Types of THC Edibles – Which One is Best for You?

Talking about THC edibles is always fun and exciting. Any one who have tried THC products before will tell you that edibles are one of the best on the market. There are just so many advantages and options you have in Canada. THC edibles always deserve their own article and I am pretty sure you can find the best one for you.

No matter whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, you can always make edibles fun, tasty, and beneficial for you. Especially when we know that eating THC does not seem to increase the risks. They are so flexible and reliable in this day and age where THC products are accessible. So if you’re already loving eating THC edibles, there is really no reason to stop.


In this article, we’re going to various types of THC edibles that you can find. You are free to choose whichever product you want. In fact, you’re encouraged to try many types of CBD edibles so you will know which one is the best for you.


One of the most popular types of THC edibles is food. You may have already heard about THC brownies before, even celebrities have talked about them a lot on television. THC foods are available almost everywhere in Canada, in many shapes and sizes, potencies, and flavors.

Some THC-infused foods that you can find are baked goods and pastries, pizza sauce, candies, potato chips, beef jerkies, cinnamon toast crunch, chocolates, and many more. If you are curious about how they are made, they usually involve some sort of fat that’s been infused with THC. This is basically the case with every type of THC-infused food.

Keep in mind that this type of THC edibles can be very potent and also tricky. What I am saying is that food can be difficult to dose, and you may have to wait for a couple hours before you can feel the effects. But after that, you can expect the effects to stay for longer. So be patient and give it some time, and don’t eat more because the potency could knock you down.


Another popular type of THC edible its THC-infused drinks. While they are not as popular as foods, they are getting more and more popular now especially with some places offering their own THC drinks. These drinks can be as potent as foods so you must be careful with the dosage.

Another similarity is that you must also be patient and wait for the effects to kick in. If you don’t feel high right away, don’t drink more, or you might get way higher than intended. Some popular THC-infused drinks you can find are tea, coffee, energy drink, and more.


I think everyone in Canada has heard about tinctures at some point. Tinctures are potent, easy to use, flexible, portable, and reliable. They are considered edible because they can be absorbed through your mouth or under the tongue. And you can also use mix them with your food and drinks easily.

The biggest advantage of tinctures is how fast you can feel the effects. Administering tinctures orally or sublingually allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream quickly so you can feel effects without waiting for too long. Other than that, tinctures are easy to dose, and you can carry them with you while traveling.

The downside is that tinctures without flavoring aren’t exactly tasty. Some Canadians just don’t like the taste of tinctures. Fortunately, some manufacturers release their tinctures with additional flavors for people who are looking for more fun in their tinctures. So you can find many different flavors out there like mint, citrus, fruits, and more.

Tinctures have been around for so long, so I don’t think you are going to have any problem finding them in Canada. Pretty much every online and brick-and-mortar store should have plenty of tinctures available.


Last but not least, we have capsules. Capsules are one of the best alternatives for people who want to enjoy THC without any hassle. I am sure you are already familiar with capsules and know how to use them. Besides, capsules are tasteless and discreet so pretty much anyone can always rely on them.

The downside is that capsules are less interesting compared to other THC edibles in this article. There is no fluff, flavor, or another fun factor that you can get from capsules. Nevertheless, capsules will always be reliable for anyone who wants to try THC edibles.


There you have it, various types of popular THC edibles you can find in Canada. Feel free to explore different types of edibles to find the best edible for you. Don’t be afraid to have a lot of fun while trying edibles.