Cannabis Edibles in Canada – Brand Comparison

Welcome to, where our mission is to help connect you with some of the highest-rated and most trusted cannabis dispensaries in our country. Today we will go over some of the best places to buy weed edibles in Canada, so all you with a sweet tooth buckle up! Strap yourself in and prepare to save big with coupon codes and exclusive offers on the freshest, tastiest, and most potent cannabis edibles on the market.

Since Marijuana Legalization, finding a reliable source for THC edibles can be overwhelming because of the massive number of dispensaries entering the market. The good news is that we do all the hard work for you so you can find the most trusted and well-established Canadian cannabis dispensaries hassle-free.

First, we will outline the different types of weed edibles available to purchase throughout Canada. This list includes favourites such as THC gummies, chocolates, cookies, brownies, teas, tinctures and capsules. 

Next, we will provide our recommendations of contenders to be in the running for the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada. You’ll never have to wonder where to buy marijuana edibles again!

Let us do all the hard work and connect you directly with some of the most reliable online dispensaries and weed delivery services in Canada. We look for top-grade products, a diverse menu that features trusted brands, quality service, customer satisfaction, affordable prices, and great deals. 

When it comes to weed edibles, many things can influence your overall experience. At Dispensary Guide, our priority is helping you find the best deals on the best edibles in Canada. 

Different Types of Cannabis Edibles

You no longer have to worry about when weed edibles will be available in Canada. If you didn’t already know, THC edibles are widely accessible for recreational and medical use from sites like BuyWeedPacks. Just visit an online marijuana dispensary, cannabis store, or local weed delivery service for easy access to all types of edibles.

When looking for the best place to buy cannabis edibles in Canada, you want to know and understand your options. Let’s take a look at some of the most common weed edibles you can find at any marijuana dispensary in Canada. 

Weed Gummies

Cannabis gummies (including CBD gummies) are the main staple of any cannabis dispensary, and for a good reason. These tasty treats combine high-grade THC with a delicious gummy mix to create the most popular weed edible in Canada. 

A perfect example would be Ganja Edibles Gummy Bears which you can find at most West Coast dispensaries vying for the honours of being the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada. These treats are perfect for experienced and new users alike.

The popular Eden Edibles are some weed gummies that many are talking about and for good reason. They are from the West Coast as well and come in CBD and THC options as well as vapes.

best cannabis edibles in Canada

Cannabis Chocolate

One of the most trending cannabis edibles on the market is weed chocolate. These rich and creamy treats are more challenging to make than gummies, but they are among the finest edibles in Canada when done correctly. If you are looking for top marks in taste and potency, this cannabis chocolate is worth trying. 

You will have your choice because there are many great options available. One fantastic product that you can try is Potluck’s Cookies N’ Creme THC chocolates.

Baked Edibles

Next, we have time-honoured stoner classics such as baked THC edibles, including weed cookies and pot brownies. Just be sure to buy fresh! The best way to do that is with same-day weed edible delivery in Vancouver, Toronto, and more! 

An excellent option that provides a nice blend of potency and deliciousness is Ganja Edibles Double Chocolate Chip cookies

Weed Tea

You can try cannabis tea for a calming and relaxing experience. Tea is already calming on its own, so you can imagine the boost to relaxation that comes from adding in THC. Wind down after a long hard day, or enjoy a quiet and peaceful day indoors.  

If weed tea is what you are looking for, we recommend Temple Tea Caramel Chai tea. Just be sure to pick up yours now because these products tend to fly off the stocks quickly. 

THC Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are a different type of weed edible product than the ones above. Unlike the previous edibles, THC tinctures are more like medicine and less like food. You can find tinctures flavoured, but it is challenging to mask the bitter taste of pure THC. 

A helpful tip is that Mota has always been a leader in the cannabis tincture industry. If you get a chance, you should try their top-selling MOTA 1:1 THC to CBD tincture. You can find a wide range of cannabinoid concentrations to suit your specific needs.

Cannabis Capsules

Another option is weed capsules. You would take cannabis capsules the same way you would take any pill. Just make sure you understand how much THC is appropriate and that you take the correct dose. You will find THC capsules in different dosage levels, so be mindful that not all weed pills are the same.

One of the highest-rated cannabis brands in Canada is Boost, and they offer quality Boost THC gel caps. You can be confident that you are getting precisely dosed capsules containing premium THC concentrate.

So What are the Best Places to Buy Weed Edibles in Canada?

You might know that there are thousands of cannabis dispensaries across Canada. The massive number of options can make finding the ideal one a bit challenging at times. The good news is that our team has searched the internet’s far reaches, compiling a list of established dispensaries with the happiest customers and best edibles. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top weed edibles dispensaries we have experience with as customers ourselves. 


If you are looking for an online dispensary in Canada that offers top-quality cannabis edibles, then WeedSmart is for you! Weed Smart takes pride in providing the freshest, tastiest, and most potent THC edibles in Canada. You will find a delectable selection including Aura Edibles, Alya Extracts, Essence, Faded, Mikro, Mota, Temple Tea, THC Blox, Twisted Extracts, and more!

If the quality of products and services is what you seek, then is the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada. Order now and get reliable mail order marijuana right to your door. It’s no wonder why we place WeedSmart as one of the best marijuana dispensaries to buy weed edibles in Canada.

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Weed Delivery Vancouver

An excellent option for same-day weed edible delivery on the west coast of Canada is So if you live in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmon, Surrey, Langley, Delta, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, White Rock, and surrounding areas, you’re in for a treat!

At Weed Delivery Vancouver, you will find the top-of-the-line THC edibles in Vancouver that are as fresh as they are potent.  Their menu features top brands, including Alya Extracts, Aura Edibles, Blackcomb, Boost, Faded, Ganja Edibles, Mikro, Potluck, Twisted Extracts, VanCity Labs, and more!

We should mention that the taste is even better in many instances, and their affordable prices and deals are as well. So if you are looking for where to buy edibles in Vancouver, this delivery service is worth a shot.

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Get Kush

Not many online dispensaries offer a more diverse range of weed edibles than Get Kush. The GetKush customer base is large and diverse, and their wide range of edibles satisfy many differing tastes. The GetKush edible menu includes top brands such as Blackcomb Gummies, Ganja Edibles, Alya Extracts, Array Bioceuticals, Aura Edibles, Boost, Faded, Harlo’s, High Dose, Mikro, Potluck, Stash, Twisted Extracts and more! You get the point; they have quite a bit of excellent options to choose from.

If a massive selection of trusted edibles brands is what intrigues you, then is the best place to buy cannabis edibles in Canada. 

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Daily Marijuana

For bargain hunters out there, is one of the best places to buy weed edibles in Canada. Daily Marijuana is another online dispensary that offers very affordable prices on many of your favourite edible brands in Canada. The DailyMarijuana selection includes Ganja Edibles, Blackcomb Gummies, Alya, Aura, Boost, Mikro, Pure North Extracts, Sesh Edibles, Harlo’s, Sticky Icky, Twisted Extracts, Van City Labs, and more!

You can also save big by taking advantage of their weekly promotions and exclusive deals. You’re sure to find excellent deals on top-grade edibles. It’s for these reasons that DailyMarijuana is in the running for the best dispensary to buy weed edibles in Canada.

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Highest Farmacy

You can also get weed edibles on the same day from highly-respected delivery services such as Highest Farmacy. It provides timely and reliable same-day weed delivery in the Mississauga, Toronto, Durham, York, and Calgary regions. You can find THC edible products from popular brands such as Atomic Wheelchair, Faded Edibles, Mota, Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars, 7th Heaven, and more!

If you want fresh cannabis edibles delivered right to your door the same day you place your order, Black Rabbit weed delivery is for you. Be sure to keep an eye out for deals. The Highest Farmacy cannabis delivery hours are 11 am – 9 pm. 

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Just Cannabis

Another excellent option for mail-order marijuana is You can find some of the most affordable prices on many popular edible brands on the market. The Just Cannabis edible inventory consists of Boost, Ganja Edibles, Alya, Pure North Extracts, Twisted Extracts, Array, Aura, Baroness, Faded, Harlo’s Mikro, Pot Luck, and more!

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In Conclusion on What to Look For When You Buy Weed Edibles in Canada

You should look for many things when looking for the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada. Below are some of the main things that can bring you excellent value in your next edible experience. 

Trusted Edible Brands

The first thing you should look for in a marijuana dispensary is to offer a wide range of trusted edible brands. High-quality and well-established brands are the quickest shortcuts to finding the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada. You would also want to make sure that the edible dispensary refreshes their stock regularly, so you don’t receive any expired goods. 


Product quality is paramount when it comes to marijuana edibles. A high-quality edible has a better chance of enhancing your overall experience. A helpful tip is to check out what existing customers have to say about their experiences with the products you would like to try. We recommend visiting external review sources such as WeedMaps, Cannabis Ontario. or Leafly and check out independent reviews. Moreover, you would want to find a dispensary that takes product and service quality seriously and rectifies any issues and complaints.


Another helpful thing to look for is if a dispensary offers a large and diverse set of edibles. Having a wide selection to choose from is never a bad thing. Especially if the choices are all top brands you are familiar with. Typically when a cannabis dispensary offers a massive selection of edibles, they sell a lot and are doing pretty well to handle a large inventory. 

Deals & Promos

Once you are confident you have found the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada, you should check out their deals and promotions. You will often find online dispensaries and weed delivery services trying to outdo each other. The competition is excellent for customers since this usually leads to lower prices and more opportunities to save with deals and promotions. 

We hope you enjoy the list of our recommendations for the best place to buy weed edibles in Canada, find what you are looking for, and save a lot of your hard-earned money the next time you buy weed edibles online in Canada!


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