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The hype around legal weed in Canada has yet to fade away. Especially since online dispensaries are making access to top-quality weed easier than ever. Which is why we’ve written this ChronicBase review. Online dispensaries are popping up every other day around the country. Some dispensaries are better than others, and one of the best in the biz is ChronicBase.

ChronicBase Online Dispensary Information

Three top values of ChronicBase online dispensary are 100% privacy, customer support, and quality assurance. When you order cannabis products from ChronicBase, you know that your privacy is completely protected. They put their customers first and strive to provide the healing powers of medical cannabis to anyone that wants it.

ChronicBase will do anything to ensure that you love their products and receive them for the best price. They provide their customers with everything from dried flowers to potent concentrates. They even offer “relief packs” that include a variety of strains geared towards treating a specific medical issue.

You might be on the fence about ordering weed online, but with ChronicBase you can rest easy. In order to ensure your privacy they always use discreet packaging on every order. Right away you’ll receive a tracking number and your order has guaranteed delivery. Getting your weed in the mail is easier and safer than ever.

ChronicBase Coupon Codes and Promotions

You can keep an eye out for special promotions and coupon codes by following ChronicBase on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you sign up to become a member, you’ll get the first word on upcoming sales and even early access to some of them. Occasionally your favorite strains might be offered at a discounted price, so browse the website frequently.

Marijuana Flower

At any online dispensaries, flowers are the most commonly purchased cannabis product among customers. This is why it is important to find a dispensary that offers a wide selection and also changes the strains on hand. ChronicBase has a good variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

Unsure what this all means? There is also a great description of strain types on the website’s homepage. There is also a detailed description of each individual flower strain offered. You can choose the perfect strain for you by reading about the medical benefits and high effects. Here are the top selling flowers offered by ChronicBase right now:

Washing Machine (AAA)

Washing Machine is a cross between Exodus Cheese and Bubba Kush and it won the 2017 THC Cup. People love it for its earthy aroma, but also the fact that it gets you insanely high. After a few puffs of Washing Machine, you will feel heavily sedative so be careful if you aren’t a seasoned smoker. Try it out for $31 for 3.5 grams, $62 for 7 grams, or $170 for an ounce.

El Jefe (AAAA)

The strain that originated at Rare Dankness Seeds is a 70:30 indica-heavy, meaning it leads to an extreme body high. This along with the spicy-citrusy flavor combination make it a crowd pleaser. You can get 3.5 grams from ChronricBase for $33, 7.5 grams for $66, 14 grams for $110, and 1 ounce for just $155.

Jillybean (AAA)

Another popular one is Jillybean, the AAA strain that is upbeat and gives off a happy high. Smokers also rave about the tangy flavors of mango and orange, so give it a go if you want to reminisce about the tropics. Its euphoric tendencies make it ideal for treating stress and anxiety. ChronicBase offers 3.5 grams of Jillybean for $31 or an ounce for $139.

Blackwater (AA)

This indica cross between Mendo Purps and OG Kush is loved for its sweet grapey aroma and deep purple hues. You’ll slowly start feeling more mellow on Blackwater, and eventually your mind and body will feel completely relaxed. It is often used for treating stress and appetite loss. Whether your intentions for Blackwater are for medical reasons or not, give it a try for just $29 for 3.5 grams.


Next on the list of products offered by ChronicBase comes concentrates. This online dispensary does not have the most expansive variety when it comes to concentrate. Nevertheless, the ones they do offer are high in quality and low in price. The most popular concentrated cannabis products at ChronicBase are:

Moroccan Hash

Whether you have tried hash before or not, get in line and order some from ChronicBase. You’ll notice that this particular hash is more sticky than what you’re used to, but just remember that this is a good thing. The stickier the hash, the more potent the effects. ChronicBase offers several different strains, including Mango OG, Dutch Treat, and Sour Diesel.

Culture Vape CBD

Vaping has been growing in popularity for years now, and legalization has just pushed it even more over the edge. There are few options for vapes offered at ChronicBase, the most popular being the Culture Vape CBD Pen with 150 doses. You can easily purchase refills from ChronicBase: one pen is $60, a 5 pack is $185, and a ten pack is $370.


Who doesn’t love cannabis edibles? Rice krispy treats, gummy bears, and salted caramel chocolate squares? Lucky for you, ChronicBase offers all of these, and guess what? They also contain weed! The Sunshower Gummies are considered by some to be the best cannabis gummies in Canada. These little gummy drops are bursting with flavor and each package contains 75mg THC. Had to include edibles in this review of ChronicBase as their selection is top notch.

Relief Packs

More and more people are realizing the medical benefits that come along with weed. ChronicBase offers several relief packs specifically designed for medical cannabis users looking for treatment. The packs each contain 3 or 4 different strains of cannabis, all geared towards one specific ailment.

ChronicBase offers a pack for chronic pain, anxiety, mood booster, insomnia, migraines, and appetite loss. Each pack costs $70 and contains one bud for each of the 3 or 4 strains. The anxiety relief pack is a best-seller, mostly because CBD-heavy strains are becoming more popular. One of the best treatments for anxiety is CBD, and you can find 3 CBD strains in this pack.

Payment Options

Like most online weed dispensaries in Canada, the only accepted form of payment is Interac e-Transfer. Sending money electronically is quick and easy; as soon as you are ready to place your order, you’ll be sent instructions via email for sending the e-Transfer. All you need is the exact dollar amount and email address for where to send the money.

There are also instructions for sending your e-Transfer to ChronicBase on the dispensary homepage. As long as your money is received before 2pm PST on a weekday, your order will be sent out that same day. Anything after 2pm will be sent the following business day.

Shipping Policies

ChronicBase claims to have the lowest minimum order amount before you can receive free shipping. Most dispensaries require you to spend at least $99 before you are eligible for free shipping, but here you only need to spend $70. If you can’t spend quite that much, you’ll have to pay a flat rate of $15.

All packages are sent via Canada Post and should arrive between 1-3 business days. Keep in mind that ChronicBase is located in British Columbia; if you live in Vancouver your package will most likely arrive in one day, whereas packages to Ottawa could take 3. More remote areas of Canada could take as long as 5 days to arrive.

Contact Information for ChronicBase

ChronicBase has one main priority, and that is its customers. The customer service team will try to do whatever possible to make your online weed-buying experience a positive one. You can give them a call at +18443833420. If you prefer email, send your message to

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