$99 Oz Canada – Cheap Ounces Under $100

Looking for that cheap $99 oz in Canada? We know you are, something special about an ounce of weed for less than $100, always has been. There is lots of good pot to buy in Canada and it starts at $99 an oz.

Is a $99 Oz of Weed Any Good?

Yes, $99 an ounce of weed is still good, in fact it’s great to get under $100 ounces. The weed just gets better and better in Canada and you can grab yourself a decent ounce for $99, don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

We all know weed snobs and yes, there are differences but $99 oz’s work.

To compare the cannabis to a car – the $99 ounces will get you from point a to b and comfortably too. Looking for something exotic? Well, it’s going to cost you a little more. If you’re picky about certain aspects, that too will cost you more money.

Where to Buy $99 Oz’s in Canada

There are several places to buy a $99 oz Canada, the issue finding them in stock. Demand for ounces at this price is high so deals often sell out quickly.

To make things easy for you on your quest for cheap ounces, we’ve listed places that regularly sell a $99 oz. You’ll have to check back periodically. Check once a week and if you see a deal, grab it even if you’re already stocked up.

Buy My Weed Online

This is a great place to start, they even have a page dedicated to ordering by the ounce. Click here to be brought directly to their $99 oz page. If you want to know more, read out full review and get the buymyweedonline coupon code – it’s FRESH10 for 10% off your first order. You’ll also receive a free 3.5g of weed as a welcome bonus on your first order.

Herb Approach

Herb Approach review and coupon code

Herb Approach is another incredibly popular online dispensary in Canada. You can click here to visit their page dedicated to deals by the ounce. On this page you’ll find $99 oz specials as well as other cheap ounces. To learn more, read their full review and get the latest Herb Approach coupon.

They have several coupon codes, best being HERB20 for 20% off first order. You’ll also receive a $25 credit as a welcome gift once you sign up.


Review of Cannabismo mail order marijuana dispensary.

Yet another big name in the Canadian weed scene is Cannabismo. They too have a page dedicated to 28 grab deals, click here to visit it. We’ve also written a full review along with latest Cannabismo coupon code. The current code is CBPROMO for 10% off your first order. You’ll also be given a $25 welcome credit.

Speed Greens

Review of online dispensary SpeedGreens.

Speed Greens always has good deals and a great reputation. They have a page dedicated to ounces under $120. That’s where you’ll find the $99 oz’s and you can click here to start shopping. Don’t be surprised if there aren’t any deals listed though – as I mentioned they always go fast.

To know more, you can read our full review and get the latest Speed Greens coupon code. Right now the code is 20% off with NEW20; you also get a free 3.5 of weed as a welcome gift.

Closing Thoughts on $99 Oz’s in Canada

There you have it, those are all good sites to start looking for that elusive $99 oz of bud. Since you’re looking in this price range, obviously cost is an important factor in your marijuana buying process.

We recommend you sign up for several different dispensaries to take advantage of their new user coupon codes and welcome gifts. That will save you some money and in the process you’ll find a dispensary which best suits your needs. Good luck finding that cheap ounce!