Top Weed Games to Play With Friends – Move Over Drinking Games

There are always new ways to enjoy their weed. This time I am going to talk about some top weed games you can play with friends. Drinking games aren’t even comparable to these weed games. I can guarantee that you will have so much fun playing these weed games.

Beware though, too much weed could give you a hangover in the morning. So make sure everyone agrees and is ready to play whatever game you decide.


Never have I ever

I bet all Canadians have heard of this game before. Make sure you have enough weed for everyone who is playing. If you have more people than you planned to join, ask everyone to contribute to the weed stash.

The game is very simple, start a statement with “Never have I ever…” followed by some action. So let’s say, “Never have I ever been arrested”. Anyone who has done or experienced the action takes a puff or whatever you want to do with the weed. Then you can go clockwise or counter-clockwise to the next person. Do this until everyone is high, or you run out of weed.

Weed Jenga

Who doesn’t love Jenga? I am sure everyone has heard or played Jenga before, and of course, you can use weed to spice it up. This requires a bit of planning and pre beforehand, though, but I am sure you don’t mind. First, write some rules on each Jenga block, like, “take two hits” or “close your eyes”. Second, make sure everyone is already high before the game begins.

Expect chaos to happen during the game while everyone is high and getting even higher as the game progresses. You can make up some new rules or twists into the game if you want. Just be creative and have fun.

Video games

There’s an endless opportunity when it comes to video games and weed. You can pick up any game and add weed to it. Pick your favorite video games – any game that you can play immediately. It can be Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Fall Guys, whatever. Create a local tournament where the winner (or loser) gets to take a puff from the bong or whatever rig you have.

Playing video games while getting high also makes you play them differently as you would sober. Interestingly, there is a strong connection between video games and weed. Some gamers have tried many video game challenges before while getting high, for example, smoking weed and collecting grief runeword on Diablo 2 at the same time. Believe me, once you tried it you will want to play again.

Musical marijuana

Apparently, this kind of game is already very popular. This game involves plenty of songs where you have to take a hit every time a phrase or word is sung. So some of these songs have semi-repetitive lyrics, so expect to take plenty of hits.

Some of the most popular songs for musical marijuana are Thunderstruck by AC/DC, Hey Ya, by Andree 3000, Jammin’ by Bob Marley and The Wailers, and many more. So for example, if you choose Jammin’ by Bob Marley and The Wailers, you take a hit every time you hear “jammin”. This game can be even more interesting if you have never heard of the songs.

Categories game

Categories game is one of those fun and exciting games that anyone can play. To start, make everyone sits in a circle. Pick a category and a letter, for example, the category is movies and the letter is M.

So everyone must say a movie name that starts with M in order. The first person to miss takes a hit. The second person to miss takes two hits, and so on. If you’re done, pick a new category and a letter.

You can also choose only a category, so no letters, to make the game easier and longer. Or you can make the game more difficult by using the entire alphabet, i.e., movies from A to Z.

You can pretty much make any kinds of rules you want to make the game more fun and exciting. As the game progresses, you will find the game getting funnier and messier.


Weed games are awesome, you can play with a group of friends or even strangers, in-person or through video calls. If you want, you can even invent your own games that you can play with a group of friends. There’s no limit to how much you can enjoy weed.