What Causes Marijuana Munchies & Tips to Manage Them

Anyone who has tried marijuana before must have experienced munchies. If you have never tried marijuana, munchies or the munchies is what happens when you suddenly get the urge of eating or snaking something. This powerful surge in appetite could happen after smoking or ingesting marijuana.

For many medicinal users who have trouble eating after taking medications or chemotherapy, this effect could be one of the biggest benefits. But for recreational users, this effect could either be enjoyable or annoying. Especially when there is no food or snack nearby.


The causes of marijuana munchies

So now we know that the munchies are real, and it could happen to anyone who had just smoke or ingest marijuana. But how and why does that happen? At first glance, it must be weird, especially for people who don’t use marijuana, that consuming it makes you want to eat more. But the fact of the matter is, people who smoke marijuana are recommended to have food or snack at the ready.

That being said, we still don’t know much about the munchies – why and how THC in marijuana causes it. Many scientists are still researching this topic to know more. From a study back in 2014, we know that THC could affect the brain’s olfactory bulb in the mice and increase the animals’ ability to smell food, and make them eat more than usual.

So we can assume that the reason we got the munchies after smoking or ingesting marijuana is that THC increases our appetite by making us more sensitive to the smells of food – making food tastes better as well. Scent and taste are closely related, so the theory makes a lot of sense.

All in all, the munchies possess their own risks, mainly weight risks. The effects could be more intense among marijuana users who are a bit on the heavy side. Many obese people in Canada should be careful when using marijuana because the munchies could be stronger than usual and make them want to eat more.

Even Canadians who live a rather healthy lifestyle could gain weight because of the munchies. People use marijuana to relax, but instead, it boosts their appetite for junk foods, candies, cookies, brownies, lollipops, and other unhealthy snacks. If you love marijuana and leaving munchies unchecked, this could lead to a lot of weight struggles in the future.

Tips to manage the munchies

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to negate the effect of the munchies. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid weight and other problems.

Eat well throughout the day

Before you smoke or ingest marijuana, it’s recommended to eat well throughout the day leading to the marijuana session. Decide first when you want to smoke marijuana, so you can eat enough before that. For example, if you are planning to smoke marijuana, shatter or hash in the evening after work, make sure you eat plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also eat some snacks in between meals.

By making a plan for the day like this, you can plan your meal properly and negate the intensity of the munchies. Of course, make sure you eat healthy foods that won’t make you gain a lot of weight, otherwise, it’d be useless.

Stay hydrated

I believe many Canadians have been told to drink enough water every day since they were kids. But the fact is, some people just don’t drink enough water without realizing it. Whenever you feel thirsty, you are actually already dehydrated. Anyway, if you are feeling the munchies after using marijuana, try drinking enough water (only water if possible) until you feel the urge is decreasing.

Prepare healthy foods beforehand

If you know the munchies are coming, then you might think that you shouldn’t fight it. And you are right about that. If you know it’s coming, then you could just prepare beforehand. Before you use marijuana, try to fill your fridge and cupboards with healthy, clean foods. The type of food that doesn’t have too much calories, provide you with enough nutrients and vitamins, and so on.

Some ideas of food that you can prepare are fruits, nuts, popcorn, wheat toast, protein shakes and bars, protein pancakes, low-calorie drinks, yogurts, and so on. You might want to learn about cravings too and learn about the best foods you should prepare.


Munchies is a popular phenomenon among marijuana users in Canada. It could be bad or good depending on the user. For some people, munchies is something that is welcomed with open arms, while others see it as a hindrance to smoking marijuana. No matter what you think of it, you can always prepare yourself to turn the munchies into an advantage.