Herb Approach Coupon + Reviews

Herb Approach is an online shop offering high-quality marijuana across Canada. Now it’s time to review this iconic online dispensary and enjoy the Herb Approach coupon code listed below.

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All of their weed comes from growers on the west coast of Canada who taking growing seriously. They focus on service, security, quality, delivery, and trust.

Herb Approach Coupon

Save money and get online deals by using these Herb Approach online dispensary Canada coupon codes. In no particular order : CBD25OFF = $25 off CBD / HERB420 = 20% off items not on sale / DEDIB30 = 30% off edibles.

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Getting good deals and access to sales when ordering weed online is an easy process with Herb Approach. All you need to do is register for an account by providing your government of Canada issued ID, add items to your shopping cart, make a secure payment, and wait for delivery. Speaking of which, you’ll get free shipping on deals over $150.

Herb Approach Dispensary Information

Not much is said about Herb Approach on their website. It does state that Herb Approach is from British Columbia and has been in the industry for 15 years.  Their Facebook and Instagram accounts don’t work but their Twitter does, it was updated last in October.

To contact Herb Approach leave a message on the “Contact Us” page, they are ready to help. You’ll just need your name, email, subject line and a message (account if you’re registered) regarding your inquiry.

During business hours there is also a live online chat option where you can talk directly with a representative. There is no number listed on the website but you’ll get a reply from customer service.

For free shipping and payment policies and other sales, scroll to the bottom.

Is Herb Approach Trustworthy?

There is a mention of Herb Approach on TrustPilot and it’s negative. Worth mentioning that there are only 3 reviews and one of them is in a foreign language. Other than that, nothing. When searching about Herb Approach and scam, nothing comes up. 

When scanning Reddit, there is LOTS to say about Herb Approach and it’s overwhelmingly positive. There are even threads about recommendations of what to order. Click here for a full list of Reddit threads on Herb Approach.

A recent thread about Herb Approach, positive feedbaks.

Herb Approach has a great reputation online. The only real complaints are that it’s overpriced. This tends to be common with established online dispensaries that have a great reputation.

Cannabis Products at Herb Approach

Herb Approach has a massive selection of cannabis products, one of the largest in Canada. They sell flowers, concentrates, CBD products, accessories and more. Don’t forget to check their flash sale section.

Marijuana Flowers

Herb Approach has the most extensive selections of flowers available in Canada. These weed products are broken down into 5 categories: indica, sativa, hybrid, pre-rolled, and Moon Rocks. Finding the right weed strain for you at Herb Approach is easy. All you have to do is select a category and then set filters specifying price, popularity, or new arrival.

Moon Rocks

If you’ve never tried Moon Rocks before, now is the time. These powerful rocks are made from dipping OG Kush buds in concentrated hash oil and then topping them off with kief powder. Not many online dispensaries sells this, but Herb Approach has quite the selection. With 52% THC, these go out of stock quickly so buy it while you can.

Herb Approach Cannabis Concentrates

No matter what type of premium concentrates you’re into these days, Herb Approach has it. They offer distillate, vaporizers, oil, phoenix tears, shatter, wax, and hash. All of these are extracted from quality bud to produce powerful concentrates with extremely high THC (sometimes 99%).

Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash are some of the best known concentrates in the world. Reviewers who have bought the hash from Herb Approach describe it as smooth, flavorful, and worth the price. Several comment that a little bit goes a long way and that the buzz can sneak up on you, so go easy on this stuff. The best part is that right now it is on sale for $17.50 per gram – marked down from $25 per gram.

Cannabis Edibles

If you’re on the hunt for the best cannabis edibles, you’re in luck. You’ll see several categories, including foods and cooking, drinks, chocolates, and candies.

Whether you want to bake a cannabis treat yourself or just chow down on some candies, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Don’t forget the Herb Approach coupon code DEDIB30 for 30% off edibles and keep an eye out for other sales.

Sunshower Gummies

The most popular edible at Herb Approach is Sunshower Gummies by Baked Edibles. This BC-based company creates many cannabis treats, but this can’t be beat. Each package contains 75 mg THC; there are 15 gummies with 5mg THC in each. Choose between raspberry, blackberry, green apple, mango tangerine, and pineapple. These will get you going – current prices are just $15 per package.

Shipping and Delivery

If you place your mail order and payment is processed before 9am your package will be shipped immediately. Any order placed after 9am will be sent out the following business day. The minimum order amount is $100, and once you spend $150 you’ll receive premium free shipping. If your total is under $150 you’ll pay a shipping fee of $15.

Your orders will be sent from Herb Approach through Canada Post XpressPost and is insured if like. There is a small fee when you choose to insure your package. You’ll be provided a tracking number as soon as it is shipped. Expect it to arrive between 1-3 business days for populated areas and 3-5 for more remote spots.

Payment Options

Herb Approach online dispensary Canada is similar to most mail order marijuana in terms of payment. You can pay in two ways: Interac e-Transfer and Bitcoin. Sending e-Transfers to their account is the easiest form of paying for your weed order. This gets your orders out the door almost instantly. Before checking out, make sure you’ve applied the right Herb Approach coupon to save on the premium product you’re buying.

Bitcoin is another option for Herb Approach mail order marijuana account holder. If you have Bitcoin or would like to purchase some, you can refer to the FAQ’s section of the website to guide you through the process.