Guide to Smoking Shatter in 2 Easy Steps

Cannabis concentrates are like gold to some cannabis enthusiasts. From the potency to the smoking methods, I think everything about cannabis concentrates is very appealing to many Canadians. Not to mention that some people are also making their own concentrates at home.

But one type of concentrate that is popular, and we’re going to talk about in this article, is shatter. It is one of the latest, more potent forms of cannabis concentrate.

It’s also called BHO or Butane Hash Oil because it uses a liquid gas called butane to remove cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plant matter. This method produces an incredibly potent concentrate of hash oil that gives the user a much greater effect to get stoned.

Much like other cannabis concentrates, shatter has become very popular that it deserves its own topic. If you’re curious about shatter, you must be wondering how you can smoke it. Due to its potency, it’s always recommended using a proper method of smoking shatter. Here are the easy steps that you can follow.

How to smoke shatter

The first step is figuring out which method you want to use. Here are two popular and easy methods that many Canadians love.

Dab rig

You can smoke shatter using a dab rig, in fact, this method is the most popular one nowadays. Pretty much everyone who knows about cannabis knows about dab or dabbing. A dab rig is basically a special bong built to burn concentrates including shatter instead of dried and cured bud.

A dab rig has two important parts: a nail and a dome. The steps to dab are the following. First, you heat the nail, typically with a blowtorch or using an e-nail. Then you place the shatter on the hot nail and cover it with the dome part. The dome is like a lid that is used to cover the nail.

So the nail vaporizers the shatter while the dome keeps all the good stuff from escaping the nail and getting wasted on nothing. Now you can inhale the vapor through the mouth of the dab rig, drawing it through the water chamber if the dab rig has one, and into your lungs.

The dome part may be replaced with a crab cap. This carb cap can be placed over the not nail as usual after applying the shatter to vaporize the shatter at lower temperatures. Some expert users believe that vaporizing shatter at lower temperatures allows a smoother experience.

Vape pen

Yes, some vape pens have the capability to vaporize shatter. Beginners or people who only use shatter occasionally will love these vape pens as they are cheaper, convenient, portable, and easier to use. Keep in mind that they may not be working as well as a dab rig but are still able to get the job done.

This type of vape pen usually has a small pod where you can put your shatter in and a lid to keep the shatter from leaking. You may need a few puffs before you can get the effects that you want, though. But it’s certainly much easier than using a dab rig.

Portioning your shatter

Now that you have learned how to do the two methods above, now it’s time to learn about portioning. Portioning shatter could be daunting at first, but it’s helpful to know how potent your shatter is before you start using it.

A small dose of shatter shouldn’t be bigger than a crumb. It may look very little but believe that’s a lot of THC that will go into your bloodstream. So don’t be tempted to use more than just a crumb. Even experts know that using too much could be more than necessary.

It’s also very similar to using other forms of cannabis products, which is starting small. Don’t be afraid to take the smallest dab you can get, especially the amount of concentrate that your tool will allow. Use that as a reference point and see how your body reacts before you can increase the dosage.


And there you go, the last step is enjoying your shatter whenever you want. I am sure that you will love using those two methods above. And with practice, you will be able to figure out the best dosage and ways to get the most out of your shatter.