How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder – Top Ways

You are all set to enjoy your time by packing a bowl or rolling a joint, but the problem is you don’t have a grinder. You need to know how to grind weed without a grinder and fast.

A grinder is a key piece of cannabis smoking, and it processes buds down to a fine powder, so you can enjoy a smooth and consistent smoke.

But don’t worry, you can still process your weed without using a grinder. Even better, you could probably use things you already have in your house. So let’s see five ways to grind your weed without a grinder.

how to grind weed without a grinder

Use a pair of scissors

To break down your weed you can always use your scissors, a regular pair of scissors will do. First, put your weed buds into a glass – the size of the glass should depend on the amount of weed you have. Try to fill it up to half full. Make sure the weed buds are close to each other, so you can break them down easily.

Don’t forget to clean the scissors first, if it’s not brand new. Simply rinse them with soap and warm water or with vinegar to clean them. Now use the clean pair of scissors to cut the weed by inserting it into the glass. Keep snipping the weed buds until they turn into small enough pieces. You can rotate the glass as you chop to make it easier.

Pizza cutter

Have you ever seen Canadians used pizza cutters before? This tool is great to grind weed. Although pizza cutters aren’t usually the sharpest tool, they are rather effective to grind weed into smaller pieces. You don’t even need to be good at using a pizza cutter, as it is rather easy to use.

Make sure the chopping board is flat and firm, hold one end of each bud and begin cutting the opposite end into smaller pieces. Once they are small enough, sweep them into the center of the chopping board and run the cutter through the pile to produce an even finer powder.

Knife and cutting board

This method is surprisingly effective and easy to do, even easier than using a pair of scissors, granted that you have a knife and a cutting board ready. But I’m sure you have them lying around in the house. Or you can just borrow your friend’s knife and cutting board for a few minutes.

Make sure the knife is sharp enough, so you can chop your weed buds easily. Also, a plastic chopping board would be best easier because it’s easier to clean. Place your weed buds in the center of the chopping board, so it doesn’t move over the edge as you chop them. You can start from the tip of the bud and go all the way down to the base, chopping the flowers into smaller pieces.

If this is your first time, you might want to use a small amount of weed to reduce the risk of wasting too much or even cutting yourself. I think dry weed would be easier to cut using this method, though feel free to try with sticky weed as well.

As for the knife, try to use a clean, non-serrated knife to use as a grinder. A chef’s grade knife will yield the best results, if you have one, but I am sure you can find one easily in Canada. Hold the knife steadily over the weed on one end and make sure it’s not too high over the weed.

If the pieces are still too big, simply repeat the process and/or rotate the cutting board. Keep chopping until you get the desired results. If you are not used to using a knife, cut the weed buds slowly, so you don’t cut yourself. Hold the weed with your hand and cut slowly.

Use a coffee grinder

This is probably the easiest way to grind your weed without a grinder. But not everyone has a coffee bean grinder in their house. However, you can use any type of coffee bean grinder to grind your weed.

Start by filling up the grinder with your weed. Make them loose, so they can be processed easier by the coffee grinder, and then close the lid. Turn on the machine and wait until it’s done. Usually, you need to only turn the coffee grinder on for about five seconds. If it’s not enough, just turn it on again for another five seconds. This method is probably the best to grind large amounts of weed at once. But, this method may not be the best at grinding sticky weed, as it may be harder to clean up. And you certainly don’t want pieces of weed to get mixed up with your coffee beans.

With a mortar and pestle

If you are not good with sharp objects, you can always use a mortar and pestle. This method is best to use with dry weed as they are easier to grind, and with small amounts. To start, place the weed inside the mortar and use the pestle to grind them up.

Continue moving the pestle until you get the desired results. Make sure to pack your weed loosely for better results. Also, it might be best to grind enough weed for just one joint at a time.


Not owning a grinder isn’t an excuse for not being able to smoke a joint. There are plenty of alternative methods to grind your weed buds into fine powder in Canada. I am sure some Canadians are already aware of some of or even all the tools in this article.