Green God Review

Green God is one of the newer Canadian dispensaries – it was founded in 2018 – but GG has quickly proven themselves as a leader in the world of mail-order-marijuana. When you visit the site, you’ll get a feel for their professionalism right away. The site is clean, simple, and really easy to use. 

The core values held by the team members at GG all point to one thing: giving Canadians easy access to marijuana for a fair price. They believe that no matter who you are (unless you are under the legal age) you should be able to order your favourite products and simply wait for them to arrive at your door. 

Green God Coupon Codes and Promotions

Green God coupon codes are amazing! It’s constantly offering sales and promotions to new and old customers. When you visit the homepage, you’ll see a button at the bottom that leads you to the active coupon codes. These are constantly changing, so check back every week to see what’s new. At the moment, there are 2 active coupon codes:

  • Get 35% off storewide – Use coupon code: smoke35
  • Get 40% off Nebula – Use coupon code: nebula40

These promotions are for new and old customers alike, but there is also a signup offer for newbies giving 20% off the first order. You just need to subscribe to the Green God email list. Couldn’t do a review of Green God without including some industry leading discounts.

Dried Cannabis

The flowers at Green God are categorized differently from other online dispensaries. Instead of categorizing by type of bud like sativa, indica, or hybrid, they have divided it all by price. You can find a variety of bud ranging from $3 per gram to $10 per gram. Once you click on your preferred price range, then you’ll be able to choose from there whether you want an energizing sativa strain or a relaxing indica. 

Chem Fire (Hybrid)

Chem Fire is a top-selling hybrid strain at Green God, mostly because it provides a nice balance of euphoria and sleepiness. The indica traits of Chem Fire are hard-hitting; you can expect to feel a heavy body high within minutes of your first joint hit. It’s available for $7 per gram or $196 for an ounce right now. 

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

Anyone wanting something a bit more invigorating and energizing should opt for Super Lemon Haze. This highly potent sativa provides a happy energy that radiates throughout the mind and body. The best part is that you can get a gram for just $3 or an entire ounce for $81. 


There is one confusing aspect to the Green God website; when you click on the “Concentrates” tab to start browsing, you won’t see any shatters available. But don’t worry, GG does indeed carry shatter (it is just under its own category, you’ll see it). Aside from shatter, Green God also carries tinctures, CBD capsules, Phoenix Tears, and vape pens. 

Blue Dream Shatter

The most in-demand shatter at the dispensary right now is the Blue Dream strain. Its popularity might be attributed to the fact that it is only $20 per gram, which is incredibly low for shatter. But when you take a look at the reviews, you’ll see that people also like it for its strong and creative high. 

Crash Labs Disposable Vape Pen

At the moment the popular vape pen by Crash Laboratories is out of stock but it is expected to be back  soon. This vape is popular for a few reasons, including the 90% THC and 10% terpenes. One pen costs $45 but should last a while since it contains 500mg. You can choose from a few flavors, including:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Blue Cheese
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Durban Poison
  • Sour Diesel


There are currently 10 options for edibles products varying in flavor and potency. If CBD is your drug of choice, the 10mg or 25mg CBD capsules are an easy way to get your daily dose. Green God has a variety of gummies to choose from if you’re hoping to consume THC instead. Most of them come in a package containing 6 gummies with 25mg THC each (150mg total). 

Green God Payment Methods

This review of Green God wouldn’t be finished without talking about payment options. Like most online dispensaries in Canada, Green God only accepts Interac e-Transfer. You probably already know how e-transfers work, but if not the process is simple. As long as you use a Canadian bank or credit union, you’ll be able to send your payment.

Green God Shipping Costs

Our suggestion to you is to spend at least $125 if you live in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. If you live in any other province, spend $150. This means you’ll receive free ground shipping on your order. If you spend $200 or more you’ll get free express shipping no matter where you live in Canada. 

Not willing to spend quite that much on cannabis? You can visit the Green God FAQs page to see about your shipping cost depending on where you live. It varies from province to province and depends on the postal service you choose (Canada Post or Purolator). In general, shipping at Green God costs about $20 to receive your package between 5-7 days. 

Contact Information for Green God

The best way to get in contact is by emailing them at There is also a chat option on the website, but this will only be active during business hours when agents are available. Business hours are Monday to Friday 8 am – 6 pm and Saturday 9 am – 5 pm. Send an email whenever though, the team at Green God typically responds within 24 hours.