikely event that it happens, you’ll receive a replacement right away.

Payment Methods and Pricing

Peak 420 is an online marijuana dispensary that accepts payment through Paypal. Of course you can pay through an Interac e-Transfer, but the convenience of Paypal makes ordering weed even simpler. With both of these methods all you need is the recipient’s email, it’s as easy as that.

Contact Peak 420

Chances are you won’t need to contact Peak 420 about your order; everything typically runs smoothly. But if you do for some reason need to contact them directly, you can call the customer service line at 1-236-838-3009 Monday to Friday from 10am – 6pm PST. You can also reach them via email at