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Best Online Weed Dispensaries in Canada

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Welcome to Canada’s best online dispensary guide. Where we review the top weed dispensaries on the web. Read close to 50 reviews and find coupon codes for your first order to save you money as a customer.  Contact us if you’d like to recommend a dispensary for us to check out.

Help us by leaving comments about the customer service you experienced with a dispensary. These can be general or specific about select options on strains either indica, sativa or hybrids. Many dispensaries allow for mix match buying, take advantage of it.

Online Dispensary Canada’s Mission is Simple

Our mission is to help Canadians find the best dispensary for them. Also, select options that are high quality and fit their budget. This way people can confidently purchase recreational and medical marijuana conveniently from their own homes.

Besides those listed above, we’ve included some Canadian favorites for buying weed online. These include BMWO, Speed Greens, Grow House and others…

What does the government say about cannabis?

The Government has created an in-depth resource on the topic of cannabis. We recommend you visit this website to get the most accurate information possible. The topics covered include, research, legalization, health effects, addiction, traveling with marijuana and more.

Why order weed from the internet?

It’s all about good service, saving time and money. Shopping on the internet is easy. You have more selection of indica, hybrids, sativa, edibles and best CBD oil in Canada.

Don’t just take our word for it though, next time you walk into a marijuana dispensary ask them. Retail is ideal if you’re looking for something immediately, that’s about it.

If you’re looking for value do your shopping on the web. Mix that with latest coupon codes and you’re well on your way to enjoying the quality cannabis deals.


We know that mail order marijuana is the way forward. You can do it from anywhere in in the country, just put the products in the cart. The pot will be shipped to your door in a simple discrete package.

When you come home from work a few days later, it’s already there. This is especially useful in the winter months when going anywhere is less than ideal.

Great prices

You simply can’t beat the prices for best quality cannabis when you shop online. Their overhead is lower and most offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Most accept interact, e-transfer and bank transfer.

Largest marijuana selection

A traditional store can only hold so many strains of pot. Realistically, it might not be top quality or the strains you’re looking for unless you’re in Vancouver or Toronto.

When searching through the top dispensaries, they’ll stock the highest quality marijuana strains, concentrates, CBD and edibles. Simply as putting the products in the cart.

Sign up discounts and coupon codes

The overhead of operating a website is far less than a traditional retail store. With most turning to buy weed online in Canada, it’s quite competitive. As a result, many offer a bonus to sign up such as a discount on your first purchase and so on.

Buying pot on the internet FAQ

When searching the web for pot, most people have lots of questions. Here we answer some of the most common ones.

Yes! On October 17, 2018 all 10 provinces in Canada agreed to make cannabis legal. It is one of the first few countries in the world to do so.

You will have to prove that you are over 19 years old though. Be ready to provide photo identification such as your license or passport before you can proceed.

If you are over the age of 19 and residing in the country, you’re allowed to purchase cannabis on the internet. There is no grey area with this and be ready to provide photo identification before you’re approved.

The answer is no, at this time all payment is done online and all delivery is done through the mail.

Delivery speed depends on where you purchase your pot from. 2-7 business days is rather standard for mail order marijuana products.

If for some reason you feel your package is missing something, immediately contact customer service by email where you bought the products from. This is handled on a case by case basis.

This varies by provider but many wont sell just a single gram. As a result, be prepared to spend at least $25 +when shopping online.

Most of it is done by Canada Post Xpress Post. Cannabis products will come vacuum sealed in a generic package. Some require a signature, others don’t. This varies so be sure to ask before checkout your cart.

The standard rate of a regular sized package anywhere nationwide is $15.75. From our experience prices usually range from $8-$15 for smaller orders. Many popular ones offer free shipping to customers spending above $150.

Marijuana orders are typically shipped 1-3 days after payment is received unless stated otherwise. Most is coming from British Columbia.

The program let’s you get points towards free products when you refer a friend and they become a customer too. If you’re a fan of a particular place, it pays (in weed) to share your luck with friends.

Popular products available include concentrates, edibles, CBD and every strain possible that are indica, sativa and hybrid. You can also get capsules, kush, hash, shatter, extracts, vapes and dabs.

There are many different dispensaries so it is recommended you search what’s available before buying too much. Pay attention to what’s new, how low or high the prices are, how you feel about the service and what kind of high or buzz you’re looking for. Also browse the accessories, select options that will enhance your experience.

Many website regularly have quality products on sale. Mainly it’s flowers but you can also find cannabis edibles, extracts, kush, vape pens, topicals, hash, shatter, concentrates, CBD products such as CBD gummies as well. To find the best deals, you’ll always need to look around.

If this is a new experience, it’s fine but there are a few things you should know.

– Customer service is everything, ask questions before buying.

– What does rated 5 00 mean? That or 00 out of 5? These are grading scales with 5 being the highest. Take them with a grain of salt though, third party sites like this is where you’ll find the most legit information.

– Indica Sativa Hybrid – They all have different properties, do a few web searches and figure out what’s best for you. Some give you a more energetic buzz, others more a chill out feel.

– Making an account is easy, you’ll need to do this before you can buy. This way they know you are of legal age for the product you wish to purchase.

You’ll see the term THC often when shopping for pot. THC refers to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and it’s one of over 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

It’s responsible for the psychoactive effects, or the buzz. Another cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) has none of those properties.

When buying flowers, most cannabis strains are THC heavy. CBD is your best option if that’s not what you’re after. Most are pure and made from isolate, those that aren’t still only have at max 0.3% THC.

No they can’t. The address and name on the parcel must match that of the person making the order.

In closing, if you’re curious about something, send an email before ordering.