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The world of online cannabis dispensaries has reached new heights since legalization in Canada. Not only can you now buy weed in retail stores throughout the country, you can order it directly online, hence the need for this Cheebas review.  This convenience has made ordering weed from the internet the norm. But which online dispensary should you use?

Cheebas Online Dispensary Information

The answer is Cheebas. This dispensary is located out of BC but delivers to every province and territory within Canada. The company has a few philosophies, but the main one is “we’re only happy if you’re happy”. It prides itself on doing whatever it takes to make customers satisfied. This means high-quality cannabis products, speedy shipping, reliable customer service, and privacy of customers.

Another perk of using Cheebas is the ease of browsing the website. The Quick Menu gives you a step-by-step layout of the ordering process and what you need to know before placing your order. Essentially all you need to do is create an account, provide a valid ID proving you are at least 19, place your order and provide payment.

Cheebas Promotions and Coupon Codes

There are constantly new promotions and discounts being offered by this online dispensary. At the top of the home page you’ll typically see the current promotion, so be sure to apply the coupon code during checkout. The current Cheebas coupon code is GREEN25; when you use this you will receive 25% off storewide, so act fast! It won’t last forever.

This coupon applies to every product in the store, and Cheebas sells pretty much every type of weed product imaginable. Whether you’re into buds, concentrates, hash, edibles, vapes, topicals, or CBD products you’ll find it through Cheebas. You can even find medical-grade dog products to keep your pet happy and healthy.


Cheebas has one of the most extensive lists of flowers out there. You’ll find a separate page for indica, sativa, and hybrid strains and even a small description at the top of the page giving you insight on what each type of weed offers. The dispensary offers the most when it comes to indica; top selling strains include Master Kush, Blue Cheese, and Northern Lights.

Although there are more indica strains offered, the quality of the sativa makes up for the lack of quantity.  If you are searching for a strain that gives you energy but also makes you feel relaxed, check out Citrus Haze. This sativa cross between Lemon Haze and Citrus Sunshine has a tropical fruity taste. It is ideal for morning and daytime smoking since it won’t turn you into a couch potato – it can actually increase creativity and productivity.


Scrolling down the list of shatters available at this online dispensary can become overwhelming; there are so many to choose from! With almost 100 different kinds, you might have difficulty deciding. Cheebas sells a variety of shatters from different companies, including Bees Nectar, HoG, Coast Concentrates, and Phant Shatter. Each of these companies offers different shatter strains, so you can try everything from Northern Lights to Blue Dream.


If smoking isn’t your thing, be sure to check out the edibles page. You can find indica and sativa infused lollipops, THC gummy bears, and even gluten free pot brownies. One of the best selling snacks is the snickerdoodle weed cookie by Max Medibles. This cinnamon flavored cookie contains 25 mg THC so eating just one is sure to get you high.  


Cheebas has a variety of hash products, including pressed and water-purified hash. The most popular is the Billy Crystal hash, which is sativa dominant and gives you a high-energy buzz. It can even spark creativity, but smoking too much will put you in a coma-like state. A little bit goes a long way!

Shipping and Delivery

As soon as the dispensary receives your payment your order will be shipped, typically on the same day. If you pay before 12pm PST and the items are in stock, your order will definitely be shipped that day. If you choose express delivery through Canada Post, you will receive your order between 2 to 3 days if you live in a major city. For those living in more remote rural areas, expect it to arrive between 3 to 5 days.

Some online dispensaries require you to purchase shipping insurance, but Cheebas does not. Your order is automatically covered by insurance so if it is lost or stolen you will receive a replacement right away.

Pricing and Payment

Cheebas offers some of most affordable weed among online dispensaries. One gram of bud averages out to be $8, but if you purchase more at one time you’ll get a better value. The cost of shatter depends on which product you buy; some cost $35 per gram while others are $55. For payment method, Cheebas accepts Interac e-Transfers. This makes things simple; just about every Canadian bank allows e-Transfers as long as you have the recipient’s email address.

Getting in Touch

If you need to contact Cheebas about an order or other questions, you can call (778) 968-4913 during operating hours. They are open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm Mountain time. There is also a “Contact Us” page where you can send a message directly on the website. Chances are you won’t have to get in touch though. The website is easy to navigate and ordering process is simple.

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