Things to Know Before Buying a Vaporizer for Weed

Vaping weed has become one of the most popular things among weed enthusiasts. Even before weed was legalized, many have are already vaping, so it’s not surprising that vaping weed is a thing now.

The popularity of vaping has brought us this wonderful thing of vaping weed. But much like any other thing related to weed, there are some things you need to know before you start vaping.

To start vaping you basically need two things: weed and a vaporizer. We already know that there are so many options when it comes to weed, but what about the vaporizer?

If you have never vaped before, you may be confused as to what type of vaporizer you need. Not to mention that you’ll have to deal with the initial investment, built-in features, and so on. But don’t worry, I have a list of important things that you need to know before committing to a vaporizer.


Quality airflow

Airflow is essential when it comes to choosing a vaporizer. A vape pen with low-quality airflow will just make your vaping experience bad and a waste of your weed. So make sure you don’t choose a vaporizer that doesn’t have decent airflow. And a feature to control the airflow, as well as a physical design that allows high-performance air intake, are important.

Choose the right type of vaporizer

Everyone has their own preferences of when, why, and how they want to vape their weed. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right type of vaporizer depending on what you need. Typically, there are two general types of vaporizers that you need to be aware of: desktop vaporizer and portable vaporizer.

A desktop vaporizer is a device that’s meant to be used indoor and stay in one place. So definitely not a device that you can carry around with you. This kind of vaporizer also needs a wall outlet to power itself. The advantages are you get more amazing features, better temperature controls, and more efficiency and effectiveness of consuming your weed.

Portable vaporizers are varied in sizes and shapes – there are just so many of them nowadays. They may be limited feature-wise, but they are fairly affordable, easy to use, portable, and convenient. Many of them are also e-cigarettes that have been modified to accommodate weed instead of e-juice. And since portable vaporizers are battery-powered you will have to regularly charge them.

I think you may already have an idea about what type of vaporizer you need. But keep in mind that there may be more options from both types that you need to know about, so take your time.

You will also need to consider the initial investment that you’re willing to commit. For example, you’re just looking for something cheap to test the water, you may want to get a disposable vape pen.

Yes you need to deal with the smell

The vapor from a vaporizer usually doesn’t smell, but the vaporizer itself will smell of weed. If the smell is a concern, then you need to be careful when and where you want to vape weed.

The stench is unavoidable when smoking, but it shouldn’t as bad when smoking. You’d probably catch a whiff of weed if someone next to you is vaping weed. Don’t vape weed next to a stranger.

Vaping may be better than smoking

You may have heard this before, but there are many people who believe that vaping is safer than smoking. The thing is that it may be still too early to determine whether vaping is really safer than smoking or not. We are lacking long-term data to know 100% about the effects of vaping.

But that being said, some early literature suggests that vaping is an improvement over smoking. This is also why many people who are trying to quit smoking are using vaping to help them quit. And since we’re also dealing with weed here, please always practice safe consumption by controlling the dosage properly.

Power settings

This brings us to the last important thing you need to know: power settings on a vaporizer. Controlling the dosage by vaping is tricky, and not everyone has the same needs when vaping. Therefore, having options is always important.

When choosing a vaporizer, consider one with at least three power settings – low, medium, and high. Look for a vaporizer that offers power settings such as 2.8V, 3.2V, and 3.6V.


Vaping weed is really fun and one of the best ways to enjoy your weed. Many would also agree that some vaporizers are better than others. By knowing what important things to look at before buying, you too can get the best vaporizer for what you need.