CBD Oil in Canada – Everything you need to know

The hype of legal recreational cannabis in Canada has yet to die down, especially CBD oil in Canada. If you are Canadian and at least 19, you can buy CBD oil online at any time. All you need to do is search for “CBD oil Canada” and you’ll have lots of online cannabis dispensaries to choose from. 

Although CBD oil doesn’t get you high, it has some amazing benefits. More Canadians are turning to CBD oil for anxiety by snacking on delicious CBD gummies. Keep reading to learn about the main differences between THC vs CBD, how to get CBD oil in Canada, and common CBD effects and benefits. 

Information about CBD Oil

Whether you have tried CBD oil in Canada or not, now is the time to get started. Not only is it legal across the country as of October 2018, it is also safe and easy to buy. The best way to purchase CBD oil is through online weed dispensaries, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. 

Not only will your online shopping experience be quick and simple, it will allow you to have some of the purest CBD oil in the world delivered to your doorstep. More and more people are using CBD oil in Canada for its potency and amazing medical benefits. 

Is CBD oil legal in Canada? 

The question “Is CBD oil legal in Canada?” has been on everyone’s mind since the Cannabis Act was passed on October 17th. There has been some confusion about which products are actually legal and which are not. But there’s good news…CBD oil is indeed legal! As long as you are purchasing your oil from Health Canada or a Licensed Producer you are in the clear. 

What is CBD oil – What does CBD oil do?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural substance found within cannabis plants that helps you to relax, but does not necessarily get you high. Instead it is used for treating a number of medical ailments, like pain and anxiety. It is also taken as a nutritional supplement and even added to beauty products. 

CBD oil, commonly called hemp oil, is derived from cannabis plants by extracting the CBD components and minimizing the THC. The first step is to grow cannabis plants low in THC and high in CBD; this ensures that the oil from these plants is comprised mostly of CBD and high in quality. 

Once the plants are harvested, the next step is to extract the CBD. One commonly used method is alcohol extraction, where the plant is soaked in a grain alcohol solvent. After it is soaked, the liquid that remains is high in CBD. The solvent is then evaporated and voila! You are left with potent CBD oil. CO2 extraction is another common method, but it is much more complex. 

How to get CBD oil in Canada 

As we mentioned before, the best and easiest way to get your CBD oil in Canada is through online weed dispensaries. Recommended dispensaries to buy CBD oil include FairCannaCare, Blue+Yellow, THC Delivery and Budderweeds.

Since legalization, more and more dispensaries and licensed retailers have been popping up around the country. The process is as easy as browsing the online store, adding items to a shopping cart, and securely checking out. 

Shop around for a quality dispensary before you make a purchase. You can read reviews from previous customers to get a feel for the ordering process and the product itself. Some online dispensaries only carry dried cannabis buds, so find one that also has a selection of CBD oils. 


Everyone talks about how THC is what gets you high, and they quickly lose interest in CBD. This is a common mistake, since the CBD provides has some major benefits that THC does not. Here’s what you should know about THC vs CBD. 

Cannabis plants have hundreds of chemical components, but the two main ones are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both compounds have the same exact molecular structure, but the molecules are arranged differently. These slight differences impact how THC vs CBD affect the body. 

The main difference is that THC provides a psychoactive effect while CBD does not. THC binds to a specific receptor in the brain that leads to that “high” feeling. CBD lacks this quality, but that doesn’t make it any less special. When used properly, CBD has the potential to help with everything from anxiety to seizures.

CBD effects

Unlike THC, CBD won’t make you feel euphoric or giggly; it turns out the CBD effects can be even better. The main benefit is extreme relaxation, but CBD oil can also be used for many things. This includes the treatment of pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety disorders, migraines, digestive issues, and insomnia (just to mention a few). 

One question on the minds of cannabis users is “Does CBD oil make you sleepy?” It is believed that all cannabis products have sedating effects, so won’t CBD oil just put you to sleep? CBD oil is actually less likely to make you sleepy than your average run-of-the-mill marijuana. The intoxicating, sleepy effects of cannabis come primarily from THC, which is miniscule in CBD oil.

You might also be wondering how long does it take for CBD oil to work after ingesting it? CBD effects individuals in different ways, so this really depends. Generally speaking, CBD oil should start to take effect within an hour, but it could take as little as 20 minutes on an empty stomach. The opposite is also true; it will take longer to kick in if you have just eaten a huge meal. 

CBD capsules in Canada 

Ingesting your pure CBD oil in capsule form is extremely common. Not only are capsules easy to consume, pretty much every online dispensary carries them. Eating CBD pills is one of the best ways to control your dosage of CBD. One of the best companies for purchasing capsules is Tweed; they offer several types of Tweed CBD oil in capsules ranging from 10 to 50mg. 

CBD gummies in Canada

It makes sense that CBD gummies are another popular way of getting your daily dose. Who doesn’t love a delicious gummy treat? Most Canadian dispensaries offer a variety of flavors and potencies of CBD gummies and candies. Browse any “Edibles” page of an online dispensary to see what they have in stock. 

CBD isolate 

CBD isolate is by far the most potent form of cannabidiol out there. This pure crystalline powder contains around 99% CBD, and it is ideal for medical patients. The purification and filtration process in making Isolate ensures that it contains absolutely no THC. This makes it perfect for anyone trying to avoid an unwanted high. 

You can ingest isolate in several ways; add it to your morning cup of coffee along with your Stevia or blend it in your smoothie. This easy-to-consume drug has the potential to treat the most severe medical symptoms. 

High CBD strains 

Just because you have experienced anxiety or unwanted munchies after smoking weed does not mean cannabis is not for you. Chances are you were smoking a high THC strain, and you might react better to high CBD instead. There are plenty of high CBD strains to choose from, such as these:

CBD Mango Haze

Strains like CBD Mango Haze that contain 1:1 CBD to THC are unlikely to lead to anxiety when smoking. This sativa strain has potent tropical flavors of mango and pineapple, and even has a spicy kick of black pepper. It has an uplifting effect that both recreational and medical weed smokers love. 

Palm Tree CBD

This indica strain is similar to CBD Mango Haze; they are both completely balanced between THC and CBD. Cannabis enthusiasts appreciate its bright lime green buds with hints of purple. Smoking a bit of Palm Tree CBD can relax your body and clear your mind, melting away your stress. 

Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web is the most popular CBD strain in the world since it is associated with reducing the seizures of a young girl named Charlotte. The ratio of CBD to THC can be as high as 20:1, which means there is no risk of getting high. This strain has been proven to help with migraines, fatigue, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. 

CBD tincture 

Getting your CBD in tincture form is becoming more popular among Canadians. Essentially it is made by steeping CBD cannabis flowers in grain alcohol and cooking it for several hours. The liquid is then mixed with a carrier oil, like peppermint or vanilla. Many dispensaries offer a variety of flavors, and you can add the mixture to salad dressings, smoothies, or teas. 

One of the most reputable producers of CBD tinctures is Joshua Tree. This Canadian owned company offers a number of CBD products, including fresh buds and potent oil extracts. The most popular one is the Joshua Tree CBD Almond Oil tincture. The strong nutty flavor goes well in coffee, and even better it can leave you pain and anxiety free throughout the day. 

CBD oil for anxiety 

It is extremely common to use pure CBD oil for anxiety disorders. Some people might find this contradictory because they assume that cannabis actually induces anxiety. But remember how we discussed the differences between CBD and THC? If you have ever felt anxious or panicked after smoking, there’s a good chance you were smoking a strain high in THC.

CBD has the opposite effect. It has even been shown that strains high in CBD can block the brain receptors that THC attach to, meaning there is almost no chance of feeling high (therefore little chance of anxiety). CBD can help almost anyone feeling anxiety, stress, or depression. 

Calyx CBD Boutique is a wellness centre in Toronto that commonly uses CBD oil for anxiety disorder treatments. They offer both tinctures and capsules in variety of potencies and flavors. You can even purchase CBD oil for pets through Calyx, so do something good for your furry friend by visiting their website. 

CBD oil for pain 

There are several ways to use CBD oil for pain relief, and one of most common methods is using a topical cream, balm, or salve. Canadians everywhere suffer from aches and pains, no matter our age or line of work. The good news is CBD oil for pain is easy to access. Try typing “CBD cream Canada” to see what comes up.

Of course there are other ways to use CBD oil for pain management and treatment. If your pain is more internal, like suffering from migraines, a topical cream might not do the trick. Instead you can swallow capsules or try out tinctures. No matter the pain your suffering, give CBD oil a try before turning to addictive prescription drugs. 

How to take CBD oil 

At this point we have covered a few methods for how to take CBD oil, including capsules, gummies, isolates, and tinctures. Some people might enjoy CBD vape juice, so visit an online dispensary and choose your favorite flavor. For those who don’t prefer smoking high CBD cannabis flowers, vaping is another great alternative. 

However you choose to ingest your CBD oil, always read the label first. For example, a CBD tincture will typically tell you to start off with one or two drops underneath your tongue. Start out small and work your way up if you need to. This way you can determine your tolerance and how much you need for the full effect. 

Does CBD oil get you high?

As we’ve already discussed, CBD does not actually get you high. The cannabis plant is composed of a number of different cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the one that gets you high, but CBD can leave you feeling amazing in different ways. 

Lots of cannabis users prefer the CBD effects over the ones that THC offers. Believe it or not, some people do not love the feeling of being high. This doesn’t mean these people cannot benefit from cannabis. By using CBD, relaxation and treatment of pain is still possible without the psychoactive effects.