Is Microdosing Cannabis a Thing? What is it + How to do It?

In the market where potency is almost everything, there are always new things that we can look for in this department. One of these things is microdosing. Chances are you have never heard of this word before, especially if you are planning to try cannabis for the first time.

The concept of microdosing is very interesting, and I urge everyone to learn about it, which can lead to better experiences with cannabis. Without further ado, let’s learn more about microdosing – what is it and how to do it.


What is microdosing?

Microdosing means taking small amounts of cannabis to get all the medical benefits of THC while not being affected by its psychoactive effects that can interfere with your daily activities. Typically, microdosing is done to get the benefits without a full-body effect when taking certain drugs. But it can also be done with THC. Now you can already imagine why people do it and perhaps how to do it too.

Unfortunately, not many people, especially beginners in Canada, who know about this. I think it is more common to get more doses or potency of cannabis, sadly, that is not always the best approach to whatever ailments you have, or your aims are.

The thing is, the more doses you take, sometimes you will get diminished benefits. In other words, you are hitting a wall. At this point, increasing the doses will most likely not do you any good, or even give you negative effects, such as anxiety from too much cannabis.

The good news is, more and more Canadians are now microdosing to ease the symptoms of their ailments, such as anxiety, pain, depression, and so on. But keep in mind that when it comes to cannabis, less is more to some people. Take this 2012 study, for example, a test was done to patients with advanced cancer – some are given low, medium, and high doses. Patients who received the lowest dosage of cannabinoids got the most results in the form of reduced pain.

The optimal dosage for microdosing cannabis

Now that you know what microdosing is, now you are interested to know about the optimal dosage. Unfortunately, just as usual, the optimal dosage depends on the person. Getting high from THC requires various dosages, and the ‘high’ you get could vary as well. Each individual processes cannabis differently depending on metabolism, genetics of cannabinoids, previous experiences or usage, and more.

Just like with finding the proper dosage, microdosing is very personal. There is no certain dosage that everyone can follow. The best way to do it is probably by experimenting yourself until you find the dose that works best for you.

So you can start from the lowest dose you can go, then keep at it for a few days. If you think the dose is still lacking, increase it just a bit. Start low and go slow, that’s the principle of microdosing. Although, I have to admit that it is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, even though you increased the dose just by a bit, it could still be too much.

Remember that the goal of microdosing is to find the best dosage that gives you the most minimal noticeable effects. You are not trying to get high or stoned, you are trying to get the benefits of cannabis with the smallest dose possible.

Methods to microdose

Now, let’s talk about some methods you can use to microdose. There are some methods that Canadians can use to microdose, such as vaping or smoking, tinctures, and edibles. Some methods may be more efficient for you than others.

With vaping or smoking, it is recommended to take just one puff if possible. Wait a few minutes to feel any effects, and then take another puff if necessary. Admittedly, this method could be tricky for some people. The same thing with edibles, especially untested ones, it is tricky to get a consistent dosage.

Using tinctures, however, would be better for most people in Canada. These products allow you to control the dosage more accurately. With tinctures, you can control the dosage by deciding how many drops you want to take.


Microdosing is great, and it’s like a breath of fresh air when many Canadians are simply trying to get more doses. Obviously, this method offers a safer way to take cannabis, especially for people with low tolerance levels. Just keep practicing your microdosing skills, and you will be able to find the best dosage for your needs.