Blue Plus Yellow Review

Blue Plus Yellow  prides itself on several things. These include quality products, reliable shipping, friendly customer service, and the privacy of its clients.

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Even though it is located in Vancouver, you can order from anywhere in Canada. Unlike most online dispensaries, Blue+Yellow guarantees all shipments so  you never have to worry about lost or stolen packages.

The ease of navigating through the website makes the ordering process a breeze. Another nice quality of the B+Y site is the blog section. Here you can read the latest on cannabis news and trends.

Interested in making your next purchase with Blue+Yellow dispensary? Check out the products offered and everything else you need to know before placing an order. Speaking of orders, refer a friend and they make a purchase, you get 10% off your next order.

Blue + Yellow Coupon Code

At the moment there is no Blue + Yellow coupon code. If you make an order over $99 though you will receive free Xpresspost shipping from Canada Post though, so there is that.

Marijuana Flowers

The list of different strains offered by B+Y only reaches 22 at the moment, but quantity is not everything. Most of the strains here are AAA or AAAA so you know you’re getting the best that money can buy. Typically they offer an equal amount of sativas, indicas, and hybrids.

Mango Haze

This sativa strain is a popular one among Blue+Yellow customers. Some smokers love it for its strong fruity flavor while others favor it for its potency. It can reach THC levels of 19%, so take your time with this one. Smoking Mango Haze is ideal during the long Canadian winter when all you want is to escape to a tropical paradise.

Pink Kush

Anyone that wants to feel completely relaxed and even a bit euphoric so consider ordering Pink Kush. This AAAA indica-dominant hybrid reaches insane levels of THC – sometimes as much as 24%. Pink Kush is known as a powerful strain for relaxing.


Trainwreck is a household name in the cannabis world. Even though it is a sativa-dominant hybrid it also has many indica characteristics. THC hovers around 15-18% for Trainwreck and some say its effects “hit you like a train.”

Edibles and topicals

If you have a sweet tooth for your weed, you’re in luck. Blue+Yellow offers a wide range of edibles from chocolate bars to gummy bears. You can even purchase cannabis infused honey to put in your coffee and tea. A crowd pleaser is the oatmeal chocolate cookies by Baked Edibles.

Weed is not just beneficial when ingested; more and more Canadians are realizing the benefits of using it topically to treat skin conditions. B+Y offers terpene infused body soaps, hemp lip balms, and THC cream. The cream has the potential to soothe minor aches and discomfort.


If you’ve jumped aboard the concentrates train, you’re probably looking for an online dispensary that sells shatter. Lucky for you, B+Y does. There is only one strain of shatter being sold at the moment – Pink Kush – but this alternates frequently. The company also sells flower pressed rosin and live resin. The live resin is currently out of stock but will be back soon; it is a top seller for its insane 70% THC levels.

Blue+Yellow Payment Options

The pricing model at Blue+Yellow is completely fair and reasonable. For dried cannabis be prepared to spend an average of $15 per gram (but the more you buy the better the value). Obviously concentrates will cost more since these products are so highly concentrated. A gram of Pink Kush shatter costs $45 and live resin is $80 per gram. The two accepted payment methods are email money transfer through your bank or bitcoin.

Blue+Yellow Shipping Information

As long as the products you order are in stock, the company will ship as soon as the order is placed (typically the same day). Orders are usually delivered within two days of shipping, but the company cannot guarantee this. Depending on where you live in Canada it may take 3 or 4 days to reach you. If you live in nearby British Columbia or Alberta you could easily receive it the next day.

There is a feature on the website that will give you an estimate for delivery time, but never expect to wait more than four days. If your order is above $99, shipping will be free; anything below that is $15 per shipment.

How to contact Blue+Yellow

Blue+Yellow makes communication easy. If you feel the need to contact them, the best way is via email or the contact page on the website. For sales questions email and for anything else send a message to There is also a live chat option on the site, but this is only available during company operating hours.

All in all, ordering from Blue+Yellow is an amazing option. Unlike many online dispensaries they guarantee shipments without requiring you to pay an additional insurance fee. Many dispensaries offer free shipping after $150 or $200, but with B+Y you only need to spend $99.