Buds2Go Review

Buds2Go is a reliable option with top-notch weed products. Their motto is “safe, discreet, and reliable”; the main priority is providing weed to Canadians while also protecting each customer’s privacy. This company believes that ordering weed online should be fast and easy, and the process with Buds2Go is just that.

Browsing through the website is actually enjoyable, especially if you love weed. Every strain offered by Buds2Go is given an in-depth description, THC and CBD count, and grade level so you know exactly what you are getting. Unlike most online dispensaries, Buds2Go only sells flowers. You won’t find shatter, CBD oil, tinctures, distillates, or marijuana edibles while you’re shopping. But they make up for this by offering a huge variety of high-quality strains.

Buds2Go Dispensary Information

There was no about us page on the Buds2Go website but they do have information on their contact page. Turns out they are located in Mississauga which is just outside Toronto, Ontario. Listed is their address and phone number, quite rare amongst online dispensaries. Their Twitter and Facebook page don’t work.

Turns out Buds2Go was purchased by Cannmart in late 2018, you can read about it here.

To get in touch, just click the “Contact” tab at the top of the webpage. You’ll leave your name, email, phone number, and message regarding your question or concern. To reach them directly, try calling +1 (844) 420 8464. Another option is sending Buds2Go an email at info@buds2go.ca.

For shipping and payment policies, refer to the bottom of this online dispensary review.

Is Buds2Go Trustworthy?

Buds2Go has a neutral reputation online.

When searching Bud2Go there isn’t much talk about their reputation. Nothing came up on TrustPilot, DirtyScam or the usual websites you’d find something. Near nothing positive or negative leaves them at neutral.

There isn’t a whole lot mentioned about Buds2Go on Reddit either. You can read all the threads here and the most recent thread is still 10 months old. 

Buds2Go has a neutral reputation on Reddit.
Buds2Go has a neutral reputation, click here to see the thread.

There isn’t much chat about Buds2Go online. Issues of note were fast to accept your e-transfer, slow to ship. We have not ordered anything from Buds2Go and don’t intend too in the near future. Popular dispensaries with positive reputations include Herb Approach, SpeedGreens and BMWO.

Marijuana Flowers

Since Buds2Go only sells flowers, they know that having some of the high quality. Not only is quality a factor, quantity of strains is another priority for this company. When you enter the online flower store you’ll see right away that they offer 90 different strains of cannabis. This number is significantly more than any other dispensary offers. Check out the most popular strains among Buds2Go customers.

Hybrid Strains


This strain has been a top contender in the cannabis world for years. Although the term AK-47 sounds menacing, this weed will calm you down until your mind and body is completely relaxed. Its THC and CBD are relatively low (13% and 0.002%) but this doesn’t mean you won’t get high.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that has about 20% THC. It is named for its cheesy aroma and bluish trichomes. This AAA weed is best to smoke at the end of a long day when all you need is to kick back and relax.

White Widow

This hybrid is a 60:40 sativa/indica strain. It is ideal for relaxation but won’t leave you feeling lazy or unmotivated. You can still accomplish your daily tasks and goals after smoking a few hits of this. THC hovers around 11% and CBD is under 0.05%. We couldn’t make a Buds2Go review without including this legendary strain.

Indica Strains

Banana OG Kush

This cross between OG Kush and Banana can have THC levels of 25%. It is an indica hybrid and the highest quality you can find (AAAA). Be careful with Banana OG; the effects tend to creep up on people. You might experience some major munchies or fall into a comatose-like sleep.

Lindsay OG

This heavy indica tests at 23% THC. Try not to smoke Lindsay OG during the day; it leaves you feeling sleepy and ready for bed.

Sativa Strains


The Grapefruit strain is a strong sativa with healing powers. Not only will smoking this give you an uplifting high and tough to beat that tropical citrus flavor and aroma.


If you need some positive energy in your life, consider purchasing a few grams (or an ounce) or Congo. This sativa-dominant strain allows you to look inwards and appreciate the little things in life. It is one of the best strains for keeping away depressive thoughts and can even help treat extreme fatigue.

Buds2Go Payment Options

Buds2Go will accept e-Transfers as payment. As long as you have a Canadian bank account or are a member of a credit union e-Transfers are possible. All you need is the dollar amount and email address of the recipient. Buds2Go will give you everything you need to know once you have registered, consulted with a practitioner, and placed your order.

Buds2Go Shipping Policies

If you spend at least $100 shipping is free. This minimum order amount for free shipping is much lower than many other dispensaries; typically free shipping happens after you spend $150 or $200. If you spend less than this $100 minimum you will just pay a flat rate of $15 for Canada Post Xpresspost shipping. Your order should arrive between 2-5 days depending on where you live in the country.