Will Edibles Get Me High?

Eating edibles in order to get high is very popular. Furthermore, edibles are known to hit harder than smoking cannabis, but the thing is not everyone experiences the same effects. If you ate some edibles and aren’t getting high right now, you are probably wondering why.

It’s not a secret that the effects of cannabis differ from person to person. Most of the time it can be unpredictable how cannabis works for a person – it could be either too little, too much, or somewhere in between.

But the fact is, edibles could have the potential to hit harder than smokeables. Even experts in cannabis would agree with me that edibles could be much stronger than expected. But as humans, we are built differently from each other.

So some factors could change the effects of edibles entirely. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you aren’t getting high from eating edibles, and we are going to learn the possible reasons why.


Forgetting about the decarboxylation process

This problem is common among beginners and those who prefer to cook their own edibles. They forgot about the important step called the decarboxylation process. If you didn’t know already, this process is the very first step you take before anything else, and it activates the cannabinoids present in the herb by using enough heat.

The decarboxylation process usually happens slowly, but could be sped up using an oven and complete the process. If done properly, it could make your edibles to be more potent and take effect more quickly.

Some molecules take longer to break down

The ingestion process could take much longer depending on what kind of molecules you are consuming. If your edible contains various ingredients or molecules that could cause congestion, then it could take much longer for the edible to reach its destination. Yes, it will reach its destination eventually, but if it takes longer, it could affect the potency.

And it doesn’t stop there, some molecules or ingredients take longer to digest than others too. So taking longer to go to the destination added with longer time to digest and you get delayed effects.

Fast metabolism

Some Canadians just have a faster metabolism than others. And this metabolic process could play a big role in consuming edibles. People with fast metabolism are more likely to experience edibles at a quicker rate compared to people with a slow metabolism.

So people with fast metabolism may feel the effects of edibles much quicker, or in other words, the effects wear much sooner. In this case, it’s not uncommon for them to not feel high at all. There are some solutions that you can try to finally feel high. One is to increase the potency or doses of your edibles or to simply eat more of your edibles to keep with your metabolism.

Two is by using cannabis oil instead – you can take oil via sublingual absorption. This method allows the THC to enter directly into the bloodstream without being digested first. The high may not last long, but you will feel it much quicker.

High tolerance levels

Canadians have different tolerance levels that could affect how much you should take THC. If your tolerance level is high, you need increased doses to achieve the desired effects. There are also plenty of factors that could affect your tolerance level. But one of the most common ones is cannabis dependence.

The solution you can try is by taking a break. The THC inside your system needs time to leave, and it could take around three weeks to do so. This is probably the best way to lower your tolerance level. During this period, you should stay away from THC completely. But you may experience some withdrawal symptoms if you’ve been using cannabis regularly. The symptoms may peak during your first week.

Some symptoms that you need to be aware of are mood changes, sleep problems, cravings, and changes in appetite. To ease the symptoms, you can try eating healthy food, exercising, staying hydrated, and avoiding alcohol and drugs completely.

Not enough fat

Edibles work really well with high-fat food or when combines with oils or butter. Therefore, it is possible that your edible is lacking fat, and this caused it to be less potent to the point that you don’t get high. Keep in mind that THC loves fat and is hydrophobic.


There you have it, some common reasons why you don’t get high from eating edibles. Now that you know the reasons, it is time to start troubleshooting your edible and pinpoint the real problem.