MOMs Dispensary Review + Coupon Codes

MOMs Dispensary is a well-respected source for premium BC cannabis products, and their best-selling strains are proof of that. But does that mean that MOMs Dispensary should be your top pick for buying weed online?

Find out in this complete MOMs Dispensary review, where I’ll explore whether or not you should place an order with MOMs.

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MOMs Dispensary Online Dispensary Information

All we really know about the MOMs operation is that it’s based out of BC and only recently became a player in the mail order marijuana (MOM) industry. The dispensary claims to only partner with licensed producers who are masters in their craft, and considering the high-quality craft cannabis strains they offer, this is likely to be true. 

To give you a better idea of what MOMs is all about, here’s a quick word from the dispensary itself: 

“There are over 300 MOMs in Canada. At MOMs Dispensary, we have a true passion for the Cannabis plant and its medicinal benefits, which is why we will continually update our site and blog to educate new users, and provide experienced users with the quality bud and edibles they are looking for.”

Aside from the Rosie the Riveter-esque logo, one thing that sets MOMs apart from the competition is the fact that the dispensary releases new promos every week (more on that later). They offer an extensive variety of strains, edibles, CBD, concentrates, and more, and if you catch a promo at the right time, you could get a hefty discount on your favourite products. 

Another thing to note about MOMs is that the team is not just focused on selling weed, but also educating customers about the industry. The website’s blog is informative and helpful, covering topics like:

  • Full Spectrum vs. Pure CBD Oil
  • Best Craft Cannabis Strain
  • Benefits of CBD Oil
  • Vaping 101
  • Guide to Sativa, Indica, etc.

Does MOMs Dispensary have a good reputation?

Now that you know a bit about MOMs, let’s talk about the dispensary’s overall reputation among Canadians. After doing some research, I found that there’s not much being said online about the dispensary right now. But this is more than likely because MOMs is a newer name to enter the scene. 

There are quite a few reviews on the website itself, specifically for the dispensary’s products, but there aren’t currently any on outside sites like Reddit or TrustPilot. MOMs does have a social media account on Instagram, but as of right now it has no posts or followers. 

Feel free to keep checking back for more info on the dispensary’s rep as it continues to gain a following. 

MOMs Dispensary Codes and Promotions

If there’s anything positive to say about MOMs, it’s that the dispensary has some kicka$$ promos going on. 

New customers get 20% off their first order and even earn points with that purchase (as well as all future purchases). Not only that, but you can get $25 off your first order just by registering an account. You won’t need a coupon code to access this deal; sign up and the credit will be automatically applied.

Another deal that’s worth talking about is that every purchase comes with free pre-rolls. You won’t get to choose the strain, but it’s still a nice surprise when you open your package to a freebie joint.

Do your best to take advantage of the MOMs referral program. Every time you refer a friend or family member, you and the referral will both get 20% off on the following order when the referral makes a purchase.

MOMs Dispensary Products

The product selection at MOMs is nothing short of impressive. Not only do they carry craft cannabis strains, but also cheap ounces. Then there are edibles, concentrates, topicals, and CBD oils, which are all packaged discreetly and delivered to your doorstep.

Feel free to check out some of their popular products below. For the full list of products, start browsing directly on the MOMs Dispensary store by clicking here.


Whether you’re looking for premium sativa strains, affordable indicas, or a midrange hybrid, this dispensary takes pride in being able to deliver it. Plus, they only carry strains that have been grown using organic methods, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting in the way of your high. 

Here are some of the most recommended MOMs strains available right now: 

Peanut Butter Breath (Hybrid)

Peanut Butter Breath is a AA hybrid strain, so if you’re looking for something that’s top-shelf, you might want to consider something else. That being said, this is an excellent choice if you want a 50:50 hybrid that exhibits both indica and sativa properties. 

The THC content is a whopping 28%, so take your time with PBB. The name says it all with this strain; the flavour is nutty and earthy with a rich herbal overtone, and the aroma it gives off is rich in nuttiness as well. You can get PBB for $120/half ounce or $220/full ounce.

Critical Mass (Indica)

The Critical Mass indica strain is hard-hitting in nature and gives off a sweet, earthy smell. Smoking small amounts creates uplifting feelings and a sense of euphoria, followed by laziness, possible couch-lock, and sleepiness. That makes this strain a great choice for chilling out after a long day or treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. 

An ounce of this stuff costs $260, but it’s well worth it according to MOMs customers. 

Sour Lemon (Sativa)

Sour Lemon is a 70:30 sativa-dominant hybrid that is a pheno offshoot of the legendary Super Lemon Haze strain. It carries an effect that can sometimes lead to more of a body high, but still creates a bit of a cerebral head high. It’s great for anyone who wants a creative boost or general sense of productivity.

You can get a full ounce of Sour Lemon for $240, or a half ounce for $130.

Cheap Ounces

While many of the MOMs strains can’t be classified as budget-friendly, there are a lot that can. Just head to the “Ounces” page and sort the results by price (low to high) to find the cheapest oz selection that MOMs carries. 

Some of the names that you’ll see on this list are Pennywise, White Gold, Ortega OG, Mr. Nice, Ghost Dream, and Starbud.


The edibles at MOMs Dispensary range from decadent THC chocolates to sour CBD gummies. If you prefer simplicity and convenience, there are plenty of capsules and tinctures to choose from. In other words, there’s something for everyone. 

There are about 50 edible products at MOMs right now, and here are some of the most popular: 

  • Ganja Marble Brownie (200mg or 600mg THC)
  • Ganja Bears Assorted Gummies (10 x 15mg THC)
  • Boost CBD Milk Chocolate Pack (200mg CBD)
  • Flower Child Cannabis-Infused Jello Shots


Just like every other product category at MOMs, the selection of concentrates is impressive. This page shows about 70 different results, ranging from potent shatters to mind-numbing hash. Here’s what you can expect to find when browsing through concentrates: 

  • Gas Garden Diamond Sauce – 9 Pound Hammer
  • Golden Spade Extracts Glass Syringe
  • Mary Jay Shatter – Mendo Breath
  • Afghan Phoenix Hash


CBD oil in Canada has generated a lot of attention since cannabis became legal and MOMs definitely caters to CBD fans. By visiting the CBD page of the online dispensary, you’ll find CBD gummies topicals, edibles, tinctures, and even concentrated CBD distillates, including: 

  • Releaf CBD Massage Candle (500mg CBD)
  • CBD Releaf Body Silk Lotion
  • Releaf Pure CBD Oil (1500mg CBD)
  • Boost CBD Gummies Variety Pack (300mg CBD)

Shipping & Delivery

MOMs offers free shipping on all orders over $150. If you can’t quite meet that minimum, then you’ll be charged a flat shipping fee of $15. Just like all other dispensaries I’ve reviewed, MOMs uses Canada Post XpressPost, so you’ll receive a tracking number via email once your order is on its way. 

If you want your products as soon as possible, it’s best to place your order early in the morning. Payments processed after 9 am EST will be shipped the following business days, but anything before that will be shipped out the same day.

Depending on where you live in Canada, your order can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to be delivered. For more remote areas of Canada, just assume that shipping will take a few extra days. 

Payment Options

MOMs Dispensary currently accepts Interac e-Transfer payments, which pretty much anyone with a Canadian bank or credit union can do. The payment process itself only takes a few minutes – here are the main steps involved: 

1. Sign into your online banking and select “e-Transfer”

2. Add the dispensary as an Interac e-Transfer recipient:

3. Reference your order number in the message box


That sums up the complete MOMs online dispensary review. 

I love that this dispensary only partners with well-known licensed producers and takes pride in what they sell. Combine that with a large selection of products and an easy shopping experience and you’ve got yourself an online dispensary that’s worth checking out.