Herb Approach Review

The amount of online cannabis dispensaries is growing rapidly. Every day there seems to be more options for buying weed online. If you’re main concern is on holistic health and natural healing, this Herb Approach review will make you want to buy your weed from them.

Herb Approach Online Dispensary Information

Herb Approach online dispensary takes your health seriously. This company provides high-quality medical marijuana to Canadians nationwide. All of their cannabis comes from BC growers who hold growing standards to the highest level. They focus on service, security, quality, delivery, and trust.

Ordering weed online is an easy process with Herb Approach. All you need to do is register by providing your government-issued ID, add items to your shopping cart, make a secure payment, and wait for delivery. They pride themselves for having premium grade BC bud at the best online prices. You can tell by the pictures just how high in quality these strains are.

Herb Approach Coupon Codes

Herb Approach coupon codes come and go.  They are usually offering different deals and promotions. Throughout the year you’ll find deals on flowers, concentrates, edibles, and CBD products. Right now the weed dispensary is offering 30% off Moroccan hash, 3 vape pen cartridges plus battery pack for $90, and $30 Kleer X Distillates. There are also tons of specials on different flower strains.

Marijuana Flowers

This dispensary has one of the most extensive selections of flowers available. These products are broken down into 5 categories: indica, sativa, hybrid, pre-rolled, and Moon Rocks. Finding the right strain for you is easy. All you have to do is select one of the categories and then set filters specifying price, popularity, or new arrival.

Pink Death

Pink Death is the most popular indica strain offered by Herb Approach. This strain is a cross between Death Bubba and Pink Kush – the combination of the two is extremely potent. Although it is not a great choice for daytime use, it is perfect for those much-needed moment of relaxation. It is ideal for patients treating pain, nausea, and insomnia. Two grams of Pink Death costs $26.

Acapulco God

This strong sativa hybrid will give you a strong head and body high. This is not surprising since it packs a powerful punch with 26% THC. The combination of the strong cerebral high and soothing body bud is why Herb Approach customers love this strain. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or stress give this a try. The sweet earthy flavor of Acapulco God makes it worth every penny: just $22 for 2 grams. This is a powerful strain so we had to include it in this Herb Approach review.

Moon Rocks

If you’ve never tried Moon Rocks before, now is the time. These powerful rocks are made from dipping OG Kush buds in concentrated hash oil and then topping them off with kief powder. Needless to say, these aren’t for the faint of heart. Not many online dispensary sells this, but Herb Approach has quite the selection. With 52% THC, these go out of stock quickly so buy it while you can.

Cannabis Concentrates

No matter what type of concentrated cannabis you’re into these days, Herb Approach has it. They offer distillate, vaporizers, oil, phoenix tears, shatter, wax, and hash. All of these are extracted from high quality bud to produce a powerful product with extremely high THC (sometimes 99%).

Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash is some of the best in the world. Reviewers who have bought the hash from Herb Approach describe it as smooth, flavorful, and worth the price. Several comment that a little bit goes a long way and that the high can sneak up on you, so go easy on this stuff. The best part is that right now it is on sale for $17.50 per gram – marked down from $25 per gram.

Jackalope Shatter

Herb Approach offers a variety of shatter, but the most popular right now is Jackalope by Wonka Extracts. It is a sativa hybrid that is a cross between Chocolope and Black Jack. Both of these strains are extremely potent, and Jackalope follows suit. It creates a mellow body buzz that is perfect for pain treatment. This energizing and uplifting shatter is $40 per gram, but well worth the money.

Cannabis Edibles

If you’re on the hunt for cannabis edibles, you’re in luck. Browsing the Herb Approach edibles section you’ll see several categories, including foods and cooking, drinks, chocolates, and candies. Whether you want to bake a cannabis treat yourself or just chow down on some candies, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Sunshower Gummies

The most popular edible at Herb Approach is Sunshower Gummies by Baked Edibles. This BC-based company creates many cannabis treats, but this one can’t be beat. Each package contains 75 mg THC; there are 15 gummies with 5mg THC in each. Choose between raspberry, blackberry, green apple, mango tangerine, and pineapple. These will get you high for just $15 per package.

Double Chocolate Cookie

The name says it all; the Double Chocolate Cookie by Baked Edibles is the perfect treat for chocolate (and weed) lovers. This cookie is baked with two kinds of fair-trade chocolate infused with 30mg THC. Indulging in one of these is the best way to get a body-balancing high and elevate your mood. Purchase a few of these at a time, they are only $6 per cookie.


As far as holistic health goes, CBD is a popular product for treating medical conditions of all kinds. It is growing in popularity every day and is even supported by many doctors and medical institutions around the world. Here are the most popular CBD products offered by Herb Approach.

450mg CBD Tincture

If you want to use weed as a medication but aren’t looking for the psychoactive effects, consider purchasing the CBD tincture. It won’t produce the same high as a THC oil or flower, but the benefits are infinite. This oil created by the Mota company can be used for chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, and can even slow down cancer. One bottle is $80, but it should last you several months depending on frequency of use.

Lemon Grass Temple CBD Tea

If you enjoy a cup of tea to calm your nerves, why not try brewing it with CBD? With the Lemon Grass CBD Tea by Mota you can enjoy a cannabis-infused beverage morning or night. Each package comes with 12 servings of 120mg CBD. If you aren’t a fan of lemongrass, no worries; it also comes in peppermint and ginger. One package of this popular product is $19.

Shipping and Delivery

If you place your order and payment is processed before 9am your package will be shipped that same day. Any order placed after 9am will be sent out the following business day. The minimum order amount is $100, and once you spend $150 you’ll receive free shipping. If your order total is under $150 you’ll pay a shipping fee of $15.

Your package will be sent through Canada Post XpressPost and is insured if you choose that option at checkout. There is a small fee when you choose to insure your package. You’ll be provided a tracking number as soon as it is shipped. Expect it to arrive between 1-3 business days for populated areas and 3-5 for more remote spots.

Payment Options

This review of Herb Approach wouldn’t be done with payment options. You can pay in one of two ways: Interac e-Transfer and Bitcoin. Sending e-Transfers is the easiest form of paying. All it requires is that you are a member of a Canadian bank or credit union. Once you select the account you’d like to withdraw from, the dollar amount, and recipient name and email your money will be sent.

Bitcoin is another option for Herb Approach customers. If you have Bitcoin or would like to purchase some, you can refer to the FAQ’s section of the Herb Approach website to guide you through the process.

Contacting Herb Approach

Need to get in touch with the online dispensary about an order, product details, or any other general inquiry? The best way to do this is my leaving a message on the “Contact Us” page. You’ll just need your name, email, subject line and a message regarding your inquiry. During business hours there is also a live chat option where you can talk directly with an Herb Approach representative.

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