What is Rosin & How is it Made?

The variety of cannabis concentrates just won’t stop evolving and improving. Today, much research and development is still going on in the cannabis industry. On one side, the industry is gaining popularity every year and on the other side, there are more and more new products and alternatives on the market.

If you decide to dive deeper into cannabis concentrates, you will find many varieties, with each variety has its own pros and cons. I think, at this point, there is always something for each person. So if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t worry about the options – you will always be able to find something for you.

Now, in this article, we are going to talk about one type of cannabis concentrate that is getting more and more popular every day: rosin. What is it and how is it made? How is it compared to other concentrates? Let’s find out.

Rosin cannabis concentrate

What is rosin?

The name rosin refers to an extraction process that uses a combination of pressure and heat to squeeze resinous sap almost instantaneously from the starting material. So in a way, rosin is a form of concentrate or usually also referred to as dabs – that is made using a certain type of extraction process.

How is rosin made?

The ingredient of rosin is specifically from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. The trichomes are the ‘crystals’ that coat the cannabis. Usually, manufacturers would place a bud in a special bag or just between two sheets of parchment paper. Then the tool will be placed inside a hydraulic press outfitted with some heating elements. There are some manufacturers, such as Lowtemp Industries, that make specialized tools to make rosin in the best way possible.

It is very versatile; it can be made of marijuana, kief, hash, or flower, and can even be transformed into full-melt hash oil. The end product is usually translucent and sappy, and sometimes also looks like shatter. Depending on the production procedure, if done well and properly, the quality and potency of rosin can rival other solvent-based extraction products.

How does rosin compare to other concentrates?

The biggest difference between rosin and other concentrates is that the entire process can be solvent-free. It doesn’t involve any solvent as the entire manufacturing process only uses heat and pressure, it is truly solventless extract. You might argue that bubble has is also solvent-free but the process requires water as a wash, so it is technically a solvent.

Another difference is the quality – the biggest factor that attracts new consumers every day. Rosin offers a powerful and flavorful experience that can be difficult to get from other concentrates. Potency is also a bit different – it’s essentially all active ingredients, so it is very potent.

Though this is a common thing with concentrates to be very potent. This is why beginners should be careful when trying rosin or other concentrates. Always follow the basic rule of starting with lower doses or start low and go slow.

It is also common for rosin to be full-spectrum. As you may already know, full-spectrum extracts retain the cannabis plant’s full profile and contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds as well.

These extracts are difficult to produce because many extraction methods would filter out some components during the refinement process. But depending on how it’s extracted, rosin may be considered full-spectrum.

Why is rosin so popular now?

As explained above, more and more cannabis users are catching up with rosin being solventless. No foreign substances involved mean that it is just simply more attractive than the others. It is clean and ready in just minutes; you can’t say that about most concentrates on the market.

The simplicity of it is also very interesting to many cannabis concentrates lovers. It allows many people – enthusiasts – with no background in botanical extractions or chemistry to try it out for themselves with minimal risk. In other words, if you love making your own concentrates, you can always go with rosin.

So now you can see why it is trending now marijuana enthusiasts. Never before has there been a method that is safer, simpler, more versatile, and safer than rosin. So you can expect more manufacturers and individuals to try their hands and perhaps we will see more development in this amazing concentrate.


Rosin is without a doubt a very popular cannabis concentrate. Both beginners and enthusiasts can fully enjoy or even make one themselves. Keep your eyes open for more updates on rosin.