How to Keep Weed Fresh & Why It’s Important

For many weed enthusiasts, keeping their weed fresh for a long time is key to make sure they don’t waste any. Unfortunately, many weed smokers in Canada don’t know how to keep their  stash fresh. The result is some people can’t enjoy their weed fully, in other words, they are wasting it away.

These days, many weed-related products in Canada tend to have a harvest date on them, but some of them may not come with an expiration date. This forces some people to make a wild estimate on how long they can keep their weed in the stash. So how long does weed last, and how can you keep it fresh?

tips on keeping your weed fresh

The best temperature to store your weed

First, let’s talk about the ideal temperature for your weed. The ideal temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. You may notice that these temperatures are rather chilly. The reason is that high temperatures combined with high humidity could lead to mold and mildew. These are big problems for weed users who want longevity in their purchases.

High temperatures could also potentially dry out your flower and evaporate all the sensitive terpenes. But this is usually only a problem for Canadians who are planning to vape their weed with precise temperature control.

So the bottom line is, try to store your weed in a cool place. You can store them in a closet or pantry to keep mold away. I think temperatures shouldn’t be a problem in Canada, as long as it doesn’t get too cold. Do watch out in the summer months when ordering from an online dispensary the heat in transit could effect your product.

Light and oxygen could affect cured weed

Next, be mindful of light and oxygen as these things could affect your cured weed. Light is probably the fastest way to age weed and could contribute to the loss and deterioration of cannabinoids, especially UV light.

Storing your weed in glass Mason jars wouldn’t stop light from degrading your weed. Sure they look pretty and cool but those jars won’t protect your weed from light at all. To combat this and if you really want to look at your beautiful flower, you can use a brown container.

A brown container will filter out visible UV rays, and you can still look at the inside. Also, don’t use a large container to store a small amount of weed, as this leaves too much air inside the container.

Basically, prolonged exposure to light and air will convert THCA into THC over time, then THC into CBD, a cannabinoid that will not make you high. And lastly, try to not open your jars too many times to minimize the amount of oxygen that will get into the container.

So what’s the way to store weed?

After you factor in all the facts above, I think you may already have some ideas of where you should store your weed. As long as you can avoid high temperatures and humidity, and too much light and oxygen, you can expect your weed to last long enough. So we can say that the worst way to store your weed is by placing them somewhere that is exposed to light and oxygen, like in a plastic bag, or in a large glass jar.

This is why many manufacturers use opaque packaging to keep light out and only big enough for the specific amount of weed inside. Some manufacturers also started replacing the oxygen inside the packaging with nitrogen to maintain freshness.

Most manufacturers no longer use clear containers for their products, no matter how pretty they look. Unfortunately, many people still want to be able to smell and look at the product on the shelf before they can decide. This forces some manufacturers to use clear glass jars.

But if you don’t care about smelling and looking at the product before purchasing, you should buy smaller amounts of pre-packaged weed.

So why is it important to keep your weed fresh?

The thing with weed is that they can be picky. Too much moisture is bad, but not enough of it could affect the integrity heavily. Meaning that your flower could become too brittle and lose its natural terpenes, potency, and taste.

A properly cured flower should have no moisture and still maintain all the cannabinoids and terpenes. Then it’s your responsibility to maintain that balance when you take it home.


Now you know why it’s important to properly store your weed. If you don’t want to waste anything and enjoy the full potential of your weed, proper storage is essential. I think it shouldn’t be too difficult to properly store weed for Canadians, and they can prepare everything before making a purchase.