Doobdasher Review

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We don’t have any Doobdasher coupons, but those below are golden.

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Doobdasher believes it’s important to create easy access to cannabis products in Canada.

As long as you can prove that you are over 19 and have a Canadian address, Doobdasher will deliver to you. Keep reading this Doobdasher review to find out more about this popular online dispensary.

Of course this dispensary hopes to create zero barriers, but they also believe in quality products. Just because they offer affordable flowers, edibles, and concentrates does not mean they have let the quality fall by the wayside. 

The ordering process at most online weed dispensaries is fairly simple, but Doobdasher goes one step further in simplifying the process. New customers can click on the “How to Order” tab on the homepage. This will give a step-by-step guide on everything from browsing the products to waiting for delivery.

Doobdasher Company Information

They don’t have any information about the company on their about us page. This isn’t uncommon though for online dispensaries in Canada. The link to their Facebook page is no longer valid and their link to instagram brings you to their refer a friend program. 

Doobdasher is located in British Columbia, Canada and customer service hours are Monday – Sunday from 9am – 10pm PST. The best way to contact them is via email at If you’re in a rush, try their live chat. The bottom of this review has information on their shipping policies and payment methods.

Does Doobdasher have a good reputation online?

Searching the web, there is almost no mention of Doobdasher and that’s not a bad thing.  TrustPilot and BBB are blank. The usual places you’ll find mentions of scams are empty.

User reviews of Doobdasher on Reddit are positive. Click here to read all the threads.

Doobdasher is safe
Click image to view entire thread, no bad words about Doobdasher.
Mentions on Reddidt
Thread about best buds you’ve ever had, Doobdasher mentioned a few times.

The top thread is above is ~8 days old at the time of this update. Apart from that, nothing has been mentioned since last year. Mentions date back as far as two years ago.  Doobdasher has a reputation of being safe and trustworthy when it comes to online dispensaries in Canada.

Our Doobdasher Order Experience

We ordered 3.5 grams of Zkittles for $26.00 in the middle of October, 2019.

The ordering process was straight forward. Sign up, upload photo identification, add weed to cart and pay with e-transfer. The weed was shipped a day later. The package arrived from British Columbia to Ontario two days after that.

We give Doobdasher two green thumbs up for the ordering, payment and shipping process. 

The package came in a standard Xpresspost package, the kind you use to ship anything small from an envelop to a small quantity of marijuana. The photo below shows what we received, the Zkittles came in a small double sealed ziplock bag. The weed you see is Zkittles but that’s not the complete count, some was sampled before the photo.

We Zkittles marijuana from Doobdasher and it came two days later.
Doobdasher delivered 3.5 grams of Zkittles 2 days later, fast shipping, easy process. We’re pleased.

Doobdasher has a loyalty program where you collect points, we were given 26 Doob points

To wrap it up, we had a great experience with Doobdasher and would order again.

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Doobdasher Coupon Codes

There aren’t currently any valid coupon codes at Doobdasher, but this does not mean there aren’t any deals. When you visit the website, browse the products to find the weekly flash sales. Every week the most popular items will go on sale for a short time.

If you want to stay in the know about this, subscribe to the Doobdasher newsletter. You can do this on the homepage with just your email address. Once you subscribe you’ll be added to the mailing list to receive updates on new arrivals and special offers.

Doobdasher Cannabis Products

All products sold fit into three main categories. These categories are flowers, concentrates and edibles. It then goes into further sub-categories of hybrid, sativa and indica strains. 

cannabis product line
Click on “All Products” on top bar to access this page.


When it comes to flowers, Doobdasher doesn’t have a ton to choose from. Keep in mind that the strains rotate pretty frequently, so new arrivals are common. But at the time of writing they only have three strains of flowers on hand, all either indica or indica hybrids.

If you’re hoping for something sativa, you might want to check out the edibles, concentrates, or move on the another dispensary. For smokers who prefer indica, definitely try out one (or all) of these three strains at Doobdasher right now.

Blue Blanca

This strain has tested at 24% THC, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. The high will hit you slowly, starting as a nice mind buzz but slowly washing over your entire body. Eventually you’ll either feel sedated or extremely hungry. Right now Doobdasher only sells it by the ounce for $165.


Although the origins of Phenom aren’t certain, we do know that it is a dominant indica hybrid. After a joint of this you’ll fall into a dream-like state and feel mentally/physically relaxed. The flavors are a combination of citrus, dank, and diesel. Give it a try at Doobdasher for $48 per quarter or $175 per ounce.


Doobdasher has a wider selection of edibles than it does of flower, so if you prefer to eat your weed you’re in luck. Most of the edibles provided here are from the Twisted Extracts company, which is a well-known name in the edibles world. Here’s what you should try first.

Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts

The Cara-Melts are a popular option for edibles fans, and not just because they literally melt in your mouth. You can choose the potency that is right for you and choose between CBD or THC. Customers at Doobdasher seem to like the 70mg CBD ones. One package containing 70mg CBD costs $14.

Pure North Extracts THC Gummies

These are full spectrum cannabis infused gummies that contain 150mg THC per package. One pack costs $22 and contains 15 gummies with 10mg THC each. Customers have only left 5 star reviews; one even claims that these are just as potent as smoking a joint.


The quality of the concentrates at Doobdasher makes up for the fact that there aren’t many to choose from. You won’t find shatter here, but you can purchase live resin, hash, vape pens and refills, CBD oil, isolate and more. Here’s what customers have to say about the top selling concentrates.

Organic CBD Isolate

As we talked about before, CBD isn’t for those wanting to get high. The best way to do this is with a CBD isolate, which is pure CBD in the form of powder. Its potent powder form makes it easy to consume since you can add it to coffee, smoothies, or just sprinkle it under your tongue. One gram of the organic CBD Isolate is on sale right now for $32 at Doobdasher.

Nektr Disposable Vape Pen

Vaping is becoming more and more popular among Canadians. If it’s your think, try out the disposable vape pen by Nektar Extracts. These pens have absolutely no additives or artificial flavors. They are also extremely compact and easy to bring along anywhere. Perfect for on-the-go, get one for $50. You can also purchase the Nektar refills from Doobdasher.

Doobdasher Payment Options

Doobdasher only accepts Interac e-Transfers for product payment. If you feel like complaining about not being able to use your credit card, think again. Every online weed dispensary in Canada is like this; some accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but 95% only accept e-Transfers.

When it comes time to checkout, you’ll receive instruction in your email inbox on how to pay. Essentially all you need to do is log into your banking information, select the account you choose to pay from, and send the money using the email address of Doobdasher. E-transfers typically process within a few minutes, but it could take several hours depending on the order amount.

Doobdasher Shipping Policies

Our review of Doobdasher wouldn’t be complete without discussing their shipping policies. If your e-Transfer is received by 9am PST Monday to Friday, your package will be sent that same day. One of Doobdasher’s main concerns is the privacy of its customers. Because of this every single package is sent in a nondescript box and products are stored in vacuum-sealed bags. Not only does this retain freshness but also prevents any suspicious weedy smells from escaping.

Doobdasher has a fairly low order minimum for free shipping compared to other online dispensaries. They require you to pay $110 before you receive free express shipping (most dispensaries fall between $150 and $200). If you don’t spend at least $110, you’ll have to pay $15 for Canada Post XpressPost.

Depending on where you live in Canada, it could take anywhere from 1 day to a full week for your weed to arrive on your doorstep. Since this dispensary is located in BC, western Canadians will experience faster delivery times than east coasters. If you live in a remote town, this could also slow the shipping time. You can keep tabs on your order with the tracking number provided.


In conclusion, if you’re hoping for a huge variety of flowers you should look elsewhere (especially if you are a sativa fan). But if you prefer edibles and concentrates, Doobdasher could be the one for you. You can definitely trust this online dispensary to deliver quality products, so keep an eye out for additions to the flower strains.