Blunt vs Joint – Difference Between Blunt and Joint

If you are planning to try weed for the first time the question blunt vs joint doesn’t mean much. I bet you’ve heard about blunt and joint so many times that you’re feeling strange not knowing already. It’s ok, we got you!

The terms blunt and joint are often used interchangeably in Canada, but they’re not really the same. And I bet many are still confused about these two terms – thinking that both are the same thing. It can get more confusing, too, considering some places have their own lingo. Nevertheless, we need to clear things up.

blunt vs joint - what's the difference?

Blunt vs Joint – What is a blunt?

Let’s start with a blunt first. Blunts are basically cigars that have had the tobacco removed and replaced with weed. You can also roll them using tobacco leaf wrappers if you wish to do so. So these wraps are made out of tobacco, which may add more energy and buzz to your weed high. Be careful though, since some people have lower weed tolerance levels, the high could be too much.

Usually, blunts are bigger than joints but not always. As for where the term originated, many people seem to agree that it came from New York. The term was used to describe a method for smoking weed discreetly.

There are also some more important things that Canadians should know before you hit the corner store for blunt wraps. Blunts contain a lot more weed than normal. This is because cigars are normally a lot bigger than the average joint, which means they have more space for weed. So the next time you try blunt, don’t even try to smoke the entire thing in one go. Remember that one entire blunt may be equivalent to smoking six or so joints.

Cigars and their wrappers could be highly toxic. This is like adding more risks to your weed experience. Even if you remove the tobacco, the high concentration of toxins and even cancer-causing nitrosamines that were formed during the fermentation process may stay. On top of that, cigar wrappers are less porous than cigarette wrappers, which makes cigar smoke contain higher concentrations of toxins.

Blunt vs Joint – What is a joint?

Joints, compared to blunts, are usually a lot simpler. They’re basically just ground marijuana rolled in cigarette papers. Sometimes people roll their joints with a crutch, which is a stiffer bit of paper to secure the weed. The crutch is useful, so you don’t burn your fingertips while smoking your joints to the end.

So joints don’t contain any tobacco at all, unlike blunts.  They contain nothing but weed or cannabis and the paper it’s rolled in. The papers can be small, big, made out of hemp, paper, rice, and many other things. This is great for people who want no tobacco or nicotine when smoking weed. Without a doubt, joints are the most iconic way to consume weed. Small, portable, easy to use and make, many weed enthusiasts love joints.

Keep in mind that smoking weed also carries its own risks like irritated lungs. So just be aware that while you don’t have to worry about tobacco and nicotine, there are still some other risks that you need to know.

Is one better than the other?

The short answer is no, neither is better, just different. The popularity of blunts and joints differs depending on the region. For example, in one region blunts might be more popular than joints, so you’ll see more of them. But it could be entirely different in another region. The popularity of blunts or joints could reflect the weed culture in different areas across the globe.

As mentioned above, the terms blunt and joint may be used interchangeably in some areas of the world. Making it even more confusing for beginners. But after knowing the differences (papers, tobacco content, crutches, etc.), you should if someone is talking about an actual blunt or joint.

Now everything boils down to your personal preferences. If you want a stronger weed experience, you could go for a blunt, otherwise, if you like something simple, a joint might be better. Just know that choosing between a blunt or a joint is just the beginning.

The whole weed culture is more expansive than that. As you gain experience, you will find out more variations to how you can consume your weed. Even blunts and joints also have their own variations.

Blunt vs Joint Conclusion

There you have it, the differences between a blunt and a joint. You are free to choose which one is best for you, or you can just try both. There is no downside to trying both, and you can customize your rolls however you like.