Budget Buds: Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

As cannabis smokers, we all understand that the cost of marijuana can get extremely pricey when shopping for quality products. We search for bargains, yet we want to be sure that the products we purchase are still of good quality, are safe, and produce our desired effects.

This is where budget buds come into play. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how budget buds can be an alternative, cost-effective option while trying to purchase cannabis online without breaking the bank. 

What Are Budget Buds? 

Think about fast food giants such as McDonalds. They usually have their main menu accompanied by a smaller “value picks” menu that is relatively inexpensive. They still feed your hunger and are perfectly safe to consume but they may not be as satisfying as their top  tier burgers. In the world of weed, budget buds are the equivalent to these value pick items.  

Budget bud, more commonly referred to as “cheap weed”, is competitively-priced cannabis that is typically lower-grade and less visually appealing but a lot more affordable compared to premium strains. While craft cannabis can cost up to $260 an ounce online, you can expect to see budget ounces ranging from $50 to $100 an ounce.

They retain the exact same cannabinoids and terpenes as their top-shelf counterparts however, they may appear a bit uglier, smaller or produce a rougher smoke. With that being said, they still manage to get the same job done but at a fraction of the price!  

Different Types Of Budget Buds

Marijuana can be classified as a budget bud for various different reasons. While they are generally just lower-grade buds, they can also include: 

  • Popcorn Nugs: Marijuana buds that are about the same size as popcorn or a nickel. 
  • Cannabis Shake: Small stems, leaves and trichomes that fall from full-sized buds and gather at the bottom of bags. 
  • Discounted Buds: Marijuana that has been overstocked or simply just isn’t moving off shelves.
  • Low Grade Cannabis: AA+ to AAA+ grade cannabis – usually considered “average”.

The Differences Between Top Shelf vs Budget Bud

Visual appearance is the main distinction between top-shelf craft cannabis and budget buds. You can expect to see fancy packaging, higher THC levels and eye-catching marketing when shopping for premium cannabis. In addition, the buds are larger, more vibrant and usually trichome-rich.

On the other hand, budget buds generally have a lower THC content and are advertised at the bottom of shelves. It makes sense to assume that purchasing more expensive, high-THC cannabis would result in a better experience opposed to cheaper weed. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that THC is actually a poor indicator of marijuana potency and overall quality. Their studies concluded that measures of balance, cognitive function, intoxication and impairment were astonishingly similar between consumers who used high-THC products and lower-THC products.

Benefits Of Buying Cheap Weed

Cheap weed may not look like anything special at first glance. However, they are a great choice for first-time cannabis users and those who want to cut back on their spending. Not only do they provide the same desired effects, they also have various other advantages over premium cannabis such as:


The most attractive feature surrounding budget buds is affordability. For the same cost of an ounce of top shelf BC bud, you can get approximately two to three ounces of budget buds! They are a total game changer for consumers who shop online and tend to buy in bulk. This is also perfect for first-time cannabis users who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to find a specific strain that suits their needs. 


While you may be hesitant to experiment with expensive cannabis, cheap ounces are an inexpensive alternative that allow you to get the most out of your weed in different ways. Tired of smoking joints? Luckily, you can use these buds to make highly potent edibles, tinctures or even concentrates at an amazing price. Cannabis shake is most popularly purchased for these exact reasons. 


As mentioned previously, high THC levels have been found to have little-to-no influence on how “good” weed is. With the majority of cheaper cannabis containing lower amounts of THC, this doesn’t automatically mean that it won’t get you as high. As a matter in fact, they may be just as potent and provide the same psychoactive effects as high-grade cannabis.

Where Can I Buy Budget Buds Online?

Following the rise in popularity of online mail-order services, there are more options than ever to buy budget buds online in Canada. For example, The Herb Centre is one of the leading online retailers in Canada specializing in top quality budget ounces starting from $1.78 per gram. With more than 15+ different strains to select from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great cannabis experience without spending too much, budget buds are the way to go. Not only are they affordable for the everyday user, but they also offer many advantages such as being highly versatile. So the next time you shop for weed online, do yourself a favor and try some cheap weed!