Green Society Review

The Green Society website is extremely easy to navigate and user friendly. Something interesting is that they have a Deals tab with a value menu, sales & weekend flash sales.

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If you’re not sure what you’d like, can’t go wrong starting there. They also have all sorts of rewards you can earn for interacting with them on social media.

No matter what cannabis trend you’re following these days, Green Society will have something for you. This online dispensary offers dried cannabis buds, concentrates, edibles, and CBD products.

Green Society Company Information

Green Society is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Apart from that, not much mentioned on their about page. They have several social media profiles and are active on Twitter and Facebook. Their last Instagram post is from February.

If you want to get in touch, the best time to do so is from Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm PST. You’ll receive a speedy response during these times. You can either email them at or use the live chat option on the website.

Detailed shipping and payment policies can be found at the bottom of the review.

Does Green Society have a good reputation?

When searching for “Green Society Scam”, comes up with several negative reviews about the dispensary.

Is Green Society a Scam?
Several negative reviews on DirtyScam, click here to read them all.

TrustPilot, BBB and other popular sites have no mention of

Reddit has lots to say bout Green Society, lots of it negative.

Scammed by Green Society?
User received an empty package, in-depth discussion.
Green Society Warning
OP leaves warning about Green Society, lots of users comment.
Has Green Society to be trusted?
Has it gotten anymore trustworthy?

Just three days ago, it was mentioned in this thread. The verdict on Reddit is that Green Society is not to be trusted.

Green Society doesn’t have a great reputation online.

Our Experience Ordering from Green Society

In the middle of October, 2019 we ordered 3.5G of King Tut by Canuck Seeds and 3.5G of Pink Gas. It all arrived along with a sample of Orange Haze, free rolling papers and filters.

The King Tut cost $45 and the Pink Gas was $38. Shipping was a flat rate of $20. There was no tax added on top of the price.

Green Society Arrived October 2019
Everything we ordered came from Green Society, it took 6 days to arrive after we ordered.
Pink Gas marijuana strain
A better shot of  the 3.5 grams of Pink Gas.

The package arrived at our door 6 days after placing the order. The package was discrete and well packaged.

There is lots of bad press about Green Society right now but we had no problems with our cannabis order.

Green Society Coupon Codes

This online dispensary has a “Weekend Flash Sale” each weekend.  Just use coupon code FLASH15 during the weekend and receive 15% off your order. Use discount code GS20 for 20% off your first order.

You can also use DG25 to save 25$ off your first order.

Products at Green Society

This dispensary has an impressive range of products. All types of flowers, edibles, CBD, vape pens, mix and mach packages, staff picks, concentrates and more.

lots of cannabis products at this dispensary
Lots of categories to choose from for cannabis shoppers at Green Society.

Cannabis Flowers

Also referred to as the “Green Room” on the website, the online flower shop has an impressive variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Every strain comes from a local BC grower and goes through an extensive screening process before sold. So you know the weed that arrives on your doorstep will be top quality. Here are some of GS top selling flower products.

Pink Starburst

This hybrid is gaining more respect by the day from weed smokers. It’s a cross between four strains so it has many layers to it. Most smokers love it for its sweet and floral aroma and some people just like it for the high. It will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and sometimes even more focused. 3.5 grams of Pink Starburst costs $33 CAD.

Tuna Kush

Green Society’s most popular indica strain is Tuna Kush. Growers in British Columbia love it for its crystally resin and dense buds. Smokers prefer it for its pungent skunk scent but also sweet flavor. GS sells 3.5 grams of Tuna Kush for $40 and 28 grams for $280.

Laughing Buddha

If sativa is more your style, give Laughing Buddha a try. Its name describes it perfectly; after smoking just a few hits you’ll probably experience the giggles. It has a nice earthy flavor that can be a mix of sweet and spicy. Purchasing 3.5 grams will only set you back $33.


More and more weed users are turning to concentrated cannabis, and Green Society has just about every concentrate imaginable. Choose from a variety of shatters, live resins, distillates, phoenix tears, and high terpene extracts. The most popular is the shatter variety pack by Atomic Concentrates. When you purchase this you get to choose four different shatters (1 gram each) for $140.


If you prefer to eat your weed rather than smoke it, be sure to see what Green Society has to offer. They sell gummy bears, baked goods, and even herbal teas infused with cannabis. Since legalization many online cannabis dispensaries have fallen behind on the edibles train. Green Society is an exception to this. To satisfy your sweet tooth consider ordering the Baked Edibles brand; GS sells cookies, brownies, and chocolate bars from this company.

CBD Products

Visitors can appreciate Green Society’s huge selection of the best CBD oil in Canada and other products. The CBD capsules are by far the most popular and offer the most health benefits. They are organic, vegan, gluten free, and sugar free and come in a variety of sizes. The 25 mg capsules cost $15.75 for a small bottle. There are also CBD tinctures, gummy bears, and flower strains. You can even buy CBD dog treats for your pup.

Green Society Payment Options

Green Society offers two methods for payment: Interac e-transfer or cryptocurrencies. Just about every bank in Canada allows for e-transfers. All you have to do is access your online banking and send the money by inputting the Green Society email address. If you have Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin you can also use this to pay for your order.

Shipping Information

Green Society guarantees that your order will be delivered 1-3 days after shipment. Typically your order will be shipped the same day as long as the products are in stock. However, the company encourages customers to pay a small fee for shipping insurance. Packages can get lost or stolen in transit, so just to be safe invest in the insurance.

If something happens you’ll be guaranteed to get a replacement shipment or a credit for the exact amount of the order. Normally GS offers free shipping over $200, but for a limited time you’ll receive free shipping on orders of $149 or more.