Welcome to Dispensary Guide! This is your guide the best online dispensaries in Canada to get mail order marijuana (MOM). This website is owned by a long time smoker who is just thrilled that marijuana  is now legal in Canada. Like never before, we can now buy the exact strains of weed we like from the comforts of our couch.

Done are the days of not knowing what you are going to get or playing a game of phone tag. Buying weed online makes sense but there is so much selection it can be overwhelming. That’s why we started this online dispensary guide. Our mission is to take the guess work out of buying high quality marijuana online. The dispensary reviews will give you an idea of what to expect. Also, don’t limit yourself to just flower try some concentrates, edibles and even CBD oil.

I’m sure many of you have bought at local dispensaries but once you go online, you’ll never go back. The selection is just ridiculous and it’s getting better. As more and more dispensaries go online, the deals and quality gets better. That’s why it’s important to bookmark this guide and come back often because the coupon codes are always changing. You don’t need to be loyal to one dispensary as most offer similar stuff and lots of great ones to choose from.

The best way to buy weed online is stay on the hunt for coupon codes and buy a big order when you see a good deal. Before you reload your stash, come check the hottest promotions and take advantage of them. The legal marijuana industry in Canada is just getting going and we’re in for the long haul, always.

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