Budmail Review

Time for this Budmail review and further explore your options for buying weed online. You might not ever thought the day would come when you could order all of your weed products on the internet. But it is finally here, and Canadians around the country can get everything from dried buds to potent concentrates at the click of a button.

Finding weed might not be difficult, but finding an online dispensary you can trust is another story. When ordering your bud, you should never be worried about a potential scam. With Budmail online dispensary, you never have to worry.

Budmail Online Dispensary Information

Budmail online weed dispensary is one of Canada’s top picks when it comes to ordering weed from the interweb. Not only do they provide quality products, but they have a lot of them. Sometimes you scroll through an online dispensary only to find that there are just 3 or 4 strains to choose from. With Budmail this is not the case.

The huge variety of flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD products, and more is just one perk of shopping at Budmail. The customer service reps are friendly and helpful, the ordering process is easy, and the delivery is fast and reliable. What more could you want from an online dispensary?

Budmail Coupon Codes and Promotions

One of the biggest promos Budmail has going for it is that new customers receive a free gram of weed with their purchase. All you have to do is create an account and start shopping. There are no current coupon codes right now; if you add a sale item to your cart it will be automatically applied at checkout.


Budmail does not have the most extensive selection of cannabis flowers to choose from, but the ones they have will definitely keep you busy until they add new arrivals. When you enter the flower store, you can filter the results based on grade, strain type, or organic.

You also have the option to view only the high-CBD strains. No matter your smoking preference, chances are Budmail will have something for you. Here are the most popular indica, sativa, and CBD-heavy strains offered at this online dispensary.

Funky Monkey (Indica)

The indica-dominant hybrid known as Funky Monkey is definitely funky. Your nose will agree when it takes of whiff of the citrus, earthy, and diesel aromas. Due to its indica properties, this strain causes a heavy body high that isn’t necessarily appropriate for daytime smoking.

At first you’ll feel intensely euphoric, but this quickly turns into an immobilizing body high. These effects make it perfect for medical patients treating pain from migraines, arthritis, injury, and cancer-related symptoms.

If you’re just smoking for recreational purposes, expect to feel giggly, hungry, and relaxed. Budmail is offering one gram of Funky Monkey $12 or 7 grams for $80. You might find this pricey, but keep in mind this is from the dispensary’s premier line.

Dutch Hawaiian (Sativa)

Who wouldn’t love a good mix of classic Dutch weed mixed with some tropical flavors? When you order the Dutch Hawaiian from Budmail, you can experience it firsthand. It is a sativa hybrid that has tropical flavors combined with an earthy aroma. And the high is just as sweet as the taste and smell.

It starts off by lifting your mood and then fades into a calming body buzz. Feel free to smoke Dutch Hawaiian at any time of day or night; you won’t feel locked to the couch or too immobile to get out and about. You might even feel more productive and energized than normal from a b. You can get an eighth for $35 or an ounce for $240.

Cinderella Chunk (Organic)

Cinderella Chunk is one of Budmail’s organically grown strains from one of the best BC growers. This strain is a pure sativa, so it gives you the energy to conquer any day. This is perfect for social settings or running errands if you need that extra little boost. It offers a great combination of energy and relaxation. Since it is a product on Budmail’s premier line, a gram will set you back $12.

Dieseltonic CBD

Dieseltonic CBD is one of the best CBD-heavy strains around, according to Budmail customers. Its high CBD level makes it perfect for medical patients who don’t want to feel an overwhelming high. You’ll definitely feel a surge of energy since it is a sativa, but you won’t experience any psychoactive effects like some high-THC strains. You can try it for $10 per gram or $240 per ounce.

Sample Pack (Indica or Sativa)

Not quite sure which strains you want to try? If you know you’re looking for either indica or sativa, you can try a sample pack. Budmail offers both Indica Sample Packs and Sativa Sample Packs to give you a taste of a variety of strains. Each pack comes with 1 gram each of 7 different strains (7 grams total). It is a great way to see what Budmail has to offer and costs $65.


Cannabis concentrates are highly potent forms of your favorite strains, typically several times stronger than your average bud. Whether you have dabbled into the world of concentrates of not, Budmail would be a good place to start. They offer almost every form of concentrated cannabis out there.

Budmail carries shatter, budder, isolate, phoenix tears, hash, distillate, and live resin. If you’re not sure what to start out with, the shatter here seems to be a crowd pleaser. Keep in mind to take it slow – it is way stronger than bud, you can see this by reading the customer reviews. Here is what’s hot at Budmail in terms of concentrates.

Phant Mix & Match Shatter Pack

Phant is a BC company that has a great reputation for its shatter products. Now at Budmail you can order a variety pack of Phant shatter for $160. You might think this sounds like a lot, but keep in mind most Canadian shatter is sold for about $30 per gram.

In this Mix & Match pack you’ll receive 4 grams total (4 strains of 1 gram each). You can also purchase the Mix & Match Budder Pack by Phant, but the shatter seems to be more popular.

CBD Crystalline

This CBD product is another popular one at Budmail. For those wanting CBD and not THC, this is the easiest way to consume it. CBD in crystal (powder) form can be added to your morning cup of coffee, blended in a smoothie, or just sprinkled under the tongue. The 500mg container costs $45 and the 1000mg costs $80.


Vaping has quickly gained popularity among Canadians, especially since legalization happened. Vaping is much more discreet than smoking and it is easy to carry around a vape pen. At Budmail you can find a variety of pens, both disposable and rechargeable. They also offer vaping accessories like refill cartridges and USB chargers.


Let’s face it, not everyone loves the harsh effects of smoking. But there is another way…edibles! When you scroll through Budmail’s edibles, chances are your mouth will start watering. They have one of the largest selections of edibles among Canadian dispensaries. Munch on these popular items to get your cannabis fix and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mota THC Chocolate Bar

Mota is a popular Canadian edibles brand that you’ll see at tons of online dispensaries, including Budmail. Customers initially order the bar because of the insane amount of THC (300mg), but they keep ordering it for its rich chocolatey flavors. This bar divides into 6 squares, so you can easily share it with friends – or save it for later.

This Mota bar comes in a variety of flavors: milk chocolate, almond, toffee, dark chocolate, mint, raspberry, and cookies and cream. Definitely try the classic milk or dark chocolate, but for your next one branch out to the cookies and cream flavor. One bar containing 300mg THC costs $22.


This review of Budmail wouldn’t be done without talking about their products for pets. More and more people are realizing that CBD is not just an amazing medical treatment for humans. Our furry friends can also benefits from CBD, and Budmail has a few pet-related CBD products to choose from.

You can get dog and cat treats, CBD tinctures, and CBD-infused skin balm for pets. The most popular products are the Animalitos CBD Balm and the 150mg CBD Pet Tincture. Your pet’s quality of life could increase dramatically from these products, so don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Other Products offered by Budmail

In addition to everything we already mentions, Budmail also carries cannabis-infused beverages, topical creams and salves, and even seeds for your growing needs. The seeds they offer are from the Sonoma Seed company and there are tons to choose from. Some of the top sellers in seeds are White Widow, Purple Kush, and Bruce Banner.

Budmail Payment Options

Online weed dispensaries in Canada typically only accept one payment form: Interac e-Transfer. This is how you can pay for your order at Budmail. As long as you are a Canadian bank or credit union member, sending money electronically is easy.

When you’re ready to check out, you’ll receive an email from Budmail instructing you on where and how to send payment. Once Budmail processes your order (typically within 12 hours) your package will be sent out within two business days.

Budmail Shipping Policies

Anyone who places an order over $199 will receive free shipping anywhere in Canada. Anything below this order amount will have to pay a $10 shipping fee. All orders are sent via Canada Post Xpresspost and can be expected to arrive between 1-3 business days.

Remember the dispensary is located in British Columbia, so eastern Canadians in remote areas might experience delays in shipping (typically no more than 5 days). You might be wondering why it says Signature Required… due to the sensitive contents of the package, you are required to sign for it rather than the postal worker just leaving it on your doorstep.

Contact Informations for Budmail

There is a Contact Us tab at the top of the webpage; click on this to leave a message for a Budmail representative. They don’t seem to have an email address anywhere on their website, so your best option is to leave your inquiry on the contact page.

In conclusion, this dispensary is a top pick for Canadians in search of weed. Not only will you find a huge selection of buds, but also edibles, concentrates, vapes, and even CBD pet products. The majority of customers have left nothing but positive reviews based on the products themselves as well as the customer service experience.

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