Exclusive Bud Review

Exclusive Bud is located in British Columbia, like most of the online dispensaries in Canada. The main difference between Exclusive Bud and the other guys, however, is that their main focus is on premium products. No matter what you order, they claim you’ll be getting the high quality products. 

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Navigating the site is fairly simple and you easily find what you’re looking for. The cannabis products are divided into categories: indica, sativa, hybrid, edibles, concentrates, pens, accessories, and also sale items. Once you’re in the right category, you can then set filters show you results based on price, popularity, average rating, or new arrivals.

Exclusive Bud Coupon Codes and Deals

Your best bet for staying up to date on Exclusive Bud coupon codes and promotions is to follow Exclusive Bud on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That said, if you’re a first time buyer you can save 20% using the coupon code ‘exclusive20‘. You can also sign up to be a member and receive first hand news of upcoming sales. If you join the free Rewards program, you’ll earn points on each purchase that can be used towards your next order.

Indica Strains

If you’re someone who wants a hard hitting high that relaxes the mind and body completely, chances are you enjoy a good indica from time to time. Right now Exclusive Bud has 11 premium indica strains to choose from, some more powerful than others. If indica is the only thing on your mind, check out these top sellers at Exclusive Bud.

Fire OG

Fire OG is an indica-heavy hybrid and is best loved for its creative high. Be prepared to become uplifted and insightful after a joint of Fire OG. Slowly this energetic mood will transform into an intense couchlock, so it is not ideal for daytime use. 

Right now there is a major promotion going on with Fire OG. When you purchase a quarter pound you’ll receive an entire ounce for free. It just keeps getting better; if you purchase ½ pound you’ll receive two free ounces, and 1 pound will get you 4 free ounces. This is one of the most affordable premium strains out there. One ounce only costs $99 right now at Exclusive Bud.

Blue Dragon Desert Frost CBD

This Blue Dragon x Desert Frost cross has a litany of fragrances coming off of it that you won’t believe. This strain is extremely rare and high in CBD, making it ideal for users who don’t want to get super stoned. It has tested at about 17% CBD and just 1-6% THC. Give it a try for for $6.25 per gram.

Sativa Strains

Anyone wanting a more energetic high that tends to be more creative and productive should try out a sativa. Rather than an indica that would lock you to the couch, a sativa will give you the energy to conquer the world. These are the top sativas at Exclusive bud right now.

Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a 100% pure sativa strain and has won a few High Times’ Cannabis Cup awards. Exclusive Bud customers keep coming back to it for its tingly body high and amplified senses. Lots of smokers wake-and-bake with this stuff because it will actually give you more energy. You can get it for $8 per gram or $170 per ounce at Exclusive Bud.


This sativa-dominant hybrid displays mostly sativa effects with slight indica characteristics. You’ll feel a cerebral uplifting high from the sativa end, and slight body relaxation from the indica side of things. Be prepared to also feel giggly and giddy. For these reasons, Viper is the perfect social setting cannabis, and the customers at Exclusive Bud seem to agree.


A wave of disappointment falls over lots of Canadian when they visit an online dispensary store, just to find out that there are barely any edibles. You won’t have this feeling when shopping for edibles at Exclusive Bud. They have tons to choose from, everything from CBD gummies to THC-infused honey. Here’s what you should try first.

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb

This edible is carried by quite a few online dispensary stores, and Exclusive Bud is no exception. You can find the jelly bomb – which is like a gummy candy – in several flavors. The most popular is the cherry jelly bomb, but there is also mango, grape, orange, and apple. You can also choose between sativa, indica, hybrid, or a CBD bomb.

Herbivores Edibles Swift Rolls CBD

The swiss rolls you grew up eating as a child can now be enjoyed in your adulthood…only with 150mg CBD added. The “swift rolls” offered by Herbivores Edibles won’t necessarily lead to a psychoactive high. One package costs $20.

Herbivores Edibles Twonkies THC

Another well-known treat around the world is the infamous Twinkie Bar. Now from Herbivores Edibles, you can get high while you eat one. Their “twonkies” contain the same delicious goodness as normal twinkies, but also contain about 150mg THC. Start out by eating half of this before consuming the whole things. Customers at Exclusive Bud have commented about its ability to hit fast and hard.


Unlike some dispensaries, Exclusive Bud doesn’t have a huge collection of concentrated cannabis. This isn’t a problem for some people, but if shatter is your go-to form of cannabis you should look elsewhere. There are a few options available, but some dispensaries have pages and pages. If you’re still wanting to try out the concentrates at Exclusive Bud, here’s what you should try.

Rockstar Shatter

The Rockstar shatter at this dispensary has tested for extremely high THC levels – over 80%. Its indica qualities give it relaxed and sleepy effects, but not so much that you feel the need to pass out right away. You might even experience an exhilarating body buzz and cerebral high from this. 

Cannaisseur Disposable Weed Pens

These disposable distillate vape pens by Cannaisseur are perfect for on the go vaping. Each pen is made with 85% pure THC extract. Customers of Exclusive Bud have commented on its compact size and discreet looks. You can choose between these flavors: strawberry, mango, mint, lime, blueberry, and grape. One pen contains about 150 puffs and is $40.

Exclusive Bud Payment Options

Currently Exclusive Bud is only accepting Interac e-Transfers, similar to just about ever Canadian online dispensary out there. You might want to complain about not being able to use your credit card or Paypal, but e-Transferring is just as easy. Canadian bank and credit union members can send their money from anywhere at any time.

When you’re ready to checkout, you’ll be sent payment instructions from Exclusive Bud. The transfer typically processes within a few minutes, but can take as much as 24 hours for larger purchases. Once your payment is processed, your products will be on their way to you either that same day of the following business day.

Exclusive Bud Shipping Policies

All orders are sent in discreet packaging and vacuum-sealed bags, not only to preserve freshness but also to prevent any skunky scents from escaping. This reduces any suspicion and protects your privacy, which is a huge priority for Exclusive Bud. Any order placed over $150 receives free shipping, anything under $150 requires a shipping fee of $20 or $25.

Every package is sent out with Canada Post XpressPost, so you can generally expect it between 1-5 days (depending on your location). Since Exclusive Bud is located in BC, small towns in eastern Canada might experience longer shipping times. Those living in BC could receive their weed in as little as one day.

Contact Information for Exclusive Bud

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be emailed to info@exclusivebud.com. You can also visit the “Contact Us” page of the website to leave your inquiry. Unfortunately calling is currently unavailable and you’ll have to send everything via email or the Contact page. There is also an instant chat option during operating hours. If you want a speedy response to a quick question, this is the best option.