Cannabis Tourism: 7 Weed Friendly Vacation Ideas

For many weed enthusiasts cannabis tourism is long overdue. The idea of going on a vacation without access to weed is going to feel bad. This is why many will visit weed friendly places.

With recent legalizations, the number of places where smokers can enjoy their vacations and weed at the same time is growing. If you’re still planning your vacation, now is the best time to do your research on great cannabis tourism destinations that are weed friendly.

cannabis tourism - top vacation ideas

Luckily for you, I have exactly what you need here. In this article, I have gathered 7 weed friendly tourist destinations for your next vacation. So pick a destination from this list and don’t forget to bring your weed or get some when you arrive.

1. Vancouver, Canada

Canada is one of the best countries to visit for weed and CBD enthusiasts, especially Vancouver. This city has everything for a city to become a great tourist destination, from stunning mountain views, great restaurants, walkable distances, to being one of the most weed friendly cities in the world.

Some of the first smoke lounges in Canada were also established here in Vancouver, and now that weed is accessible in the country, it’s become a hotspot for weed enthusiasts and many Canadians. While visiting Vancouver, expect to enjoy your weed to the fullest while enjoying some of the best views you can get in a big city like this.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

I think you already know that Amsterdam is going to be on this list. It’s not a secret that Amsterdam is probably one of the weed the friendliest cities in the world since many years ago.

Even before many other cities have adopted a positive attitude towards weed, Amsterdam has done that already. The bad news is if you haven’t experienced the current Amsterdam, you better do it now before it’s too late.

Beside easy access to weed, you will see charming canals, beautiful buildings, and awesome munchie food for when you get the munchies. You can also take a tour of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has always been one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The entire city is very beautiful with friendly locals and amazing football culture. But do you know that Barcelona is also weed friendly?

Many travelers nowadays know that Barcelona is famous for its cannabis clubs. You can sign up in one of these clubs and give donations in exchange for weed. Keep in mind that you may be required to smoke on-site, but then again, you probably wouldn’t want to leave the club anyway.

4. Nimbin, Australia

This town is like it’s built by stoners. Nimbin is already famous for its positive attitude toward weed, and the people in this city will make you enjoy your weed as much as possible.

The people in Nimbin is also regarded the city as the cannabis capital of Australia, and I think you’ll agree with them on that once you arrive in the city.

Some people would be surprised to see how many hippies are around. It’s like traveling back in time to the 60s. Don’t forget to visit as many smoke shops as possible and purchase various local products you can find.

5. Kingston, Jamaica

Of course, the legendary country among weed smokers, Jamaica, is a weed friendly place that you can visit. In Jamaica, it’s recommended to visit Kingston, where you’ll find weed almost everywhere. You’ll also find many cannabis clubs here that you can join.

And not only that, but there are also Rastafarians who travel the sandy shores of Jamaica selling weed to tourists. Medical dispensaries are also available in Kingston for tourists who are in a pinch. They really thought about everything in this city.

6. Montevideo, Uruguay

If you’re planning to visit South America, you should visit Montevideo, Uruguay. In the city, they even have a cannabis tour where tourists can take part in and visit “grow shops”.

If you’re still convinced, just know that Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana back in 2013. And since then, there are so many weed-infused products in the city, I think you’d be surprised at what you can find here. So yes, Montevideo is definitely a weed friendly city that could be your next destination.

7. Denver, Colorado

There are many weed friendly cities in The U.S., but Denver is special. Denver should always be on everyone’s bucket list of weed friendly cities to visit. Here, you will find many mountain vistas with hiking trails, ski slopes, and pot shops.

There is no shortage of dispensaries here, and there are plenty of things to do for weed enthusiasts, from Cooking with Cannabis class to Sushi and Joint rolling class. So now you know why it’d be a waste to not visit Denver.

Conclusion on Cannabis Tourism

There you go, seven great cannabis tourism friendly cities that you can visit. I think all Canadians who love CBD oil and weed will appreciate all these cities on the list. Travel solo or with friends and have the best time of your life with weed on your side.