BulkBuddy Review + Coupon Code

BulkBuddy is a mail order marijuana source that every Canadian cannabis lover should consider shopping with. It’s an especially good choice if you prefer to buy in bulk and want to take advantage of wholesale prices. 

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If you’re interested in learning more about what BulkBuddy has to offer, click on the link above to check out the site. Or just keep reading to get all the need-to-know details regarding coupon codes and promos, products offered, shipping and delivery, and more. 

BulkBuddy Online Dispensary Information

To be honest, there’s not much information about the BulkBuddy dispensary or team on the website. I’ll assume that this dispensary is based somewhere in BC – like the majority of online dispensaries – and that it is run by a small team of cannabis experts. 

What I can tell you, though, is that BulkBuddy strives for delivering high quality products at the best prices possible. Every strain is assessed for quality, taste, and effect, and all BulkBuddy bud burns clean and is free from contaminants.

Another thing that sets BulkBuddy apart from its competition is the sweet member rewards program. For every dollar you spend, you earn 1 BB point. Every 100 points is equivalent to $1 off your next order. There are other ways to earn additional points, like reviewing a product, referring a friend, and writing a social media review. 

BulkBuddy review and coupon codes.

Does BulkBuddy have a good reputation?

Compared to other online dispensaries in Canada, BulkBuddy has one of the best scores on TrustPilot. There are about 20 reviews from BB customers, giving the dispensary a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here are 2 of the standout TrustPilot reviews singing BulkBuddy’s praises: 

This Reddit thread is another great example of BulkBuddy’s solid reputation: 

As you can see, a lot of people are comparing BulkBuddy with Bulk Weed Inbox, which is another popular mail-order marijuana source. According to MomHunter212, the only major reason to go with BWIB over BB is the shipping policy – that’s it. 

The comment from MomHunter212 is entirely accurate, though. While it’s true that BulkBuddy doesn’t guarantee delivery to Nunavut, Northern Ontario, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territories, and Northern Quebec, they will issue refunds if your package is lost or stolen in all other regions of Canada. 

BulkBuddy Coupon Codes and Promotions

New customers to BulkBuddy can use coupon code ‘BULK5’ to get 5% off their first order. Aside from that, there are plenty more deals that allow you to get the best prices on your cannabis products. One of these deals is BulkBuddy’s Mix & Match Promo.

You’ll be able to get a certain percentage off of your cannabis flowers with this promotional offer. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • 45% off 8 or more ounces 
  • 35% off or more 3 ounces 
  • 15% off or more 2 ounces 
  • 15% off 2 or more ¼ pounds
  • 7.5% off or more ½ pounds

BulkBuddy Products

The BulkBuddy products range from dried cannabis flowers and concentrates to CBD oils and THC edibles. Feel free to check out some of their popular products below. For the full list of products, start browsing directly on the BulkBuddy online store by clicking here.

Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flower is the main attraction at BulkBuddy. The dispensary carries everything from cheap $49 ounces to rare craft cannabis strains. Here are some of the top options offered by BB right now: 

Blueberry Nuken

Blueberry Nuken strain

The Blueberry Nuken strain is an indica-dominant hybrid created as a cross between the well-known Nuken and Blueberry strains. This product is great for treating anxiety, appetite loss, and pain, and best of all, it’s sold for $90/ounce.


If you’re looking for a sativa, Trainwreck is an excellent choice. It has a spicy taste reminiscent of pepper and it provides a very intense cerebral high with effects that are mood-enhancing and euphoric.

What makes Trainwreck different from many other sativa hybrids is that it still displays most of its indica effects as well by covering the body in a nice, warm, pain-numbing buzz.

Cheap Ounces

If you’re on the hunt for cheap ounces, then you’re in luck; BulkBuddy has some of the cheapest ounces in all of Canada. Their budget buds page contains strains that range from $49/ounce to $129/ounce. 


On BulkBuddy’s cannabis edibles page, you’ll find candies, CBD gummies, baked goods, capsules, and more. Here are some of the top-selling edible products offered by the dispensary: 

  • Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs
  • 500mg Space Balls Chewies
  • Elix 30mg THC Drink Mixes
  • Twisted Extracts 1:1 CBD:THC CaraMelts
  • Stoney Rancher THC Hard Candy


The list of concentrates at BulkBuddy is a long one. They offer nearly 100 different options for concentrated products, including: 

  • Mercedes Benz Stamp Hash
  • Premium Distillate THC Vape Cartridges
  • Melon Extracts Premium Live Resin
  • IB High Concentrates Premium Shatter
  • Melon Extracts Premium THCa Diamonds


BulkBuddy offers CBD in many forms, including tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and even CBD-heavy strains. If CBD is what you’re looking for, keep an eye for these products as you shop around: 

  • Keo Edibles CBD Oil Tincture
  • 99% CBD Isolate Powder
  • Twisted Extracts CBD CaraMelts
  • Twisted Extracts CBD Jelly Bomb

Shipping & Delivery

Customers get free Canada Post XpressPost shipping over $100. For orders less than $100, there’s a flat $15 shipping fee. While delivery generally takes 1-3 days, BulkBuddy tells customers to expect delays of 3-10 more due to Covid-related issues.

Payment Options

BulkBuddy is currently accepting Interac e-Transfers as well as cryptocurrency payments. All taxes are already included in the prices, and you’ll make payment as soon as you’ve placed the order. 

There you have it – the complete BulkBuddy online dispensary review. This is an awesome choice for anyone who wants high-quality cannabis flower, concentrates, CBD, or edibles in bulk.