Vapes and Their Appeal in a Modern World

First introduced in 2006, e-cigarettes, more commonly known as vapes, have rapidly evolved to become much more popular than traditional cigarettes among the younger generation. Vapes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid until it reaches a vapor form. Then the vapor is inhaled by the user.

Depending on user preference, the liquid can contain marijuana, flavored oils, or—most commonly—nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, vapes allow the user complete control over how much or how little nicotine or marijuana is inhaled through the flavored pods.  


Healthier Than Smoking

Although highly debated, vaping is generally believed to be less harmful to the body than traditional smoking. Because of this, many younger adults are quick to join the vape community. With an e-cigarette, there is no smoke inhalation, which also means no unpleasant smoke odor lingering around their person. Instead, users may choose from a myriad of fun flavors at any vape wholesale location to find something tailored to their tastes and enjoyable for them.

Some individuals recognize the harm caused by cigarettes and use vapes as a way to quit smoking them. Because of the level of control the user has over how much nicotine is in each puff, previous smokers can start vaping at a high level of nicotine, then slowly wean themselves off by bringing the concentration down. This has proven to be an effective way to gradually release someone from nicotine addiction.

Social Community

Additionally, many young adults choose to vape because of the social aspect and hobby side of it. As with smoking, in public, vaping is typically restricted to certain areas like smoke pits, which allow vapers to meet and interact with like-minded individuals.

Stress Relief and a Hobby

Day-to-day life in the modern world comes with many stressors. Often, especially with the younger generation, people are looking for ways to relieve stress and curb anxiety. For many, vaping is the answer. Not only can vapes be filled with calming CBD oils and marijuana products, but they also can work as a way to relieve anxious moments by keeping the hands busy.

Vaping is viewed as a hobby by some. Because of the versatility of devices and products, e-cigarettes can become a passion. Interested individuals can gain insight into how vapes work and learn about how different liquids can affect individuals. With minimal research, one can quickly become versed enough in the topic to give advice and guide friends as to what purchases to make and what to avoid in the vaping market.

Though relatively new, the e-cigarette business has blossomed over the past two decades. With debates surrounding the level of safety and the long-term ramifications of vapes, the market has faced scrutiny and pushback from many. Regardless, it looks as though vaping is here to stay. Many turn to vaping as an alternative to cigarettes and traditional tobacco use as it offers the same benefits without a lot of the mess, like smoke odor and damage to most body organs. Only time will tell whether vapes are as safe and harmless as people say.