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Welcome to Dispensary Guide. This is Canada’s guide to the best online dispensaries for ordering cannabis products. This guide is updated regularly as this is a new industry that is quickly evolving. We always like to hear from you, our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

About Ross Barney

Meet Ross Barney of Dispensary Guide Canada

Ross Barney is a long time cannabis activist from St. John’s Newfoundland. He’s also an industry expert who helped judge the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2008.

Ross has been interviewed about marijuana and dispensaries by major news outlets such as the CBC not once but twice and The Telegram. Ross is also one of the founders of The Greenery in 2017 which was an early marijuana incubator planning to become a dispensary in St. John’s after legalization.

Ross has moved onto other things but his love for marijuana never changed. Instead of being in the cannabis industry on the east-coast, he’s taken his love for marijuana online. Below are photos from The Cannabis Cup and the time he met Ross Rebagliati, a Canadian cannabis icon.

Ross Barney meeting Ross Rebagliati and Cannabis Cup 2008

Why dispensaryguide.ca was created

The cannabis industry is quickly evolving and Canadians need a reliable source for information about online dispensaries. Buying weed online makes sense but there is so much selection it can be overwhelming for many. That’s why we started this online dispensary guide.

Our mission is to take the guess work out of buying high quality marijuana online. The dispensary reviews will give you an idea of what to expect. Also, don’t limit yourself to just flower – do your research and experiment.

Many of you have bought at local dispensaries but once you go online, you’ll never go back. The selection is incredible and it’s getting better. As more and more dispensaries go online, the deals and quality gets better.

We recommend you bookmark this website and come back often because coupon codes and deals are always changing. You also don’t need to be loyal to one dispensary, many sell similar products so experiment and find one that best suits you.

How this site earns money

We earn our income via affiliates. Most of the dispensaries listed don’t have affiliate programs. Also, the majority of the popular ones we promote don’t either.

The income from this website is a bonus but not the reason for creating it. It’s a passion project and the affiliate income helps keep the lights on. All opinions are our own and we pride ourselves in providing honest reviews.

The industry is new in Canada and we’ve been the top source for information since coming online in October, 2018.

Contact information

The best way to get in contact is via email, click here to send us an email.