Healing Empire Review

Ordering your products from Healing Empire is not just safe and discreet, but also easy. All you need to do is create a free account, browse the online store, add items to your cart and make a payment.

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No matter where you live in Canada you can order from Healing Empire. All you need to do is prove that you are at least 19 by providing a government issued ID.

This recreational online dispensary offers buds, CBD products, concentrates, edibles, and high-grade cannabis.

Healing Empire Coupon Codes

New customers should use this Healing Empire coupon code “OFFER10” to receive 10% off your first order. Also be sure to check out the clearance and sale items before you explore the rest of the online store. Different strains are offered at discounted prices each day, and you can find discounts on your favorite strains when you buy in bulk.

Healing Empire Marijuana Strains

The list of cannabis strains offered by Healing Empire is not only long, but also diverse. The mix of sativa, indica and hybrid strains makes shopping for the perfect bud quick and easy. The quality BC-grown buds are not just potent, but also affordable. Here are the top strains offered by this online dispensary.

Blue Dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Blueberry indica and the sativa Haze. You’ll feel happily relaxed and a sense of calm after hitting a joint of this. People like Blue Dream for its relaxing effects, but also that it doesn’t keep you glued to the couch. You can still manage to have a productive day if you smoke this in the morning. It’s also very high in THC with levels reaching 24% and CBD at 2%.

Purple Raine

This cross between Purple Candy Kush, OG Kush, and Chemdawg might even leave you with the giggles. The flavor profile is one reason for its popularity; you’ll get a taste of grape, herbal, and spicy flavors. Two grams is $16 and 14 grams is $80.

Cotton Candy

The ultimate stress reliever is Cotton Candy. No, not the fluffy delicacy that melt in your mouth, but rather the cannabis hybrid strain that can relax anyone. Cotton Candy has a fluffy appearance and sweet taste much like the actual candy. It contains around 22% THC and 1% CBD.

Healing Empire CBD

If you know you prefer CBD rather than THC, check out the CBD products offered by Healing Empire. There aren’t tons to choose from – right now there are 7 at this dispensary – but the quality makes up for this. Of these 7 products the most popular are the CBD capsules and the flavored tinctures.

CBD Capsules

For $10 you can get 75mg of CBD in capsule form. This is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of CBD but doesn’t like to smoke. These vegan pills contain 25mg CBD each and are formulated with calcium and a proprietary blend created by the dispensary.

Grape CBD Tincture

This grape-flavored tincture is made by Sweet Jane Edibles. This CBD oil contains 100mg CBD and 30mg THC and only costs $15 per bottle. If you aren’t a fan of grape you can also try it in blue raspberry.

Cannabis Concentrates

Healing Empire reviews often mention the potency and quality of the concentrates offered by the dispensary. You can purchase shatter, budder, oil, rosin, or distillate; all of these are extremely concentrated and a small amount goes a long way. The top selling concentrated cannabis at Healing Empire is the Gorilla Glue #4 shatter.

Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter

Most people know that shatter is an extremely potent form of cannabis, but they don’t realize the extent of this potency. At 84% THC, the Gorilla Glue shatter is extremely powerful. Although 1 gram is $45, you don’t need much to start feeling its effects. You’ll instantly feel relaxed, happy, and maybe even euphoric.

Cannabis Edibles

Anyone with a sweet tooth should go straight to the edibles page of this online dispensary. The edibles offered here are divided into several categories including candy, chocolate and beverages. Chocolate lovers should order the $10 chocolate chip cookie that contains 50mg THC. If you’re more into sour than sweet, try the THC infused Jolly Ranchers for $10. They come in a pack of four with 20mg THC each.

Gift Cards

With the holidays coming up, finding the perfect give for a loved one can be a challenge. If your friend, family member, or significant other likes weed, give the gift of cannabis. A gift card to Healing Empire is the ideal gift. There are no hidden fees and the gift card never depreciates in value. Any Canadian weed lover will rave about this Christmas gift for years.

Shipping Policies

As long as everything is in stock, your order will ship within 24 hours of your payment being received. Once your order is processed and shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number to keep tabs on your package. The packaging is safe and discreet – packaging is airtight and smell proof. Nobody will be suspicious of what’s inside and not once has a Healing Empire package been confiscated.

Everything is sent via Canada’s National Postal System; if you choose express shipping your package will arrive in 1-3 days and expedited shipping will arrive in 3-5. If you don’t receive a package within 5 days, contact Healing Empire. Since this company is located in British Columbia, everything will ship from the BC province.

Payment Methods

How could we review Healing Empire without talking about payment? The only accepted payment method at Healing Empire is Interac e-Transfer. If you have never transferred money, you’ll be walked through the process step-by-step once you are ready to checkout. As long as you are a member of a Canadian bank or credit union, it’s easy; all you need is the dollar amount and email address of the recipient.

Contact Information for Healing Empire

Feel free to contact Healing Empire at support@healingempire.ca if you have any questions or concerns. For general questions first check out the FAQ’s page where you’ll find answers in regards to shipping, payment, ordering, and safety. If you still can’t find the answer, send an email and a customer service rep will get back to you quickly.