Bulk Weed Inbox Review & Coupon Codes

Bulk Weed Inbox is a relatively new source of online cannabis in Canada. Even so, that hasn’t stopped this dispensary from carrying pages upon pages of CBD products and marijuana strains. 

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That’s right, the menu is a long one here. But does that mean you should start making this your go-to choice for mail-order cannabis? That’s what we’re here to find out in this complete Bulk Weed Inbox review. 

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Bulk Weed Inbox Online Dispensary Information

The creators of Bulk Weed Inbox are clearly all about discretion; it’s hard to find much information about how this dispensary started. However, I was able to find a small blurb about BWIB on the Contact Us page: 

“We are one of Canada’s largest Online Medical Dispensaries. Opened our storefront in early 2017 in East Vancouver. We then transitioned to selling medical marijuana online to serve all of Canada. Buying weed online at BWIB is safe, fast & secure.”

Even though it’s just a few sentences, this tells us a lot about this weed provider. It’s based in Vancouver (no surprise there), it officially started in 2017, and now the dispensary operates solely online. 

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Does Bulk Weed Inbox have a good reputation?

There are a lot of mixed reviews on Bulk Weed Inbox. Some people seem to love their shopping experience here, while others have nonstop complaints. 

I found the bulk of reviews Reddit and Trustpilot, where the dispensary scores about a 3.5 out of 5. Here’s what some of the happy reviewers have to say about their experience: 

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However, then there are a few negative reviews like this one: 

According to Sean, the product he received was low in quality. This very well could have been because he bought a strain from the “Budget Buds” page, which is mostly lower-grade flowers.

Most of the complaints have to do with poor product quality or long delivery times. However, it looks as if these issues have been resolved according to the most current reviewers and the majority of comments are positive.

There are also tons of reviews on the BWIB website as well, but you take these with a grain of salt. Of course online reviews directly on a dispensary’s website can be biased. But feel free to browse through them if you’re still curious about BWIB’s rep. 

Bulk Weed Inbox Coupon Codes and Promotions

The constant promos are a big reason to shop at this online dispensary. It seems like BWIB has a deal for everything. Here are some of the promotional offers going on right now: 

  • Budget Buds sold for $69/ounce or $399/half pound
  • Mushrooms sold for $69/ounce or $374/half pound
  • Hash Special starting at $49/half ounce
  • 50% off on select premium prerolls
  • Mix & Match shatter deal: 15% off 2-4 half ounces, 20% off 5-8 half ounces, 25% 9+ half ounces
  • Budget Buds deal: 15% off 2 ounces, 35% off 3-7 ounces, 45% off 8+ ounces

These are just a few examples of what you can expect in terms of BWIB deals. You can also register for free to get access to wholesale prices. This is a great idea if you prefer to shop in bulk. 

If you have friends who also plan on shopping here, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the referral program. When you refer someone, both you and your friend will get a free half-ounce of flower. 

Bulk Weed Inbox Products

Now let’s move on to the BWIB’s product selection. Saying that it’s impressive is an understatement. You can find pretty much everything here, including flowers, concentrates, CBD, edibles, marijuana accessories, and even magic mushrooms.

Feel free to check out some of their popular products below, or start browsing directly on the Bulk Weed Inbox online store by clicking here.


The main attraction of BWIB’s product page is definitely the dried cannabis. They carry strains ranging from AA+ to AAAA+ with tons of indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. Whether you want budget buds or craft cannabis, BWIB has got it. 

If you search the strains by popularity, these are the ones that consistently come out on top: 

Purple Punch by Buddha Boys Craft (Indica)

Purple Punch, a AAAA+ strain brought to you by Buddha Boys Craft, is as good as it gets. This high-quality indica is known for hitting you like a Mack truck. Even though the 20% THC content may not sound like a lot, Purple Punch starts off with full force – and just keeps going. 

The high is strongly cerebral. It lifts the spirits and induces a sense of euphoria, making it a great choice for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s also great for headaches, cramps, muscle spasms, and insomnia. 

Amnesia Haze (Sativa Hybrid)

If you’re looking for an energizing sativa, Peaches n’ Cream is where it’s at.

If you’re looking for a budget strain from BWIB, Amnesia Haze is a solid choice. Although this is considered sativa-dominant, Amnesia Haze has many of the great qualities that mark both indica and sativa strains. 

Since this is one of the “Budget Buds” at Bulk Weed Inbox, you can get a full ounce for just $80. 

Ace Killer OG (Indica)

The Indica Ace Killer OG is a popular strain, mainly thanks to the insanely high levels of THC. It regularly tests around 26%, so the high comes in fast and strong. This is considered a mid-range strain in terms of cost, and you can currently get it for about $150/ounce. 

Cheap Ounces

Bulk Weed Inbox is known for its cheap ounces; it’s possible to get an ounce of flower for as little as $69. That’s insanely cheap. 

Just keep in mind, the cheap stuff won’t compare in quality to the dispensary’s craft cannabis offering. But if you want something uber-affordable that does the trick, check out the Budget Buds page. 


BWIB has over 75 different concentrated products to choose from. These products range from shatter and hash to distillate and resin. 

Concentrates are a perfect option if you’re looking for something strong, and as close to pure as possible. If that’s the case for you, these are 5 of the highest-rated concentrates at Bulk Weed Inbox:

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  • Lit Extracts THC Distillate
  • Lit Extracts Death Bubba Shatter
  • Mercedes Gold Hash
  • Lit Extracts Trainwreck THCa Diamonds
  • Venom OG Kief


There are over 50 cannabis edibles offered at this online dispensary. While that may not sound like a lot, many competitors only have a handful of edibles, so 50+ is quite good. Here are the most popular at BWIB: 

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  • Shipwreck Edibles Gummy Variety Pack
  • Dreamy Delite Stoney Munchies Hard Candies
  • Nerds Rope Bites (600mg THC)
  • Cannacure CBD Gummies (750mg CBD)


If CBD oil is your thing, there are about a dozen different CBD oil variations to choose from. This list continues to grow, but for now, here are the most popular CBD-infused products. 

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CBD Oil Capsules (300mg)

These CBD oil capsules come in a bottle of 20 pills, each containing 15mg CBD. They’re great if you want a convenient way to consume CBD oil. 

Cannacure CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate powder is another convenient consumption method for cannabidiol. It can be added to tea, coffee, smoothies, or sprinkled directly under the tongue. 

Cannacure CBD Oil Tincture (1000mg)

The 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture from Cannacure is a full-spectrum, pure CBD oil. This product is all about focusing your mind and body on promoting superior health and wellness. 

Shipping & Delivery

You can order from anywhere in Canada, and BWIB will ship through Canada Post’s express service. Since the dispensary is located in Vancouver, expect longer shipping times if you’re ordering from the East Coast. 

Not all online dispensaries ship to Nunavut, Yukon, and Newfoundland, but this one does. Just keep in mind that shipping in these areas doesn’t come with a delivery guarantee since there’s a higher risk of lost packages. 

In terms of shipping cost, Bulk Weed Inbox offers free shipping for orders over $100. This is pretty sweet considering most other online dispensaries require ~$150 for free shipping. For orders less than $100, the cost will be calculated based on your location. 

Payment Options

Just like all Canadian online dispensaries, the main payment option here is Interac e-Transfer. After placing your online order, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to make your transfer.

One really cool thing about BWIB is that they accept Bitcoin. This isn’t something that many dispensaries do, so I highly recommend shopping here if you want to pay with BTC. To do this, contact the dispensary before placing your order and they’ll let you know how to pay.

There you have it – the complete Bulk Weed Inbox online dispensary review! Even though this dispensary isn’t perfect, it’s highly recommended if you’re looking for epic deals on your next weed order.