Ganja Express Review

Ganja Express has one guiding principle according to their website; to responsibly provide quality cannabis to anyone of age. Once you make an account, you’ll have access to over 50 strains of cannabis.

Products include flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD, vape pens and smoking accessories. Becoming a member will allow you to receive points for shopping to use towards your next order.

Customers of the dispensary rave about the ease of ordering. The website is simple to navigate; you can start shopping for your weed right away. No matter where you order from in Canada, you should receive your package within a few days from Canada Post.

Ganja Express Dispensary Information

The “about us” page on says little to nothing about the company, quite normal. Ganja Express does have a Twitter account but it hasn’t been active since 2016. They also have a Facebook page which hasn’t been active since 2018.

To get in touch, email them at and they’ll get back to you quickly. If you’d prefer to call you can reach customer service at 1-888-426-4160. This is only available during operating hours, which is Monday thru Friday 7am – 3pm PST. They also have a chat box in the bottom right corner.

Refer to the bottom of this review for information about their shipping and payment policies.

Is Ganja Express Trustworthy?

There isn’t any mention of Ganja Express on TrustPilot or the Better Business Bureau. There is one long complaint about the dispensary on Dirty Scam. Supposedly, Ganja Express scammed the client for $500.

When turning to Reddit, you can read everything about Ganja Express here.

Recent review of Ganja Express on Reddit.
Mostly negative feedback and most recent thread, a user called them “selective scammers”.
User claims to be scammed by Ganja Express.
Year old but THIS is the thread you should read if you’re considering a purchase.

On Reddit, there are numerous threads about Ganja Express and mostly negative. Other online dispensaries worth checking out are Cheebas, Pot Cargo, Stash Club or Doobdasher.

Ganja Express Coupon Codes

Currently, Ganja Express has no discount codes. However, they are having a special where you can build your own ounce. Please note it’s only on specific flowers so not everything in stock.

Ganja Express build your own ounce promotion.
Ganja Express will be having similar promotions with shatter.

Cannabis Products at Ganja Express

Ganja Express stocks a wide arrange of cannabis products. These include shatter, flowers, vape pens, edibles and concentrates.

Marijuana Flowers

Shopping for flowers is easier than ever, especially with Ganja Express. You can set filters for your personal weed preferences, price, and popularity. Whether you like indica, sativa, hybrid, or just want some top-of-the-line AAAA weed, finding it won’t be difficult. Here are the most popular flower strains offered by Ganja Express.

Ace of Spades

This is a new strain carried by Ganja Express but it has quickly gained popularity. It is a cross between Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper. Most people like it for its potent sweet and sour taste. Others enjoy it for the colorful buds ranging from purple to orange. An eighth is just $30 right now, so get it while it’s on sale.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a household name in the cannabis world. You might have heard of it for its strong diesel-like smell, but you’ll keep smoking it for its stress-relieving powers. An eighth of Sour D is $35 and one ounce is $200.

Marijuana Concentrates

If you have dabbled in the world of marijuana concentrates, you might never have returned back to regular buds. This highly concentrated cannabis can create an unparalleled high. Ganja Express carries a variety of shatters, CBD tinctures, distillates, and hash.

CBD Tincture

The main component in CBD products – cannabidiol – is known to help a huge range of conditions and discomforts. That is why CBD oil is increasingly being talked about. The 32 ml bottle will cost $90, but a little bit goes a long way.

Black Cherry OG Shatter

Shatter is the most popular concentrated cannabis product on the market today. The cannabinoid content – CBD and THC – is much higher in shatter than in normal flowers. Black Cherry OG has a tasty fruity flavor; shatter enthusiasts will love it. One gram costs $40. This is more expensive than weed flowers since the concentration can reach as much as 90%.


If you’d rather eat your weed than smoke it, check out the edibles page at Ganja Express. There are only a few options for edibles offered by the company, but they are all crowd pleasers. Purchase the THC Infused Honey for your money tea or pancakes. The Ganja Gummy Bears have a whopping 400 mg THC. If your only craving is for chocolate, you can choose between a dark or milk chocolate candy bar.

Vape Pens

Since so many people are into vaping, one of the biggest sellers for GE is vape pens. They have a few pens to choose from, but also cartridge refills, battery chargers, full kits for all of your vaping needs. The Cobra Pen Kit with charger, cartridge, and battery is a topseller; it is small enough to resemble your car key and is compatible with most cartridges.

Shipping and Delivery

As we said before, shipping is always free when you shop with this online dispensary. If you place your order before 9am PST your shipment will be sent that day. Anything after that time will be sent out just one business day later.

If you order anywhere outside of Nunavut, Northwest Territories, or Newfoundland your order is automatically guaranteed; in the event of a lost or stolen package you’ll receive a replacement right away. Expect to receive your order within 2-3 days if you live in a big city, especially near BC. For more remote areas it might take 3-5 days.

Payment Methods

All payments to Ganja Express must be made using Interac e-Transfer. Every Canadian bank or credit union allows e-transfers with just an email address or phone number of the recipient. It takes just minutes to send the money and as soon as it is received by the dispensary your order will be shipped either that day or the next.