The Difference Between Sativa & Indica Highs & When to Use Each

Among the cannabis community in Canada, there is a topic that is always being talked about. I am talking about choosing between Sativa and Indica. These two strains are very popular and Canadians have been using them interchangeably. But some questions still remain, especially for beginners, what is the difference between Sativa and Indica highs? And when should you use each strain?

Sativa and Indica are two main types of cannabis that you can find in many places in Canada. These types of cannabis have been used for medical and recreational purposes for a long time. The reason why there needs to be different categorizations of cannabis is that both Sativa and Indica give different kinds of highs.

Appearance-wise, both also look a bit different from each other. Sativa plants tend to be taller and skinnier compared to Indica, with leaves that are pointed and thin. Indica plants are usually short and stocky, with leaves that are broad and sometimes chunky.


Indica highs

Generally, Indica has a higher CBD content compared to Sativa plants. That being said, the CBD to THC ratio is close to 1:1. This makes Indica plants famous for people who want an effective pain reliever without being knocked out from the high.

Many people have described the Indica highs as full-body effects such as deep relaxation, reducing the symptoms of insomnia, calmer body, and mind, sleepy, and overall relaxing. Indica plants are also known as couch locks because they could make you want to sit on the couch all day. There are also the munchies that will make you want to eat more than usual.

So the flat and relaxing high is very useful for people who want to relax and ease the symptoms of their ailments in the process. This is also why many medical cannabis strains contain a hybrid form of this strain.

Sativa highs

Sativa plants are more known for their head high, such as energizing effects, invigorating, reducing anxiety and stress, increasing focus and creativity, increasing alertness, uplifting, and euphoric. Basically the strain you need if you want a boost in energy during the daytime.

The head-high effect you get from Sativa plants could effectively ease the symptoms of depression, making you happier and more focused on what’s in front of you. Some people also use Sativa strains so they can be more creative and do more stuff.

So the general perception that we know of Sativa strains is that they provide a more creative and energizing high. Though, if you don’t control the dosage properly, they could make you feel anxious. If you’re suffering from certain ailments such as appetite loss, nausea, headache, anxiety, and depression, Sativa strains could make you feel better.

When to use these strains?

I think at this point you can predict when the best time is to use either Indica or Sativa strains. People usually use sativa strains during the daytime when people need a boost in energy and focus. The euphoric and uplifting effects of Sativa strains could help the user to do more and enjoy what they’re doing. It can be stuff related to work, hiking, painting, or anything else in that nature.

Indica strains, on the other hand, could be better for nighttime use when people need to relax and chill at home after work. Some Indica strains could make you want to sit down and watch movies or play video games until you feel like you want to sleep. While other Indica strains could make you feel like eating more and be more at ease while resting. Many movie enthusiasts also love Indica strains because thanks to these strains they can enjoy and focus on movies more.

But keep in mind that not all Indica or Sativa strains are the same. An expert said that most people only use the terms Indica and Sativa only to describe the plant’s appearance, and nothing more. So the highs you get from Indica or Sativa strains could be very much the same, depending on what specific strain you use. In other words, some Sativa strains would be better for nighttime use, while some Indica strains would be better for daytime use.


Now, we can say that the best way to determine which strain is the best for you would be by trying as many strains as you can. You can also always read the reviews and experiences of many Canadians on the internet. The term Indica/Sativa could be confusing and tricky, the more you know about them. Exploring different strains is honestly part of the fun.