GetKush Review

Get Kush aims to keep customers for life because of one simple goal. They want you to buy weed in the easiest shopping experience while also saving money on marijuana.

GetKush is the place for mixing and matching oz’s
Save 15% off when buying 2 oz, 25% for 3 & 40% for 6+oz
Use code ‘DG10’ for 10% off on first purchase.
Click here to now to start shopping aims to keep customers for life because of one simple goal. They want to create the best and easiest shopping experience while also saving Canadians money on marijuana.

It is a family-run mail-order dispensary that values strong customer service, premium-quality medical marijuana and affordable prices. That said, this is no Mom & Pop service, they just go the extra mile.

Contact Information

A review wouldn’t be complete without contact info. You can connect with them in several ways. Stay up-to-date on the latest cannabis-related news by following the dispensary on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can contact them directly by emailing, a member from customer service will help you.

Promo Codes and Deals

Right now if you spend over $349 you’ll receive 14 free grams of Pink Diesel for free. This will be automatically added to your cart as soon as you reach that amount. Be sure to check out the sale items before you browse the rest of the site. New strains and products are constantly being offered at a discounted rate.

The hot promotion right now is the Mix and Match deal. Not only can you pick a variety of strains to try, you’ll also receive a hefty discount depending on how much you purchase. Purchasing two ounces of any strain will get you 15% off, three ounces and you’ll receive 25% off. If you purchase at least six ounces you’ll receive a whopping 40% off your entire order.

Cannabis Flowers

You can purchase your cannabis flowers based on strain, price, quality, or variety pack offers. It offers balanced hybrids, sativa, and indica strains that recreational cannabis users admire.

This dispensary has one of the most extensive collections of strains; consider ordering a variety pack to try out as many as possible for the best price. This is the place to shop if you’re looking to try numerous strains in one order.

BC Big Bud (Sativa)

Hailing from British Columbia, BC Big Bud is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an uplifting cerebral high. Even if you are just smoking for fun, you’ll love the pungent skunky aroma and appreciate the crystally trichomes. You can purchase 7 grams for $45 or one ounce for $149. You can also add this strain into a variety pack discussed in the next section.

Get Kush Cannabis Variety Pack

Can’t make up your mind? Consider ordering a GetKush Variety Pack for just $100. The decision making will be left up to the dispensary team; GetKush will choose four AAAA at random.

You can choose whether you prefer sativa or indica, and you’ll receive 3.5 grams of each strain. For $120 you’ll get a top-shelf variety pack with some of Canada’s best cannabis.

Since new products are always arriving, no two packs are the same.

Cannabis Concentrates

If you prefer a more concentrated form of marijuana, you’re in luck. It offers concentrates in the form of shatter, budder, hash, and oils. T

hese all contain an impressive amount of THC, typically between 40-80% You’ll want to go easy on concentrated products and take things slow; they tend to be four times more potent than your run-of-the-mill cannabis flowers.

Juicy Fruit Shatter

You won’t find shatter that is more potent or flavorful than Juicy Fruit. Customers have reviewed this product with a 5-star rating and the only negative feedback is in regards to its insane potency. Some people even claim it tastes like a stick of Juicy Fruit gum. You can get 2 grams for $60 or 7 grams for $180.

Cannabis Edibles

For those who aren’t into smoking or dabbing, you can still enjoy your weed in another way. There are tons of edible products to choose from that are infused with THC. The edibles offered by GetKush online dispensary include gummies, lollipops, cookies, brownies, cakes, and beverages. With edibles always start with a small amount to gauge your tolerance.

Tetra Bites Gummy Candies

The Victoria-based company Tetra Organics offers a selection of naturally-flavored gummies. They are made with the highest-quality products and premium-grade cannabis. Each package of Tetra Bites comes with 4 gummies containing 10mg THC each. After consuming one of two of these expect to experience a tingly body high followed by a deep sleep. One package is just $15.

Shipping & Payment

If your order amount is over $149 you’ll receive free shipping from GetKush . Anyone else has to pay a flat rate of $15 for shipping anywhere in Canada. That’s a standard fee for mail order marijuana.

Every package is sent via Canada Post’s Express Post. All packages are guaranteed and protected against theft or loss in transit unless you live in Nunavut, Northern Ontario, or Northern Quebec due to high postal theft rates.

To pay for your cannabis products at GetKush all you need to do is send an Interac money transfer. E-Transfers typically only take a few minutes to process and just require the email address of the recipient.