AC Medical Review

AC Medical appears to be offline and has been for a while… RIP?

AC Medical online dispensary is a Vancouver-based cannabis company that values quality and variety for a reasonable price. They only offer premium-grade products (AAA and AAAA) and source from local BC growers who they know on a personal level. This gives the team at AC Medical confidence in each and every product available on the online store.

Members of AC Medical are keen to continue ordering from this dispensary, and it is not just because they are treated like a part of the family. The Loyalty Program makes it worth it to keep shopping here; members get 1% back in rewards points to use to the next purchase. So for every dollar you spend you’ll receive a point towards your next order.

AC Medical Coupon Codes

As soon as you enter the homepage of AC Medical, finding the current promotions is simple. All you need to do is click the “Weekly Promo” tab at the top of the page. There are always changing deals on flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

Right now you can get a hefty discount on Phyto Extractions live resin and distillate, Lebanese blonde hash, and much more. You don’t need a coupon code for these promos since the discount is automatically applied at checkout. Be sure to frequently check this section of the online dispensary because the deals change every week.

Cannabis Flower

When shopping for your cannabis flowers, you can choose based on strain type (indica, sativa, or hybrid) or grade (AA, AAA, or AAAA). Set filters for these as well as price to find the perfect strain for you. At any given time there are usually around 30 strains to choose from, but this depends on what is available from the growers. Here’s what’s on the menu right now at AC Medical.

Romulan (Indica)

If you are looking for a full body high and slight cerebral stimulation, give the indica-dominant Romulan a try. Since it is extremely relaxing for the body it is ideal for patients suffering from muscle spasms and nerve damage. It can be heavily intoxicating, so start out slow. One gram is $11, but you’ll get a better value if you purchase an ounce for $169 (on sale now).

Strawberry Shortquake (Sativa)

The sativa-heavy strain called Strawberry Shortquake will rock your world, and not just for its rich strawberry flavors. You might even find it hard to stop smiling after a joint of this. Get one gram for $10 or one ounce for $169.

Zombie Kush (Hybrid)

You’ll feel both sativa and indica effects when you give Zombie Kush a try for $12 per gram. You can see the potency just by holding a bud in your hand; each bud is frosted in THC crystals. At first your body will feel extremely relaxed and then there is the possibility of bursting into a giggle fit.


Some dispensaries are turning away from carrying concentrated products because they feel that flowers are enough to keep customers happy. But if really do need cannabis to treat a medical condition, the most effective treatment method is to utilize concentrates.

AC Medical carries these potent cannabis products in the form of budder/wax, shatter, hash, oils, and live resin. These highly concentrated products are much more powerful than your run-of-the-mill buds and they aren’t for the faint of heart. See why these are the top-selling concentrates at this online dispensary.

AC Medical Shatter (AAAA)

The shatter at AC Medical is only made using high-quality AAAA buds. To keep everyone happy it is extracted from both sativa and indica strains for everyone’s smoking and dabbing needs. Past customers have reviewed it with 5 out of 5, mostly for its potency and flavor profile. You can purchase one gram for $40, 4 grams for $135, or 8 grams for $230.

Aura Live Resin – Grape Gorilla

Many people are still unfamiliar with what exactly live resin is and how to use it. Making resin is similar to shatter but there is one main difference. The flower is flash frozen directly after being harvested to preserve terpenes, aroma, and flavor as much as possible. Grape Gorilla is aromatic, flavorful, and extremely powerful. You can purchase it by the gram for $38.

Bubble Hash

Purchasing bubble hash may feel like a blast from the past, but it is quickly gaining popularity again. The bubble hash at AC Medical packs a powerful punch, so all you need to do is add a tiny bit to a bowl and light up. You’ll feel the effects almost instantaneously and with full force. Right now it is on special for $20 per gram.

Becoming a Member

This review of AC Medical wouldn’t be complete without discussing membership. If you want to join the family at AC Medical and purchase products, you just need to prove that you are at least 19 years old. You’ll be required to provide a government-issued ID with your first order, and once this is approved your membership will start. After this you will not need to provide ID with future orders.


As soon as you place your order, you’ll be sent an email directing you on how to pay for your products. AC Medical accepts email money transfers using Interac. Anyone who is a member of a Canadian bank or credit union can send or receive money electronically; it is not just quick but also simple. All you need is the email address of the dispensary and the exact dollar amount of your order.

Shipping & Delivery

AC Medical ships anywhere in Canada and requires a flat shipping fee of $15. If you spend over $200 you’ll receive free shipping. Every package will be shipped same day or the following business day (depending on when your payment is processed). As soon as the payment is received the team will start packaging your products in vacuum-sealed bags and label-free boxes to keep it as discreet as possible.

Since AC Medical is located in Vancouver, any customers ordering from BC or nearby will receive their package in as little as 1-2 days. For more remote places further away, it could take Canada Post 3-5 days to deliver. You can keep tabs on your package by following the tracking number provided via email.

Contact Information for AC Medical

If you click the FAQ’s tab on the AC Medical homepage, you’ll see a “Contact Us” section. You’ll be directed to an email page where you can send your message to Feel free to contact the dispensary day or night, but you’re more likely to receive a response between Monday and Friday during business hours.

Every team member is passionate about cannabis, so don’t be shy when asking about certain products and how they work. Utilize their knowledge on cannabis to figure out which flowers and concentrates are best for you.