Cooking With Cannabis 101: What it is & Popular Dishes

So you want to know about cooking with cannabis and start experimenting. Well, good news for you: you can do so quite easily these days. In Canada, you can find many cannabis-based products, including oil. There are also many tutorials online to make your own cannabis oil.

Cooking with cannabis can be challenging, however, especially if you are not familiar with it. And although you can choose the easy way by cooking with cannabis tinctures, it can get pricey if you’re cooking a lot.

cooking with cannabis

What is cooking with cannabis?

Cooking with cannabis to make what we call cannabis edibles is something that many people do in Canada. Cannabis edibles are any food that is infused with cannabis compounds like CBD and THC. These edibles are a great way to consume cannabis that doesn’t involve smoke. They are also fun, tasty, and exciting and can make you always want to eat more.

Some popular edibles you can find are brownies, chocolates, gummies, tea, coffee, capsules, and many more. I am sure you are already familiar with these edibles.

They look like normal food, except they contain cannabinoids. With enough expertise, you can turn anything into an edible and make it as potent or weak as you need.

Guide to cooking with cannabis

Like many other herbs, cannabis is full of flavors, aromas, and nutrition. However, when cooking with cannabis, you are dealing with CBD and/or THC, which require techniques that you need to use to make sure your edibles turn out well. The major difference between these two compounds is their psychoactive properties, which are lacking in CBD.

To start your journey in cooking with cannabis, follow this checklist to make sure nothing will go wrong.

Choose the right strain

Choosing the right strain for you or your recipe is crucial to make sure your experience is fun and not scary. Furthermore, the art of rolling a blunt must be practiced if you want to maximize your experience. If you’re making a cannabis-infused edible, make sure you choose the best strain. To do that, typically, you can choose based on the smell.

Each strain should have a distinct smell that tells you which one is which. It is possible to choose the best strain for you based on the smell alone. This is possible due to how your body is reacting to certain terpenes.

Selecting the right strain could also be based on how you want to feel after you eat the edible. What effects are you trying to achieve? Remember that choosing between Indica, Sativa, or hybrid alone isn’t enough. Consider the presence of the strain’s terpene profile and other cannabinoids as well, such as THC, CBD, THCA, and so on.

It is not a secret that the quality of an edible is based on its material. You can taste the difference between an infused good that was made with low-quality cannabis vs high-quality cannabis.

Once you’ve decided on a strain you want, remember the pronounced aromas and flavors and the cannabinoid percentages that are listed on the label or packaging.

The latter step is important to make sure you can accurately measure the dosage in the final product. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s tricky to do that with edibles, but it might not be a problem in the future as you gain more experience.

Using other cannabis-based products

Besides cannabis flowers, you can also use other cannabis-made products. Cannabis oils, infused honey, cannabis butter, and also cannabis cooking powders are available in Canada.

Before you use them, however, you can try to taste them directly to know what they actually taste like. And then, determine what they are going to taste like once used as an ingredient.

Don’t make it more complicated

Don’t feel obligated to tackle a complicated recipe when making an edible. Most Canadians will agree with me if I say that what matters is you like the edible – no matter how simple it is.

Baked goods like brownies are so popular, not only in Canada, but also all over the world. So it’s a good idea to start with a simple brownie.

Other than that, many Canadians love to involve vegetables. Salad dressing, for example, is easy to make, tasty, and can be used with any salad you want. Trust your own judgment on which recipe is best to start with and go from there.


Remember that cooking with cannabis is supposed to be fun and exciting, especially for people who love consuming cannabis. Don’t stress yourself with the recipe and just go with something you like or are already familiar with.