Aurora Cannabis Review

Aurora online dispensary was started by four young entrepreneurs who share a passion for cannabis.

The ordering process is a bit different at Aurora from other online dispensaries within Canada. They are committed to medical-grade products for Canadians hoping to use cannabis as a viable treatment method. You’ll first have to sign up as a patient – but don’t worry, this process is easy. All you need to do is register by filling out a short online application and complete the required medical documentation.

Once the application and medical document has been approved, you can start shopping. The medical products offered by Aurora include dried cannabis flowers, cannabis oil, CBD capsules and softgels. The website is easy to navigate and you can select filters based on THC, CBD, indica, sativa, or hybrid. You can see what products are already harvested and what is currently growing.

Consider downloading the Aurora mobile app for iPhone or Android. It is the world’s first mobile application for purchasing medical weed and it makes the process more convenient than ever. Staying up-to-date on the world of weed and placing orders has never been easier. You can also check out the Aurora blog for helpful info on medicinal marijuana. Read based on topics like health, culture, science, and industry.

Dried Cannabis

When choosing dried cannabis products, there are several options for plants that are currently available. You can also see what has been harvested and is undergoing the curing process as well as the strains that are still growing. The harvested plants will typically be for sale within several weeks and the growing ones within 3-4 months.

For each available strain you can download the official lab report. This is one of the only online dispensaries that has available lab testing results for their cannabis. You can see everything from THC to CBD to terpene counts. Customers can also see firsthand that the products offered are safe and absent of any contaminants. Here are the most popular strains available now at Aurora.

Blue Dream (Sativa)

Blue Dream – also called Ambition – is a popular sativa-dominant strain that originated in California. It stimulates the mind and relaxes the body, lulling you into a calming euphoria. This 23% THC strain is sold for $9 per gram at Aurora.

Banana Split (Indica)

The indica-dominant hybrid strain Banana Split (also known as Luna) is a cross between Tangie and Banana Sherbert. The THC content hovers around 15% and the downloadable lab report will show you the most abundant terpenes. Banana Split is also just $9 per gram.

Double-Milled Decarbed (DMD) Powder

Double-milled decarbed powder is the perfect alternative for anyone who doesn’t like to smoke. This THC powder can be added to food or drinks, making your cannabis consumption discreet and easy. The THC content hovers around 13% with 1% CBD and its sativa-dominant nature leads to an energetic high. You can get 1 gram of double-milled powder for $9.

Cannabis Oil, Capsules and Softgels

If you prefer consuming your cannabis in the form of oil or capsules, you’re in luck. Aurora online dispensary has several options, including CBD oils and THC heavy oils and softgels. These products are potent and effective; medical cannabis patients have nothing but good things to say about them. Oils, capsules and softgels are easily ingested and deliver the best bang for your buck.

Aurora CBD Capsules

The Aurora CBD capsules are created from superior CBD strains. They are a hard shell filled with carefully extracted cannabinoids and terpenes using an advanced CO₂ process. Next, the pure extract is diluted to to the ideal concentration for consuming. The final product is a CBD capsule that is portable and easy to consume in a variety of circumstances. These capsules are ideal for CBD users on the go.

Aurora CBD Drops

The CBD drops are produced from the high CBD cannabis strain known as Cannatonic. Creating this oil involves extracting the potent terpenes and cannabinoids from Cannatonic using CO2 extraction methods. The end result contains about 27mg CBD and all you need to do is put several drops under your tongue or in food or beverages. A 30ml bottle is $95.

Aurora Sativa/Indica Softgels

The Aurora softgels are a top selling product for several reasons. They offer a precise dose and are perfect for new cannabis users. The small softgels come in both indica and sativa, so you can experience either full-body relaxation or an energetic high. Each softgel contains around 9mg THC, so start out slow. One bottle of 30 pills costs $45.

Shipping Policies

Aurora is located in Alberta but ships to marijuana patients nationwide. All orders over 5 grams will be eligible for free shipping; anything less than that depends on location and shipping provider. Once your package has shipped you’ll receive a tracking number through Canada Post, Purolator, or West Direct (depending on shipping provider).

Certain areas of Canada can receive same-day shipping if the order is processed before a certain time. Calgary customers can receive their package the same day if they place their order before 11:30 A.M. (Mountain). If you live in Edmonton and place your order before 9am you can also receive same-day delivery.

Contact Information for Aurora

This review of Aurora Cannabis wouldn’t be done without giving you contact information. Aurora’s hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 6am – 6pm Pacific Time. This online dispensary is closed on weekends and Canadian statutory holidays. You can contact Aurora in several ways, including email, phone, and live chat. Email the team at or call 1-844-928-7672. If you need to speak to someone in French you also have that option.

At the bottom right-hand corner of the website you’ll see a “Help” tab. If you click this you can leave a short message and even attach files if needed. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible, typically within a few hours. For up-to-date news on the latest available strains and promotions, follow Aurora on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.