The Herbal Coast Review

The Herbal Coast (THC) online dispensary has the motto “live your life with happiness”; they only carry BC bud to keep customers happy. THC believes that cannabis should not just be legal, but also easy to access no matter where you live in Canada. Convenience is key, and the Herbal Coast makes getting weed more convenient than ever.

Navigating the site is straight forward and they have an extremely comprehensive FAQ section worth visiting. Besides the shop, they also breakdown their product by brands and before buying anything be sure to check out their specials page. They carry most products including marijuana flowers, edibles, hash, CBD products, budder, shatter and more.

The Herbal Coast Coupon Codes and Promotions

Each month THC offers new specials while the supplies last. The Herbal Coast coupon codes can often be found on their website. The specials section clearly marked on the top navigation offers a variety of deals. There you can find all sorts of deals. They also offer free shipping on orders over $99.

If you spend at least $99 on your first purchase, you’ll get an eighth of either Purple Kush or Bubba Kush on the house. You’ll need a coupon code to receive your free cannabis; type either “FreePurpleKush” or “FreeBubbaKush” in the coupon code section during checkout.

The Herbal Coast Cannabis Flowers

Browsing the flower shop is a fun experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The Herbal Coast has a wide selection of indica, sativa, and balanced hybrids to choose from. You can also order pre-rolled joints of the strain of your choosing. Sort the results by setting filters based on price, popularity, average rating, or new arrivals.

There is also an in-depth description detailing the overall high. Unlike many online dispensaries, you can even see exactly which grower the weed originated from. Here are some top selling strains currently offered by the Herbal Coast.

Girl Scout Cookies (Indica Hybrid)

GSC is a well-known name in the Canadian weed community. It is an indica-dominant hybrid but exhibits many sativa characteristics as well. You’ll experience an intense body high that might leave you locked to the couch. The Herbal Coast sells Girl Scout Cookies for $25 per eighth or $180 for an ounce.

Green Crack Cookies (Sativa Hybrid)

This cross between Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies exhibits characteristics of each parent; it spurs creativity like Green Crack and lifts the mood like GSC. You can expect to feel high right away and for hours to come after smoking Green Crack Cookies.

Blue Dynamite (Indica Hybrid)

Blue Dynamite has a unique flavor profile of the indica-dominant . It has a combination of fruity, citrusy, and spicy flavors and smokes smooth and strong. An eighth costs $30, but think about ordering an ounce for $199.

Pre-Roll Joints

If you prefer to have your joints already rolled for you when they arrive at your door, order some pre-rolls from THC. Many popular strains are offered as pre-rolls but not all. Some of the strains offered in this form are Death Bubba, Girl Scout Cookies, Marion Berry, Pennywise CBD, Pink Lady, and Space Queen. Each joint contains one gram of weed and is $11.

Cannabis Concentrates

Fans of weed concentrates will be more than pleased with the selection offered at THC. This dispensary carries budder, shatter, cannabis oil, live resin, and more. Shatter is the most popular concentrate in Canada right now, and this is no exception at THC. But customers are leaving positive reviews about almost every concentrated product here.

Shatter (Multiple Strains)

The Herbal Coast only offers premium shatter that is produced in small batches. The CO2 extraction process ensures that only the potent resins are taken from the organically-grown buds. You can choose from these strains: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, Purple Punch, and White Widow. Try out a gram for $45.

Moroccan Hash

The hash offered by the Herbal Coast is reminiscent of rich Moroccan culture. Even longtime hash smokers can appreciate this product, and not just because it contains 32% THC. Its relaxing high will lull your body and mind into a calm state. Give it a try for $18 per gram.

Weed Edibles

Although smoking has always been the most common form of ingesting marijuana, some people will always prefer to chow down on weed instead. Edibles are gaining in popularity and for good reason. The Herbal Coast has a few options for these people, like sour or sweet gummies, raw cannabis sugar, fudge brownies, or flavored liquid shots.

Jet Pack Liquid Shots

The idea behind the Jet Pack Liquid Shots is to consume your cannabis anytime, anywhere. For just $4 per pack you’ll get a 20mg dose of CBD or 30mg dose of THC. There are two flavors to choose from: orange float (THC) or frosted grape (CBD). All you have to do is add it to a hot or cold beverage of your choice and let it work its magic.

Indica Caramel Brownie

The gooey chewy caramel brownies melt in your mouth, literally. Each square of chocolatey goodness contains 80mg THC, but start with a small amount and give it 30 to 45 minutes to kick in. To keep the full potency be sure to store it in the refrigerator until consumed.

The Herbal Coast Payment Options

This review of The Herbal Coast wouldn’t be finished without discussing their payment options. Every member of the Herbal Coast is required to pay using Interac e-Transfers. As long as you have a Canadian bank account or credit union transferring money electronically is quick and easy. Once you are ready to place your order the dispensary will send you instructions on how to transfer money. You can also find detailed instructions on the order confirmation page.

The Herbal Coast Shipping Details

The Herbal Coast only ships to addresses within Canada, but you can order from any province or territory. The product is packaged in vacuum-sealed bags. Payments processed before 3pm PST will be sent the same day. Anything after will be sent the next business day.

If your order is at least $149 you’re eligible for free shipping. Any order below this amount requires a flat rate of $15 for shipping. Packages sent through Canada Post Express take between 1-5 days to arrive. The Herbal Coast is located in Vancouver, so if you order from BC or nearby you are more likely to receive your package within one day.

Contact Information for The Herbal Coast

If you need to contact THC about your order or have questions about a product, use the live chat option during operating hours. For a general inquiry and don’t need an immediate response, send an email to A team member will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.