Bud365 Review

Purchasing recreational weed doesn’t need to be a major production. The legal government retail stores seem to think it does, which is why buying weed online is the way to go. This Bud365 review highlights what’s for sale and makes shopping process easier than ever.

The dispensary is your direct online source to Canada’s premium licensed cannabis producers. Bud365 specializes in artisan-produced bud from growers who take their job seriously. Even if you consider yourself a cannabis snob, Bud365 guarantees to please.

Bud365 Online Dispensary Information

Bud365 is doing everything right when it comes to selling cannabis products online. The dispensary offers a variety of strains and products, ranging from pure CBD oil to high-quality bud. They believe that Canadian cannabis lovers deserve only the best products at the best prices.

As you peruse around the Bud365 online store, it’s obvious that the dispensary has covered all the bases. Not only when it comes to cannabis products, but also in terms of the overall shopping experience. Browsing around the Bud365 site is fun, easy, and actually quite informative for those of you who don’t consider yourselves cannabis experts.

The only downside is that it’s hard to find information on the actual company. There’s no “About Us” section on their site, which some online weed shoppers find sketchy. But even without a complete history of the dispensary, you can rest assured knowing that Bud365 is 100% legit.

Don’t let the fact that there’s no info on company history stop you from making a cannabis purchase. If you have any questions at all about the Bud365 business model and the dispensary’s role in the cannabis industry, just ask. The team responds almost instantly to emails and phone calls sent during business hours.

Bud365 Coupon Codes and Promotions

You’ll see all the hot deals offered by the dispensary at any given time as soon as you visit the Bud365 homepage. The current promotion (as of September 2019) is the “Mix & Match OZ” deal, which is exactly as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know about mixing and matching your Bud365 ounces:

  • Buy Any 2 Oz – Get 15% Off
  • Buy Any 3 Oz – Get 25% Off
  • Buy Any 4 Oz – Get 30% Off
  • Buy Any 5 Oz – Get 35% Off
  • Buy Any 6 Oz – Get 40% Off

Even if 6 ounces seems like more weed than you could ever need, this deal is too good to pass up. Before any discounts are applied, many Bud365 strains go for $110 per ounce. That means it’s possible to purchase 6 ounces for just under $400 with the Mix & Match Oz promo so it’s worth investigating. You don’t need a coupon code for this deal, the discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.


Now it’s time to talk about the good stuff: the Bud365 products. Like most online dispensaries in Canada, Bud365 specializes in dried marijuana flower. This dispensary does what it can to keep the variety of strains as wide as possible. They do this by offering a decent selection of all strain types, including indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

Larry OG – Hybrid

Larry OG is one of the most popular hybrid strains offered by Bud365. It is often referred to a “Lemon Larry” thanks to its citrusy flavor. The strain got its start in Orange County, California, but it has quickly made an impression among Canadian weed smokers. Most people love Larry OG because the high isn’t overwhelming, but it definitely creates a happy body buzz.

The clean and piney aroma is another much-loved trait of Larry OG. Between the non-overwhelming high and the pleasant aroma/flavor of this strain, Bud365 sells out of this stuff as soon as it becomes available. It flies off the shelves despite its higher-than-average price tag of $220 per ounce.

Gorilla Glue #4 – Hybrid

Every cannabis connoisseur knows all about GG4. Heck, even if you’ve smoked a single joint in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this infamous strain. This potent hybrid creates a happy sense of euphoria and induces deep relaxation at the same time. It gets its name from the fact that it “glues” its users to the couch. Bud365 customers can get it for $155 per ounce.

Purple Kush – Indica

If you’re looking for something potent but also affordable, Bud365’s Purple Kush is a great choice. When the dispensary has Purple Kush in stock, it goes for $60 for 14 grams or $110 for a full ounce. This is a sweet deal considering that power behind this heavy indica. Purple Kush is the ultimate choice for medical patients dealing with pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Manderina – Sativa

This AAAA-grade sativa is as good as it gets. Manderina has an intense terpene profile that delivers a functional and energetic high. This is the perfect strain for smoking a doobie in the bright outdoor sunshine. Bring along your friends; Manderina is known to alleviate social anxiety and is perfect for social gatherings. You can purchase this per gram for $12 or per ounce for $280.


The selection of concentrated cannabis products at Bud365 is impressive, to say the least. The dispensary offers everything from shatter and resin to moon rocks and hash. The only negative aspect of the concentrates shop is that many of the products sell out fast. This just means that you need to be on your toes every time Bud365 has a new concentrated product on hand.


Mmmmmm, edibles. There’s nothing quite like chowing down on a cannabis-infused goodie. Bud365 caters to all cannabis lovers who prefer to ingest their weed via edibles. The dispensary even sells THC-infused olive oil that is perfect for creating your own homemade weed treats. The majority of Bud365 edible products come from the reputable Herbivores edibles company.

Herbivores Twonkie Edible

The Herbivores Twonkie is a knock-off of the traditional Twinkie. Both the Twonkie and Twinkie taste the same, but the main difference is that the Twonkie contains a massive dose of THC. Each yellow spongecake comes with a delicious cream filling, but that’s not all. It also contains 200 milligrams THC.

The Herbivores company creates all sorts of similar delicious treats. Chocolate lovers might prefer the Herbivores Swift Roll, which is essentially a THC-packed Swiss Cake Roll. Reese’s lovers will enjoy chowing down on Herbivores Racers. These peanut butter-filled milk chocolate cups contain 100 milligrams THC per package.

Herbivores Key Sours

Not every cannabis user loves sweet treats, which is why Herbivores came out with the THC-infused Key Sours. These taste just like the famous Sour Patch Kids and contain 100 milligrams THC per package.

Farm & Florist THC Olive Oil

If you’re keen on the idea of creating your own edibles, purchase a bottle of the Farm & Florist THC Olive Oil offered by Bud365. Depending on the size of the bottle you purchase, the THC content ranges from 200mg to 360mg. One serving of the oil (about 1 teaspoon) contains 9mg THC. This is perfect for dipping fresh-baked bread, drizzling on a salad, or whipping up a stir fry.

Health & CBD

The Bud365 dispensary offers a few cannabis health products to keep its medical customers happy. The offerings are always changing so you’ll have to check back routine. Do keep an eye out for more additions to the “Health” category of the online store.

Apothecary Labs 1:1 CBD/THC Oil

Medical cannabis users have been turning to CBD for treatment since CBD doesn’t actually lead to a high. Bud365 carries one CBD oil by Apothecary Labs. This 1:1 oil tincture contains an equal amount of CBD and THC. If you’re looking for only CBD, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But try to keep an open mind; THC also comes with a long list of medical benefits.

Pie Eye Extracts THC Capsule

Many cannabis users prefer to ingest their THC in a convenient way. Not everyone wants to spend 10 minutes grinding their bud and rolling a joint. The Pie Eye Extracts THC Capsule is the perfect solution. These capsules come in varying potencies, ranging from 10mg to 100mg per capsule. Just choose your preferred dosage and select the number of capsules you want.

Shipping & Delivery

Customers who place an order before 10 am PST will receive a shipping tracking number that same day. Any orders placed after 10 am will be shipped out the following business day. Every Bud365 is shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost.

You can expect your package to arrive between 2 and 5 business days because Bud365 ships fast. Orders under $200 require a $20 fee for Xpresspost shipping. All orders over $200 receive free shipping, no matter where they’re heading in Canada. The minimum order amount is $75, so you might as well spend $125 more for free shipping eligibility.

Payment Options

At this moment in time, Bud365 is only accepting payment through Interac e-Transfer. Customers receive instructions on how to send the transfer after the checkout has been completed. You can find a video tutorial with the Interac instructions on the Bud365 homepage.

Bud365 Contact Information

The Bud365 office is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm PST. You can get in touch with the team members during these hours by calling or emailing. For an instant response, call 1(236)858-5090. For a response within 24 hours, send an email to info@bud365.ca.

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